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As is typical of late summer, the redfish bite is improving in the Hopedale marsh with better quality fish. But sometimes you have to wait them out and search. Last weekend made a solo trip, to Lake Robin hitting ponds and the shoreline. Had to stick and move, run away from trash fish (cats, ladyfish, pinfish, 6-inch trout) and the first red didn't hit the box for two hours when the tide started falling. Got a limit, but the redfish bite didn't peak until 10AM. Also bumped into the first keeper trout school of the season, including a 2.5 lb yellowmouth.

This week Hermine pushed lots of water in, so Jerry joined me with the plan to get them early and beat the heat. We were in Lake Robin by 6AM, but again nothing for two hours. Later I noticed Jerry had a banana in the icechest, and now the heat was on and no tide movement. The trash fish were even more vicious. It was not looking good.

Made the decision to at least run away from the trash fish, and went to the marsh north of Lake Coquille. Its a very remote area with narrow bayous, and I nailed at least three gar (thump, thump, thump) which in my books makes the day a success. Still, we needed some reds in the ice chest. It started off slow, but the trash fish were gone and we had some boils at the corks....there was hope. One finally was hooked and I threw him on the banana to make a future daiquiri for some crabs. I thought with the water high they may be at a dead end, and success. As we drifted the dead end pond the corks suddenly were going down, and it was on. We limited out with 20-24 inch slots just in time to head in...there was no wind, no clouds, a beating sun, hard on the system of us older men. When I cleaned the reds, they were full of minnows, so the school had corralled them in the dead end and were going to town.

Its easy to find our spot. Just looking for the banana peel on the pond shoreline in the Coquille marsh.

September 04, 2016 at 11:51am

LAS has been posting an increasing number of teaser articles on the front page. That's fine, as LAS needs to make money too. But please label them as such. The articles start out great, then you scroll down, and find out the rest can only be viewed by buying the magazine. That's a frustrating waste of time to the reader.

I guess I just won't read any articles on the front page anymore. But that's something for LAS to think about. Full-length (and very good) articles are mixed with previews. Just make a distinction between the full articles and the teasers in the labeling. Otherwise, probably most will just skip reading all of them.

July 28, 2015 at 1:36pm

Noticed in the Advocate today that Entergy is planning to shutdown its Michoud plant. So does the Hotwater Canal just become a canal? Or perhaps the canal is not part of the main plant? Could be the end of an occasionally great winter spot.

June 10, 2015 at 8:30am

Saturday morning Jerry and I launched out of BSM. We thought about following the flotilla down the back canal to try for speckled logs at the rocks, but elected to go for the mixed box close in. We still found some scattered nice trout in the Lake Robin area (all with eggs, so the rest will be going outside soon). We also got some sheephead and drum.

The reds refused to bite right away, which happens sometimes on a full moon - they feed at night. Usually the reds start at 10AM after a full moon, which is what happened. We got six nice ones, threw back a few more (including 16 inchers), then headed in with a full box.

We tried edging further out, but found dirty water in Coquille and some waves in the east wind, so turned around. Glad we didn't join the flotilla.

Most of the fish were in bayous connecting to ponds, or later in ponds when the water came up. Only used 4 gallons of gas.

May 03, 2015 at 10:27pm

Scouted Hopedale Saturday afternoon for 3 hours. Stayed very close with rain in the area for a mixed catch of trout, reds, a sheephead, and a bass.. First bass in that area for me. Lost some reds, must be rusty. BSM now has live shrimp and that's what the trout wanted

Also, another fixture is gone. The refinery near Shell Beach is being dismantled. It will be strange not seeing it anymore while driving to the marinas.

April 19, 2015 at 9:09am

Three afternoon Hopedale fishing reports, been focusing first on drum and sheephead to stock the freezer, then giving the trout and reds a short go. All caught on live or fresh shrimp. The afternoon lets the water warm up and there is less boat activity.

Dec. 30 did a solo trip in the Bayou Bernard area - the sheephead were gone and all trout were 8 inches. Jumped north to St. Malo sheephead hole, and it was on, but medium size, first clue the females are leaving to spawn offshore. Stopped at 11 sheephead. Then fished Loutre for a few trout, one nice red, and some throwback reds. Just drifted bait under a cork along the shoreline dropoffs north of Engineers.

January 2 both my daughters joined me. It takes a while to get them in the truck, they want to be pretty for the pelicans. Rain was coming so we had to be efficient. Went to a couple St. Malo sheephead holes for 4 sheephead and 1 drum. Moved close to marina at a lagoon off the back-levee canal for a planned quick getaway. Good news - the trout cooperated. We got 6 keepers plus some more throwbacks in 25 minutes, then had to bolt.

January 4 my wife joined me. She also wanted to be pretty for the pelicans, got on water at 1PM. Headed to St. Malo...sheephead almost gone, just two. But the drum were steady with eight 20-23 inchers. Then headed to Bayou Loutre. Fished the shoreline dropoffs along the trees with shrimp under a cork and got three 23-25 inch reds plus throwbacks. Only one trout. Since I had brought the smaller icechest, we were done at 3:45PM.

Fishing usually starts getting inconsistent in the marsh by the second week of January, and with this arctic air on the way, the old boat/truck will take a break and get some maintenance/fixing. Lights, bilge pump, reels, steering, tires, muffler are all screaming for replacements. Shoot, even the bolts on the fishing net are broke. That's called fishing til you drop. Be back at it in March. Well, perhaps sooner :) Everyone keep those reports coming.

January 05, 2015 at 5:53pm

Fished Hopedlae Saturday. Once again, had it to myself with the 100% chance of rain, ha. It rarely rains all day, just need to be patient. The rain ended at 10AM, then it was overcast with some drizzle the rest of the day, perfect.

Found trout in many places in Bayou Bernard, but all throwbacks. Fish are right on the bottom over oyster reefs. Could not find any hungry reds. Salvaged the trip with sheephead over oyster reefs. Going to flash-freeze the sheephead fillets, fishing season mostly over for me after after Jan. 5. According to my fishing logs, the bite gets too inconsistent after that for trout/reds and the sheephead go offshore. That is, unless the reds stack up somewhere on those frigid days :)

Two more trips planned before then, though.

December 28, 2014 at 11:43am

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Looked like the rain was mostly going to hold off until evening, so did a solo pre-frontal trip out of Hopedale Tuesday. Plan was to stay close to marina in case bad weather broke out. First hit the sheephead hole in St. Malo…all small – the first wave of spawners has moved offshore. Hopefully there will be more schools soon. Then tried for some trout…all (very much) throwbacks. Time for a new strategy….then saw heavy rain on radar coming, decided to take a break and shelter at BSM.

After the weather passed, headed south to Bayou Bernard area. Stayed overcast all day with the area to myself and only an occasional slight drizzle. Perfect! More small trout but an occasional keepers. Then found some steady big red action near the entrance of a lagoon with the trout, plus three over 27 inches on shrimp (two went back). Tried more trout spots…thick but small…it was best to fish a lure to give the keepers a shot. A few trout were added to the ice chest along the way plus an occasional sheephead.


The tide switched, pressure falling with rain pouring west but not at Hopedale, water got warmer, and finally the chunky trout came out. I switched to minnows for them, along with the final slot red. Only kept trout at least 13 inches. Headed in with 16 trout, 5 reds, and 4 sheephead.


Most of the day the trout only wanted live shrimp on the bottom, or a lure if they were turned on. Cork only worked near the end of the day.

December 24, 2014 at 10:41am

My Father-in-Law Jerry and I did another Hopedale trip Wednesday, leaving BSM at noon to catch the warmup and incoming tide. We first stopped at our sheephead hole in St. Malo, and they were thick. We filled up 2/3rds of the icechest in an hour with twelve 3-4 lb sheephead and three 4-5 lb drum. We decided to then check on the trout. Trout sometimes start getting funky and inconsistent by mid-December, and we found them to be slow even on live shrimp and a perfect incoming tide. We just found a few keepers in Loutre, Stump Lagoon, Mussel Bay, and Pete's Lagoon with a higher throwback ratio than normal. We picked up more huge sheephead, drum, and an 8-lb red along the way to finish filling up the ice chest.

Unless one is a trout fanatic, the sheephead is a great plan B. They are the best eating inshore fish. They school up in December with big females, then head offshore to spawn from January-April. Cleaning them takes a little longer but once you know the tricks it's not so bad. We just used fresh market shrimp for them, no live shrimp needed.

December 18, 2014 at 10:49am

My sister Kelly and family friend Linda, Day 2. Let the hunters have their morning, as well as poor Saints fans go home to their TVs or the dome. We left Breton Sound Marina at kickoff. By the time we passed St. Malo, it was already 10-0, and 17-0 by the time we got to our first fishing spot at Hank's Pass. Spirits picked up quickly as we started getting a nice mix of drum, reds, trout, and sheephead on the bottom.

But the tide was perfect for trout, so left for Pete's Lagoon while the getting was good. I put the stick down, and both corks were already down. We had them going for 15 minutes, then they quit. Man, I hate it when that happens. The rest of the day we added to the icechest with scattered trout. I couldn't help myself, though, I wanted that fast bite with something that pulls, so headed back to the sheephead hole in Hank's Pass. After 11 sheephead, left the jailbirds biting and headed to Lena's for a few more trout. Finished with around 25 trout, 11 sheephead, 2 drum, and 2 reds. All caught on market shrimp, live shrimp, and cocohoe minnows.

December 12, 2014 at 5:49pm

My sister Kelly and family friend Linda flew in from Dallas for a weekend of fishing. Day 1. Last Saturday there was no wind, so headed to the relative gnat-free area of Proctor's Point from Chef Pass. It was an interesting slow run in the fog but that's life and why God invented GPS. Only found one trout but got in a pocket of nice reds. The White pelicans were also out roosting in force....what a beautiful sight! A front was coming through around noon, so we headed back for lunch at 11AM at the restaurant near Southside, just beating the pounding west wind switch.


After lunch we headed to the Wall. Saw the usual crowds with some craziness, and with only a few small trout didn't take long to decide to leave. We headed to a bayou east of the Wall and got on a good trout bite plus a nice bass we let go. Kept 8 very nice reds and 19 trout. All fish caught on a mixture of market shrimp, live shrimp, and cocohoe minnows.

December 12, 2014 at 5:36pm

An old friend asked me to take a father and his daughter on a Louisiana fishing trip during Thanksgiving weekend - Dave and Megan. Hey, we aim to please! They fish often but never in Louisiana.

We left mid-morning Saturday Nov. 29 to avoid the sunrise crowds and to catch the afternoon incoming tide. First tried close to Breton Sound Marina...only a few trout, time to make a long run east to avoid the crowds. Tide also switches sooner there. Took a quick break at BSM then headed for Christmas Camp region.

But...only a few fish. A bull red, a slot red, and a sheephead. No bites elsewhere, and no trout. Scratched my head and decided to join the Mussel Bay masses, hoping a lot had gone home. Indeed, many had, and we got to work. Finished with 23 trout, 5 sheephead, and a 23-inch red. Not great, but not bad either for the crowds.

December 12, 2014 at 5:26pm

Happy Thanksgiving! We decided to beat the crowds and fished Tuesday out of Hopdale. Haibo and his daughter Anna joined me. It was her first fishing trip. Wow, did she pick a good day. It was chilly, windy, and overcast. Wanted to avoid a long cold boat ride to keep her from turning blue, so stayed close to BSM. Tide was falling all day from 2.0-ft range and north wind. First stop, just a throwback trout and light takedowns...trout were still cold. Next stop closer to Lake Robin, Anna gets a 26-inch red, great way to forget the cold. Made another move to a bayou, she gets another nice red. About to move, and the trout warmed up briefly with a quick three. HMMM, decided to stick around and make short moves.

Scattered fish, move a little, scattered fish, then at the mouth of the bayou it broke open. Trout, reds, drum, hour later, the ice chest is full with only a little ice. Great way to get the next generation to learn about our outdoors. Finished with 20 trout, 9 drum, 5 reds, 1 sheephead. Four reds were 26 inches, one 29 inches, and the drum were nice too. Initially, cocahoe minnows did best, then live shrimp did better. Funny how they can switch like that. A few on a vudu once they really got going.

I'll be out Saturday with the crowds. Good luck everyone. My suggestion is to pick a stop, and if you find fish, just keep making short moves. It will be hard to make major moves with boats everywhere.

November 27, 2014 at 1:10pm

Two reports. Last Sunday my Father-in- Law joined me to Hopedale. Water temp was in low 50s, and it didn't take long to notice the fish were 'not everywhere.' We got on one trout bite in Malo before they got small and slow, left with 6 keepers. Tried a sheephead hole in Malo - 2 but not thick yet. Worked my way through Guyago....absolutely nothing! Hmmmmmm, this should not be happening in mid-November, but the water was unusually cold.

Decided it was time for a major move, and jumped to the other side of BSM. Fished the bayous, and nice trout started coming in the boat steadily, whew. Also got a 30-inch red. No limits, but Malo and Guyago threw us a curveball. All on live shrimp and minnows.

Wednesday afternoon fished solo in the cold out of Chef Pass. Tried the bypass canal first, nothing. I hate crowds, but gave in and headed to the Wall. Got on one good trout bite in a nearby bayou deep under a cork on live shrimp. Then drifted along a shoreline, catching and releasing bass plus a couple more trout. It got late, and everyone was leaving as the trout got small and slow. On a hunch, I decided to try a winter drift on the bottom. Sometimes a drift is better than anchoring for sluggish trout. Found the ticket -- live minnows with a heavy sinker on the bottom got a hookup every 30 seconds, and some of these were nice World Series trout. Live shrimp on the bottom had taps and usually was a lost 35 cents or throwback trout. The keepers wanted the minnows. A jig probably would have worked, too. Got chased in by darkness with 18 trout. When I cleaned the trout late, none had shrimp in the stomachs, just minnows.

If you go, bring a tolerant mindset. The Wall area has lots of interesting boating behavior and I'll leave it at that. I'm sure weekends are especially lively.

November 20, 2014 at 11:25pm

Decided it was time to join the Hopedale fun. Fished solo ahead of the weather Wednesday and did the Bayou Antoine-St. Malo-Bayou Guyago circle. Got on two trout bites at first two stops in current lines into major bayous. Stopped at 20 trout and let another boat have the spot - started focusing on meatfish, figuring I'll bump into 5 more trout along the way. First meat stop in St. Malo - 2 drum on market shrimp. Circled back, a few stops, no meatfish but dinks and scattered keepers. Next stop at a deep bayou going in a lagoon didn't have much at first, but its a high confidence place for a mixed box so stuck it out and enjoyed a satsuma. Ten minutes later, a red in the deep. The other pole was on the shore, and the cork started going down too. Got three drum and one more red on the shoreline on market shrimp and finished off the trout limit. Finished with 25 nice trout, 5 drum, and 3 reds.

It was cool, overcast, 10-15 out of NW, pressure low, tide falling all day. Great conditions.

Tip --- I start fishing with minnows in November. They usually outfish live shrimp on the trout. Bigger trout want finfish as the shrimp get small, plus they survive the dink taps long enough for the keepers to find them. It doesn't have to be cocohoes (which right now only the Rigolets is selling on the East side). People are surprised at the little minnows I use, which I catch on the side of the road, then just use a 1/0 hook.

I did throw a lure (vudu) and caught a few but the bait worked better.

November 13, 2014 at 12:26pm

Fished Chef Pass briefly late Friday afternoon with my wife Lisa and to stock up on live shrimp. Water low, then tide switched to incoming later. Saw birds, but only throwback trout and too windy to mess with. Then fished Alligator Point area. Just one nice red (wife) on a purple vudu. Saw a boat broken down, towed them in while Lisa and I ate a satsuma and listened to music for a pretty sunset cruise.

Saturday morning fished solo starting at 8AM. With Alligator slow Friday decided to fish the marsh on the east side of Lake P. Found several schools of 14-inch reds but nothing to add to the ice chest. Went in to the marsh, found a few bass, only keeping a decent sized one plus a small gut-hooked one.

Moved into the Pass itself on the north side. Free-lined some live shrimp, finally a couple of nice trout plus throwbacks. It quit, but the wind also slowed down, so hit the Lake P shoreline. One very nice red, one keeper trout, and throwback trout. Almost time for a break, but hit a point in Chef Pass in a deep hole....a nice blue cat. Now hungry, so met Lisa at the Hi Tide Bar and Grill for lunch and football watching. You can tie the boat up there, nice.

We went back out and this time targeted the Marquez Canal area. Very slow at first, just one nice bass. I was hoping the tide switch would get a bite going, and it did. We finally got a school of trout late afternoon and the ice chest got slimy. Free-lined shrimp, then switched to corks and vudus. There is also a nice redfish somewhere with a vudu in his lip.

Not sure where the drum and sheephead are at Chef Pass. Usually we catch those in November.

Chef Pass is a challenging area, but we're adding fish to the box and saving gas money. Hard to beat a short 20- minute drive. But I feel a Hopedale trip coming soon.

FYI, I heard rumors of some meat hauls under birds in the Bayou Bienvenue and Bayou Thomas area. I can only verify they are not the same trout under the birds at Alligator Point.

November 10, 2014 at 6:59am

Took My Dad and Father-in-Law fishing on Halloween. Slow start, but we eventually found a few. Tide not falling until 9AM, so started fishing at 8AM. Tried the Alligator Point area -- unlike last weekend, slim pickings. Only found 3 keeper trout, and nothing else box-worthy. Found some birds, got our hopes up.....just throwbacks and gafftops! Gafftops on Halloween, spooky.

Then, the front came through at 10:30AM and a strong west wind kicked in. We weren't giving up, though. I headed to the sheltered waters of Marquez Canal. After a few more duds, found a trout school at the mouth of a bayou. We got 12 keepers, 10-20 throwbacks, and a bass. Then, it was time for Halloween activities and my Scream outfit. But we salvaged the trip. Everything on live shrimp, lures drew a blank all day.

November 01, 2014 at 10:14pm

Did a two-fer at Chef Pass. Fished the afternoon incoming tide Friday, and Saturday morning falling tide. My Father-In-Law Jerry joined me Friday. We had to stick-and-move and stay out of the north wind, but steadily put trout, reds, doormat flounder, and sheephead in the boat. We fished the Lake Borgne shoreline, cuts, and inside marsh. Live shrimp deep under a cork worked best, but also used a purple Vudu shrimp under a cork. The Vudu caught a flounder, two reds, a sheephead that swallowed the Vudu (?), and a few trout.

Be warned that using a lure usually kills the trout bite unless someone else is throwing live shrimp. I switch to the Vudu if there are lots of bait stealers, or if the trout have gotten small and want to entice a bigger one. Two-day total was 22 keeper trout, 2 doormats, 5 reds, 1 sheephead. Lake Borgne will not produce limits, but there are fish to be caught now, and it's nice saving all the gas money.

Incidentally, I've fished the Lake Pontchartrain shoreline a few times now with little to show so far. Friday just got one redfish blowup before we decided to go to Lake Borgne. The fish are just not in Lake P right now.

October 26, 2014 at 10:50am

Another Friday Haibo and Jerry joined me at Chef Pass. Tide movement (falling) was in the afternoon, so we launched at 10AM. Caught the end of the incoming tide at Chef Pass, just 1 trout. There was no wind, so I did something I love to do but usually can' to Proctor's Point.

We first fished the east side at an area which usually has current. We arrived and in the clear water could see a few reds under schools of mullet. Perfect! Got two reds but the piggy perch were like piranha's destroying our bait. Put a Lemondrop lure on and got 1 more red and a drum. Then it quit. Drifted further down, just one trout but a nice one....ah, World Series trout time. Hoped to find more later.

With the water still up (but falling) tried the ponds and bayous for an hour, just one more more trout, water was getting too low; a little sightfishing showed no visible reds, water getting too low.

Decided to get back on the Lake Borgne shoreline, west side. Fished the mouth of a cut with a current. Slow stick and drift. The corks started going down....World Series trout mixed with drum! Fun stuff. Finished with around 30 nice trout, 6 drum, 3 reds that filled up the ice chest. Fishing deep under a cork with live shrimp worked best.

October 18, 2014 at 9:52am

Sometimes things go wrong in bunches. One of my trailer boards broke last trip, so I launched the boat at the house in Eden Isles and we fixed the trailer in the driveway. Since the boat was already in the water, Friday made a brief evening trip to the Rigolets, only one nice trout but well-stocked with live shrimp for the next morning.

Saturday morning made the run across Lake P to the Chef Pass area. Almost there, and the engine starts sputtering. At the shoreline, the engine is running but only slowly and not well. Initial symptoms are bad gad from a certain dealer I'll leave nameless until we investigate more and confirm its not the engine (yes, it was a non-ethanol pump, too).

Well, my hands are now tied but its only 6AM so decided to make the most of it for a while. Slowly worked my way along the shoreline. Hooked a jackfish that I broke off, but man those are brutes! Next, got a nice red and beautiful flounder. Thought I had something going but that was it as the sun came up on an very hot October morning. Just bait stealers afterwards, and a little sightfishing in the ponds just gave me a couple of scooped-up crabs.

Decided it was time to call the cavalry, and called Sea Tow. I puttered over to a bayou and played with some throwback trout (and one keeper), and Sea Tow showed up very soon afterwards. I highly recommend getting that membership, because I'll adjust Pack's saying: 'You never know.'

I also want to thank my wife for dragging the trailer to Chef Pass Harbor :) And Chef Pass let me use the ramp for free due to the situation. Lots of good people in this world still.

And some not so good people. I then learned Chef Harbor's shrimp boat was stolen. I hope readers will also give them some business (located north of the bridge) while they pick up the pieces - ramp, ice, gas. Lou sometimes would go two hours out to get the live shrimp and was very reliable with having live bait in stock. They found the boat and it shouldn't take too long for them to get live bait going again after some repairs.

I hope to be on the water again soon, too.

October 12, 2014 at 3:06pm
A comment titled: Re: What’s Wrong w/Sportsman in response to a report titled: What’s Wrong w/Sportsman

This site hasn't been managed well for quite some time. Today I checked to see if its improved. Nope. They are pretty active on their Facebook page, though.

August 04, 2022 at 8:24pm
A comment titled: Re: Lady P Crabs in response to a report titled: Lady P Crabs

Good luck on that. We went to a seafood market yesterday, and they wanted $70/dozen for live number one crabs. I think the world has gone mad. Needless to say, we will just catch our own.

June 13, 2021 at 6:00pm
A comment titled: Re: Reports in response to a report titled: Reports

Not really sure what John C is referring to (can you give specific LAS example?). But YouTube has also become a great resource for fishing information, and its free with ads. We can't subscribe to everything -- people have limited budgets.

March 16, 2021 at 2:17pm
A comment titled: Re: Reports in response to a report titled: Reports

To be fair, LAS must make a profit, and the reports are not a profit-maker. But they should make money with ads if it was done correctly, and more effectively drive eyeballs with real reporting. As for ads, they are showing one for Nissan, and turkey hunting (really?). Facebook fishing groups has the best updates and info nowadays, but you have to push through a lot of drivel. LAS reports were a community with good reports. They killed it for 'website progress'.

March 13, 2021 at 1:27am
A comment titled: Re: Reports in response to a report titled: Reports

Too late. Everyone has left. I only check once per month to read the 5 unique reports that accumulate after one whole month (this does not include the useless guide reports, and there aren't even many of those anymore). The reports are now on Facebook, for better or worse.

March 11, 2021 at 11:51pm
A comment titled: Re: Bar Pits Off Hwy 11 in response to a report titled: Bar Pits Off Hwy 11

I rarely see boats launch here, and the canal is sometimes full of floatants. But the fish are still there. I think the real reason is crime. This is a well-known region where cars are abandoned after being stripped then burned.

March 11, 2021 at 11:48pm

Same thing that has happened to all fishing websites...just not a lot of reports anymore. It's all social media today. I don't like the trend, but that's the way it is. It also didn't help when some websites changed their formats trying to attract younger folks, which of course didn't happen....but they did alienate older customers who didn't like the new format. In summary, they didn't get the next generation, they lost the older generation, there are fewer eyeballs reading, and eventually it snowballed into fewer posts, including businesses like Sweetwater. Some of us still read every now and then, hoping to see a worthwhile report.Sometimes it happens, but not very often.

January 13, 2020 at 1:22am

I've fished since 1973 and seen it all. Trips where lures were better. Many, many trips where only bait worked. Fished next to people who insisted on lures even though everyone else was wailing on the trout with live shrimp and they were whiffing. Trips where lures were better, so we switched to lures. Trips where pogies, croaker, cocahoe minnows, or mullet worked best than shrimp. Saying people using bait don't know how to fish is a very ignorant statement. Bait also gives you options for drum, sheephead, redfish, channel mullet, croaker, etc. There are times of the year when trout don't bite as well but the meatfish are a great option. When the pinfish are bad, Gulp are a good option sometimes. The big trout love topwaters certain times of the year. It just depends, so I'm saying keep your options open. It also doesn't have to cost money --- I use a cast net and traps when time permits, and then I also have shrimp to eat. how trout act under the lights, and you\'ll see why lures sometimes don't work. They are smarter than given credit. You'll see them swim up to the lure then turn around because its fake. Freelined live shrimp,instant hookup. Then, 2 hours later, they get turned on by tide or a ball of bait passing through, and they hit lures quickly. It depends, and that\'s the beauty of the sport.

August 11, 2019 at 11:28am

I'm always puzzled by posts bragging they don't need live shrimp for trout. Yes, it's cool when they are not needed, but often they are and it's the only thing the trout will touch. I can cite at least 100 trips where this happened (I always have a lure handy, because its quicker to catch trout on lures if they are willing, so I'm not anti-lure). After paying all the $$$ for a boat, truck, gas, fishing license, insurance, launch fee, tackle, maintenance, repairs, etc.....what's another $15-20 for bait for the MANY TIMES trout only want bait?

August 10, 2019 at 3:20pm
A comment titled: Re: Captain Bob Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Captain Bob Leeville Report

You have my prayers. I've always enjoyed the unique posts over the decades and they will return soon!

August 04, 2019 at 12:33am
A comment titled: Re: Shell Beach Specks Friday in response to a report titled: Shell Beach Specks Friday

I'll 'bite'. What is that toothy critter?

May 05, 2019 at 5:12pm
A comment titled: Re: Coastal Erosion in Cocodrie in response to a report titled: Coastal Erosion in Cocodrie

There are no major levees obstructing sheet flow in Cocodrie, and it's not near any river outlet for delta building. The Cocodrie wetland retreat is a perfect example of natural loss at the end of a delta cycle, other than the canal influences and sea level rise. Of course, the wetland deterioration near the Mississippi River (not Cocodrie) with the levees, excessive manmade canals, underground faults, and agricultural nutrient pollution is a more complicated situation. If I were doing a report on this in school, I would first explain the delta cycle, where Cocodrie is a perfect example. Then, as a second part of the report, explain all the extra factors contributing to wetland loss near the Mississippi River. For example, we know the levees cut off the sheet flow, the canals not only is physical land removal but accelerates land loss on its edges, an activated fault results in sudden large areas of land subsiding (i.e., around Empire), and that nutrient pollution weakens marsh roots in organic soil and becoming vulnerable to storm surge (i.e., Delacroix). Put all this in the report, and you're a star student :)

April 11, 2019 at 5:53pm
A comment titled: Re: Coastal Erosion in Cocodrie in response to a report titled: Coastal Erosion in Cocodrie

This is a natural process of the delta-building life cycle. The Cocodrie marsh was built thousands of years ago when the Mississippi River flowed in the region. Then, the river changed direction. The next step is a barrier island is left behind on the delta edge, and the marsh retreats. It's a good geology lesson that deltas are dynamic. In the last few decades, this has been accelerated by sea level rise and man-made canals, but foremost it's a natural process. A good link showing this life cycle is: . A good book is 'Washed Away? The Invisible Peoples of Louisiana's Wetlands' by Donald Davis.

April 09, 2019 at 11:19am
A comment titled: Re: Looking for specs/reds in response to a report titled: Looking for specs/reds

February is probably the hardest month to catch fish. But fish the Biloxi Marsh or Delacroix for reds, shrimp under a cork, and move around A LOT.

If the water temperature drop to the 40s from an extreme cold snap, the reds will pile up in some well-known holes. Otherwise, fish flats near deep water. If you find one red this time of year, they are sometimes ganged up.

Forget about the trout unless there is a warm snap.

January 17, 2019 at 3:34pm

They are harder to clean but not too much with the proper setup. People are just spoiled by easy-to-clean trout. But sheephead are definitely the best-tasting inshore fish. As I recall, Cap has a brute-force rickasaw :) but for the rest of us, just have a serrated knife and a boning knife handy. Take advantage of the 'groove' along the backbone to avoid the scale with the boning knife, work around the rib cage, then use the serrated knife for the final cut behind the head. Boom! Fantastic fillet.

January 15, 2019 at 6:12pm
A comment titled: Re: Troutlady in response to a report titled: Troutlady

Everyone has preferences, and that's what makes the world go around :) But by only focusing on trout, you're missing out on reds, drum, sheephead, bass, and bluecats...all of which are biting better in the marsh this winter than trout.

With that said, the most reliable spot for trout in the north Robin area right now is the pipeline canal area, and Bayou Bernard area.

Also, there are trout in the MRGO along the rocks near Violet.

January 13, 2019 at 1:27am
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The trout are in the area just not in traditional Delacroix waters. Head north of Terra Bouf to Lake Robin area and marsh north of Robin. Keep in mind trout sometimes go days without feeding when their metabolism slows down in cold water, so you have to hit them on the right day. The reds are around, as well as some freshwater cats, bass, and small sheephead. Frankly, I agree with baduhbing, go after the reds first then see what else will play.

January 09, 2019 at 9:29pm

Certainly not this time of the year, but *sometimes* the white shrimp make a showing in Eden Isles in October, especially if you prebait it with rabbit food., in the Fall the white shrimp are deep in the passes, and as for the brown shrimp in Lake P in May-June---AIN'T DERE NO MORE thanks to the freshwater changes.

January 09, 2019 at 9:22pm
A comment titled: Re: Levees in Terrebonne Parish in response to a report titled: Levees in Terrebonne Parish

Should be

There is a link on opening and closing of gates, but the link is not working. Maybe try calling the levee district number at 985-868-8523

August 10, 2018 at 1:47pm

You have to look at the conditions in the upper Barataria Bay system (not at the coast) where the trout fingerling grow, and only in the summer. The trout spawn during the full/new moon when the tide range is greatest in salinities > 15 ppt, and the eggs get flushed into the upper reaches of the bay. As the salinity drops (5 to 10 ppt), the eggs start to sink, and this is the signal for eggs to hatch. If they sink to the bottom before hatching wthout the proper salinity transition, no trout hatch.

If you look at the Barataria Waterway near Lafitte, here are the June salinity numbers from previous years. A big change has occurred in the last five years. The result is less successful spawns and fewer trout.

2011: 12 ppt
2012: 12 ppt
2013: 2 ppt
2014: 4 ppt
2015: 2 ppt
2016: 2 ppt
2017: 5 ppt

August 09, 2018 at 12:44pm
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