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It's Spring Time Up here and we Have some Fishing RV Spots Available. There are also many WMA's,Refuges and other Areas for Spring Gobbler Chasin. If you are in need of a yearly place Membership with us we would like to talk with you. Email me at or give me a call at 601 597 6658.

March 22, 2015 at 4:11pm

It's Spring Time Up here and we Have some Fishing RV Spots Available. There are also many WMA's,Refuges and other Areas for Spring Gobbler Chasin. If you are in need of a yearly place Membership with us we would like to talk with you. Email me at or give me a call at 601 597 6658.

March 22, 2015 at 4:07pm

Just a Few more days and its on at the Southern Sportsman's Festival & Expo at the Alario Center in Westwego, Friday Saturday and Sunday. If there are any Cooking Teams out there that would like to throw your hat in the ring in the Wild Game Cookoff, Come Be a part of the Poker Walk to raise funds for Home with Heroes a non profit that takes soldiers suffering from PTSD outdoors,Fun Fishing Rodeo Freshwater and Saltwater where you and yours can showcase your catches Sunday after lunch at the show and have um weighed in for Prizes for Kiddo's and Adults. There will Be Fun Redneck Games,Music,Tons of Outdoor Products, and lots more to see and be a part of so Come Pass a Great Time and if you or your Group,Biz,or Non Profit would like to come be part of the CookOff shoot me and email at or give me a shout on the cell to find out more at 601 597 6658.

As Always Have a Redneck Day and we look forward to see'n U and Yours this weekend. Please also make sure you come register for a Redneck Adventures Weekend Outdoor Prize to be part of the 15th Annual Redneck Adventures Squirrel Hunt and outdoor Extravaganza!!!!

August 12, 2014 at 9:53pm

Hey Folks just wanted to Let All know the Southern Sportsman Expo and Festival will be next weekend at the Alario Center at Bayou Segnette. Friday thru Sunday. Lots of Great Things to See,Food,Fun,Outdoor Products and more. There will be a Music Stage,Poker Walk on Saturday,CookOff,Fishing Rodeo where fish can be brought in to be viewed and weighed on Sunday after lunch and much much more. If you would like to find out more about being in a Friendly Cookoff Compete on Saturday or more feel free to contact me via email at or by cell at 601 597 6658.

JimBob Redneck Adventures TV Group, Miss Lou Tours, Home With Heroes

August 10, 2014 at 11:42am

Hey Folks, Our 14th Annual Redneck Adventures Outdoor Extravaganza is around the corner. We will be having Wounded Vets.,Special Needs, and Outdoorsmans going outdoors to compete in fun and bragging rites and money prizes for Squirrels,Hogs,Raccons,Rabbits and A Cookoff and Poker Run to Boot. We are working towards breaking a World Record by having all types of folks together hunting and outdoors in 2016. If you would like to be part of the event we are looking for Squirrel Dog,Hog Hunting Dog,Rabbit Dog,Raccon Dog and Cook Off folks that want to be a part of this awesome event. If you want to find out more about being part of this amazing event if you think you have land to let wounded vets, special needs and the dogs that we need along with land we are looking to visit with you. Our event raises awareness and money to take those needing a little help going outdoors to make a difference. So, I know Deer season is on big time but Feb. is all about Squirrels,Rabbits,Hogs and Racoons we need you. If you would like to be part of a life changing event shoot me an email. We have many folks coming in to be part of the envent thru great orgs. and we would like to vist with you. If you have land or would like to be part of an event that is working toward breaking World Records in the Miss Lou in a Great way contact us. Shoot me an email at This is a life Changing Event and we need you to step up!!!!

January 11, 2014 at 7:31pm

What an Awesome Event. Special Thanks to all from Dog Men to Land Owners you folks made for a special event for Special Needs to Veterans to Wounded Soldiers. Squirrels,Racoons,Rabbits, and lets not forget our Wounded Soldiers get'n a 342 monstor Hog with almost 2 inch cutters. You owe it yourself for a great read to go to and hit adventure button. The Story speaks volumes!!!!

Banquet,Food,Home with Heroes great for all. Special thanks goes out to La Pigstickers and John Bruce and the Pro Bass Anglers. Top Auction item went for around 1700.00. Also, around 1,000 lbs. of Hog Meat going to Hunters for the Hungry.

Thanks Again to All who helped. Challenge to All the Prize Monies for next years Hog Catching and Trappin Challenge will go up from 1,000 dollars to who knows.

Get involved and find out how U can be a part of next years 14th Annual Outdoors Extravaganza!!!!

JimBob Miss-Lou Tours,Redneck Adventures,Home with Heroes and Now Great Friend to Hunters for the Hungry!!!

February 18, 2013 at 9:25pm

Redneck Adventures is having its 13th Annual Squirrel Hunt and more Weekend. We have a Hog Hunt in conjunction with Hunters for the Hungry and Even a Wild Game Cookoff. If you have a cooking team or want more info we would be glad to send it your way. We have a Friday nite Banquet and Saturday nite also where Home with Heroes will be showcased. Tons of Great food,fun and more.


February 12, 2013 at 5:08am

Lake Okhissa near Meadville Ms. has seen the huge Bluegills,Bass and Catfish bite'n good since the Open in November.

Camp near Grand Isle avail for fishing Membership Opportunity. Fully furnished with all utilities and cable contact me at 601 597 6658 cell or shoot an email to to find out more.

December 27, 2007 at 7:57pm

My son Justin scored on his second deer to date. A nice Doe for the freezer and he dropped her in her tracks. Little did he know that when he borrowed his pa paws .280 rifle before Christmas that on Christmas Eve a Family Tradition would take place. How many of you out there used your pa paws rifle or shotgun to have it later in life presented to you. This took place Christmas Eve at Pa Paws house and my little buddy was the happiest of all grand kids where as the last of the Grand Sons he got his rifle. As the speech was given it was very touching as a special Christmas knowing that the reason for giving is also to pass on and continue our heritage of hunting. A proud Dad and you will see Justin my little Redneck Buddy shoot'n some Great Deer coming up in the future on Redneck Adventures TV show.

Catch Redneck Adventures on our newest station add, KAQY ABC 11 at 10 pm on Sunday Nites. Also, if you would like to have advice on Hunting places,Fishing Guides and Outfitters we have been doing it Redneck Style and we are in season 11 now. We would be glad to give you info check us out and give us your hunting or fishing stories over at

Have a Redneck Day!!!


December 27, 2007 at 7:18pm

Redneck Road Report

Austin Dunigan age 7 got his first Deer ever a few days ago. What a great event and here is why, Kirk Thomas many of you know and have seen on TV well his program is Outdoors Without Limits, I called Kirk and said hey we got a young un that needs to git his first deer. Kirk came down from South Caroline and Austin,His Dad Derrick and many others of us joined in to make this a reality. U C Austin has just returned from the Iowa Heart Inst. from the third Open Heart surgery since his birth. He also had his leg amp'd at about 7 months. The gang gathered, the hunt was on and Kirk Austin Derrick Vic and the guys that just finished his new LSU Leg enjoyed Austin git'n his first deer ever a 5 pt. that was a perfect shot and Let's just say it wuz Priceless!!!

Our Fishing Camp near Grand Isle is Ready, Interested in becoming a fishing camp member let me know. Holler at me
on the cell 601 597 6658.

Redneck Adventures is now airing on ABC 11 KAQY in Monroe La. at 10 pm on Sunday Nites, Thanx to the new viewers that have been asking about it for a while.

Have a Redneck Day and check out some new stuff at our site and feel free to post your reports and guud huntn or fishin stories at

Have a Redneck Day!!!


December 14, 2007 at 5:10pm

Redneck Adventures TV show and Kids Hunting For a Cure Picture this: 300 Kids Hunting For a Cure, Thats St. Judes U know the folks I am speakin of!!! These 300 kids hunted in Fayetteville Tn. and parts around Nashville Tn. A special thanks to landowners who provided Farms and Huntn land for these folks to N joy. Of these 300 kids around 100 Whitetails were Harvested. If U can imagine a line of trucks with 6 pts.8pts. and even a brute a 12 pt. taken by none other than a young Buck named Hunter. The prized Buck was taken by little Aaron woh got a real tall 6 pointer. U C he is in a wheelchair and hunted with Kirk Thomas of Outdoors without Limits and that afternoon young Aaron scored and thanks goes out to the crew and yes it is on film. Young Danielle got herself a fantastic 9 pt.

Special Thanks goes to all the folks that donated the tons of prizes and gifts for these young uns to take home. Stands,Cameras,Knives,Blinds,and 2 many more to list. The Auctions were conducted by RJ Auctions along with the Crew from Redneck Adventures and many many more great Job all!!!
Lawn Mower Racin on Saturday Afternoon was a blast and JimBob and Stork even opened up the races U will have to stay tuned and watch 4 it on U'R TV to C who won!!! Special Guests and Country Music up and coming stars Tyler Farr hunted and sang a few tunes for the gang and Blake Wise filmed one of what I call the Tripplett Twins these two young men got one Doe the morning and the other brother got 2 mature Does that Afternoon!!! My little Buddy Justin got his first Deer Ever and the smile is priceless Folks U C Blake Wise came and got us from the ground Blind and my little Buddy Free Handed a Doe with a 22-06 at about 100 yards.

If U want to make a difference find out how to git N volved with a fantastic group by contacting none other than Super Dave Norval at 731-925-7613 I must say he did a Super Job!! Dr. John Waples and the whole bunch I tip my Hat this touched my life!! The Vendors that set up and The Outdoor Channel I must thank 4 playin our Redneck Adventures Best of Seasons 1-12 DVD that got the folks smilin!!

A marketing firm was put in place for the 20 or so states that from this event stepped up to the plate to do events in their respective states!!

A Challenge to U: If U have or have never been touched by Kids of St. Judes and the vision of Danny Thomas U owe it 2 yourself to check it out!! If U have the ways means and want to know more as a landowner,ranch owner,avid hunter that believes in our youth and Huntn for our future git N volved!! Also, I must say a special thanks to Gander Mtn.,Cablella's,Bass Pro,little box stores,Gatlin Guns,CVA,Bad Boy Buggies,Summit Tree Stands and all that donated and again to the landowners because without U there is no place to hunt!!

I said all of that to say this 300 Kids N the Woods not on the Couch Huntn with Mom R Dad, over 100 Deer Harvested more Bucks than Does.

50,000 Dollars and growing I'll keep U posted, A weekend N Tn. never to Forget P R I C E L E S S !!!

Have a Redneck Day and look 4 this episode coming soon to U'R TV set or our website!! I invite all to post thier story or part of this event or any other at


P.S. I must thank the 10 camera Guys that most of got Kids and Deer Harvests on Film!!!!!

October 30, 2007 at 10:59am

Redneck Adventures TV show Road Report

Bin a While on the Road and haven't posted in quite a while sorry 4 that and here goes some past guuud stuff!!!

A few weels ago U mite have seen the Redneck Gang of Jimbob,Stork,Humpy,Stumpy,Kevin Bad Bob Weldon,and friends visit the famous Nail Ranch in Albany Texas. Lets just say these Cowboys have won the famous Sweetwater Rattle Snake Round Up a few times. Now ole Jimbob mite like hand grabbin frogs, and cats but these here boys like grabbin Rattlers we only grabbed 2 on that show and if U watched reel close Jimbob or Stork didn't grab either. Hogs R a menace out in their neck of the woods and lets just say the hole bunch of Rednecks and some kids turned some Pigs N 2 some awesome Halo Peno and Chedder Sausage.

From that trip we went directly to the Win A Deer Ranch. Let me tell Ya'll Check it out and tell um Jimbob and Stork sent ya. the newest teck nowl o g in the industry for viewin 24/7 live game on ranches all over Gods great country and takin pics to have the opportunity to win prizes and great hunts all over. Thats better than the Redneck Prize is Rite!!! We had Stumpy harvest a Fallow Deer and we hunted hard for the ole Red Stag, 5 Redneck Groups huntn 3 days still Red Stag O Red Stag Where R U!!
Great Show with the gang at the Ranch and yes young uns I do like skate board'n wit ya behind the Cart down them roads thatz Redneck Rite Thar!!

Next we had our Redneck Squirrel Hunt with great guests the Wounded Warrior Guys. What a great feelin to have Jeremy from Pa. totally blind from the war to shoot out a Racoon,Fox Squirrel,and a cat squirrel on film with the assistance of his dad and a red laser dot and some world class squirrel dogs. Great Food,Music,Fun,Fellowship, and lets just say many of the gangs that purchased trips from DU,CCA,and many other events we R glad U were a part of it!!The Crawfish,Pig N the Box,and all wuz Awesome!!

Next Ole Stork had him and 50 or so friends a good ole fashioned Redneck Armadillo Rodeo Round Up!! Catch um live any way bring um in and at the end of the day have a Arm A diller Race. Lets just say the gang raised some good funds for the Childrens Hospital.

Up to Savannah, Tn. for, Stork,Jimbob,Kevin Blake Weldon,My little Buddy Justin, and let say a huge assortment of country music singers,other TV shows,and 94 kids teamed with 94 guides huntn over 97,000 acres for Turkeys. I think total harvest of about 25 big Toms. But the Real Harvest wuz all who contributed and I will say Fishin Trips by Marsh Masters Capt. Bobby and Bow Fishn Trips donated by Capt. Darel of Marsh Masters and the Hole Gang helped raise an amazin 143,000 for St. Judes Hospital!!! Guuud Stuff!!

Hey 2 all that came out a few weeks ago at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center and said they R N joy'n Redneck we Thank U!!

We will have a Redneck Village setup at the Sportsman's Show N Lafayette the weekend of April 13,14,15 N the Cajun Dome come on down and C Us!!

U may Not B git'n Redneck Adventures N U'R 2 story Double wide Trailer, well U can help us fix that, contact U'R local cable or sat. provider and tell um U want U some Redneck Adventures TV show.

The response from being on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno wuz awesome and keep watchin 4 more Frog Kissin and Jimbob and Storks Redneck Stuff on CMT's Country Fried Videos with Bill Engvall!!

Fishin Time is Rite Here: We R Ready we have a few more Toms, and Hogs maybe to shoot and our Guns become Rods and Reels.

If U have a product or offering or lodge or service and U want to hook up with a TV show that is now ranked either 1 or 2 as most aired Huntn show on Cable hit'n an amazin 143 times a week nationwide shoot us an email and lets talk!!! or give me a holler to talk on my cell is she has gas n her at 601 597 6658.

Have a Redneck Day!!!


March 26, 2007 at 2:13pm

Rain on the Redneck Parade!!!

Well this past weekend found folks from all over this grand land coming in for the Annual Redneck Adventures Squirrel Hunt. Friday many of the sponsors, Cajun Fryers,Universal Outdoors and many more friends headed to pattison Ms. for some Wabbit Huntn, The dogs got it all shook out and the chase was on. Our goal was to git the kids My little Bud, Justin and the others a shot at the first Rabbit, well two hours into the chase 4 reel One of the older kids Dustin got peter cottontail. That afternoon found a few of the folks chasin Rabbits while the rest of the gang headed to some squirrel woods. Our Indiana Jones Gang dogs treed fantastic and a few bushy tails hit the ground.

Friday Evening found lots of sponsors and fine family,friends,and folks around a grand fire talkin huntn and eating some great vittles. The Gang included: Cajun Fryers,Universal Outdoors,Marsh Masters,Vines Deer Processing,Hoof Hearted,Lewis and Harp Guide Services,Isle Of Capri Jerry Morgan (Huntn Guide from Lula),JP Morgan Chase Bank Omar and Friends from Katy Texas,Speaker of the House of Alabama, Dog men from Arkansas,Texas,Louisiana,Indiana,Mississippi,and other parts and many friends and folks that had special invites and purchased hunts at DU,CCA,and other fund raisers. The evening meal was provided by our great Bud Laf George and friends of Ducks Unlimited.

The Saturday Morning found folks hittin the woods from Port Gibson Ms. to Judge Bramlettes place near Woodville Ms. The rains dripped on us all day and the hardcore hunters and kids got a few raindrops in their eyes as they looked upwards wonderin if the man upstairs could cut off the faucet every once and again.

Our gang huddled under the camp pavillion where a few squirrels just out in the woods provided entertainment to see grown men scramble for huntn stuff in the rain with the sight of a few squirrels and one Racoon.

A great time to have all the gang 2 gather, and hey even though the bunch didn't mop up so to say, A great time was had by all. Remember with Kids, and Family and Friends it ain't always bout the Killin!!!

Special Thanx goes out to Natchez Best Bar B Q for fine food on saturday and Cajun Fryers, Mr. Robert Cooked some mean Fish Fast and hot in dem fine Cajun Fryers Yeah!!! Monmouth Plantation thanx for housing many of our fine sponsors U'R Southern Hospitality wuz awesome.

Till our Next Redneck Adventure
Ya'll Stay Dry!!

Have a Redneck Day!!!


P.S. Almost forgot Redneck Adventures will begin airing on America One Sports in the first of April. This cable network now hits about 43 million cable households.

Between Sportsman Channel,America One,and our ABC,Fox,and other affils, Redneck Adventures now airs around 150 times a month in maximum exsposure in nearly 100 million homes in the USA and Puerto Rico. This puts Redneck Adventures rite behind the ESPN guys of Sunday Mornings. Things that make U go Hmmmmmm!!!

If U have a product,offering,or guide service and want maximum exsposure without hurtin yo pocket book shoot us an email. We Will Hook U UP!!!

Up Comin Outdoor Shows:

Canton Ms. Wildlife Ms. Show
Feb 24-26.

La. Sportsman Show Lamar Dixon Expo
Gonzales La.
March 9-12.

Come C Us and Say Hello!!! If U got a Good Redneck Adventure Idea come C Us U mite B On TV!!!!

February 22, 2006 at 10:03am

Redneck Road Report

Jimbob and Stork loaded up in the Ford and headed Leeville way to Hang with our Great Buds down in Leeville La. at Marsh Masters. Capt. Bobby,Capt. Dan,Capt. Darel,and Capt. Tommy along with Stork spent some good time talkin Huntn and Fishn and how they R git'n things ready for all the fishn folks out there.

It was great to hear the phone a ringin and Corportate Clients, I think a Bach O Lar party, and Even a Group from Montana that called while we watchin shows on the Sportsman Channel at Capt. Bobby's and this person as Uncle Bobby as we call him said he had seen Redneck Adventures promotin that the Fish wuz a Biting down around Grand Isle as Clean Up was goin on.

Our Guest for Wednesday Nite Bow Fishn Flew in and landed his Hel O Copter with his fiance for some fine Bow Fishn with Capt. Darel and the Gang for Wednesday Nite. Mr. Bill Wilkinson of Wilkinson Technologies who does that Robotic Weldin Offshore along with Diesel Hammers,Head Welders and all the rest of that offshore Weldin was our Great Guest on the Show for the Evening.

Now just a tid bit this man hunts some grand animals all over the planet and has since the mid 60's with a Bow, His sneak attack on Cape Buffalo in Africa with a Stick and String and his monstor Bucks he has Taken this past year on film was awesome to see.

To the Night, After a Great Seafood Delight at the Leeville Seafood Restaurant we got ready for a fun evening, as we loaded up the crew that was headed on the other boat met with us for a bit, A Real Estate Gang from Covington,Pensacola,Hammond,Dallas and surronding areas told us that this was the main mans about 8th time to Bow Fish with Marsh Masters and hey he had first saw it on Redneck Adventures now thats guud stuff rite thar!!! Hey U gotta Luv it.

Our night began and the action wuz a bit slow but as the tide started moving as water movement does so did the action pick up. Bill, Tiny, Capt. Darel, Stork, Jimbob and Bills Fiance had a blast and what a beauty of a nite the wind had laid down the water was a gin clear and Redfish and Drum were abundant. In the last hour and a half the Limits were filled and onto the Camps at Marsh Masters we headed for some good rest.

The next morning the stories and fun talk began as we all enjoyed some awesome Jal A Peno and Chedder Smoked Sausage from the Deer my Son n Law Harvested and Van's Deer Processin turned into great eatin.

We ended our show as the Helicopter Cranked and away flew another happy Bow Fisherman with smiles comin from all as Jimbob and Stork headed back to Ms. cappin off another great Redneck Adventure with family,friends,and sponsors to bring another one to your TV set!!!

Have a Redneck Day


check us out at

January 27, 2006 at 2:44pm

Redneck Last Day Deer Event

For the last day of Gun with Dogs in Mississippi we had a few of our sponsors down for a Fun Redneck Last Day Event

The night before Redneck Adventures had a few of the sponsors down to Southern Ms. for some fine eating and stories of the years Huntn Season,

The Gang included Nacho owner of La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant in Natchez, Nacho had a great year at our Redneck Huntn Club gitn himself a nice 8 pt. and a very awesome 10 pt. for the wall, Bull our Camera Man on film a few days earlier got a beauty of an 8 pt. for an upcomin Redneck Adventure, We were joined by the Mutt Boys Johnny and Dave who have been busy gettin those Mutt Trucks ready for folks, Our Bud that we Hunt with on his first personal Day of Deer Huntn for a break from Guide N Alton Norris of Norris Outfitters up in the Delta of Ms.
Stories of Huntn and Fishin treked around the fire as the bunch feasted on some Jalepeno and Chedder Smoked Sausage from My Son N Laws Deer we got a few weeks ago and let me tell ya the sausage from Van's in Jackson is Awesome, Some more fine deer offerings of Sausage and other guud stuff U can git from our fine sponsor Vine Bros. in Centerville Ms.

On 2 the Hunt, Our Gang of Stork,Jimbob,Bull,Glen,Justin,J&D Mut Boys,Alton,Randolph,Billy,The Lawyer and his Daughter along with many Dog men gathered up for our One day of Dogs and the Old Last Day event. The Huntmaster tryed to place the Kids where they would be the ones with the Action. My little Buddy was up on the front line with his paw n law with the 20 gauge awaitn, The lawyer and his Daughter was the last on the leg of the line and many others that were supposed to cover the back door we won't name them went up the other side to cover instead of covering the Back Door(they were told) U know how Grown Men don't listn sometimes and do the opposite

The Paul Harvey part was that our young Lady of the Bunch was the Last and Made 2 shots at a Huge Doe and on film she said the Deer just didn't do Rite!! She did have a great smile on her face and you could see the adrenlin runnin thru her.

As she spoke on camera memories of growing up and being around 9 years young on Giles Island and hearing the Dogs Work and seeing Deer a Comin thru the Woods.

The Back Door for the whole event is where many Deer slipped as we were told back thru the Ford Trucks by the Fire at the Campground!! lol

As many of you have been talkin about the good ole days. As a Kid up on a Stump seeing Bucks and Does come thru the Woods as a pretty fast pace well lets just say it kept your Heart a Pumpin and Your Eyes and Ears Open as the Dogs Barked and Gave Chase What a Rush!!!

A Deer was not harvested on this outing but memories and laughs and the fun of the day ended by a great meal at La Fiesta and because Nacho was as he said the winner for the Year he picked up the ticket for Mexican Food and Steaks for the Redneck Gang and other sponsors, U know the great thing about being a sponsor and being part of the family is that it truly is like one big Happy Family!!! Hearin the Sponsors talk around the fire of folks tellin um about seeing them and their products on Redneck Adventures and them gettin excited about it well lets just say its priceless!!

Great Sponsors,Good Food,Fun,and Fellowship for another Funtastic Redneck Adventure.

Hey log on to and let us know whats goin on in your neck of the woods.

We have added more stations and air times all over the Ms-Lou and new times Nationwide moving to 9:00 est. on the Sportsman Channel nationwide along with many other airings per week.

Congrats to all the fine folks that got a Deer on film especially young Mark Welch gettin 2 Deer in 2 days one a fine 7 pt. at Silverwood Plantation along with Perry Burks a monstor 8 pt. Hunter Hawkins a 8 pt.
Son N Law Patrick a Nice Doe and Bull for his nice 8 pt. on film the other day!! Hope all had a great Gun Season and Good Luck with the Smoke Pole for the next bit!!

The Bottom Line is Jimbob and Stork is ready for some Fishin and a break from the woods of Deer Huntn.

Have a Redneck Day


January 21, 2006 at 10:46pm

Redneck Road Report

During the Holidaze Redneck Adventures had the great pleasure of being invited to spend some time with a great Group at SilverWood Plantation on the Buffalo River just north of Woodville Ms.

Let me set the stage for ya! Mr. Howard Netterville of Silverwood Plantation had The Hawkins Family Pete,Byron,Blake,Mike and young Hunter who took a fine 8 pt. and is showcased on Redneck Adventures. Hunters Dad is one of the Main Men with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ms.
Mark Welch a young buck who just took his first deer last year got a fantastic 7 pt. Buck on film after being in the stand only long enough to do the opening segment for the hunt. My Son N Law Patrick Krueger home for a Vacation from the Marines in Ca. hunted hard a monster 8 pt. and ended up gettin a nice Doe that needed to be taken from the Herd at Silverwood. As Huntn would go Perry Burks came in just as Patrick was flyn back to serve our Country and ole Perry got that Monstor 8 pt. This folks as you will see on this Redneck Adventure coming soon is a Cull Buck at Silverwood. This Bad Boy weighed in over 200 lbs. and will score above 130 easily. U C Mr. Howard Netterville is after the monstor Gene Pool in his Herd and they R Waitn for U at Silverwood Plantation. Congrats again go the young Man Mark Welch who used his trip won at the Beast Feast Nite at Parkway Baptist Church to Bag a Nice Buck for the Freezer and memories that will last a Lifetime. I spent a great afternoon with my little buddy Justin 9 years young tryin to get him a Doe and Oh Did I say that young Man Mark got a Doe the next day also!

Great Time with the family at Silverwood for the New Years Fire Going, Fireworks a Poppin, Grill a Goin, Great Time with Family Friends and Huntn memories with Kids that will Last a Lifetime.

Keep a Watchin New Redneck Adventures Coming U'R Way as we head thru season 6.

Log Onto and let us know whats goin on in your neck of the woods.

Hey If U want some great Huntn check out our fine Deer Huntn Lodge at Silverwood Plantation ask for Howard at 601 888-5786

Stick and String is the main thrill waitn 4 U!!!

Have a Redneck Day!!!


January 11, 2006 at 5:42pm

Redneck Adventures was invited to take part in the Leflore County Ducks Unlimited Banquet Last Thursday Nite.

The Food,Fun,Fellowship,and Folks were great and I gotta tell ya about the next days Hunt.

Friday Morning we all awoke to a crisp cold Delta Morning for Chasin Peter Cottantail. Our Gang Consisted of the Cajun Fryer Cooker Man Mr. Robert Myers (Cooker not only great for fryn fish great for fryin fresh Wabbit Also), The Mut Boys and the Newly Shadow Grassed Mut 4 wheel Drive Truck that hauled about 9 folks thru some Good Ole Delta Mud with Benelli's in tow and the Carrol County Cane Cutters were our Host along with our Guud Bud Mr. Tony Johnson Tite End for the Saints from 96-99, Tony also did some footballin with Detroit and Minnesota, His College Days were spent over at Alabama and he is now the marketing guy for Ms. Valley State and Golf Coach. We had many other guests along for a great hunt.

The morning started off with Dogs Barkin and Grown Men who needed some shootn practice with them Benelli Guns. About an hour later the Dogs finally took charge and caught Brrrr Rabbit. Our Trek continued and let me tell ya. Big Tony ain't afraid of no RattleHeadedCopperMocosuns cauz he gets all up in them Briar patches and into the water and bustin thru the swamp areas helpin the Dogs run the Wabbit out and about. Thru out the morning Several Rabbits came from the thickets and a few weren't camera shy running rite towards ole Jimbob down the ole gravel road. The shots rang out and close up in front of me on film one of the marksmans Benelli made contact. The ole Dirt Roll effect wuz rite out in front of me and I had to feel for bullet holes in myself cauz that wuz a close call. Great Footage Though!!! 4 U 2 C !!! We had the whole gammit these Redneck Boys hand grabbed a Possum that the Dogs had bayed and safely put him in a tree to climb to safety and we even had a few coons during the hunt that we played Ole Jerry Clower and tried to Git big Tony to climb the Tree, His Response was Guuuud Lorrrrddddd Somebody Shoot up among ust somebody got to have some relief. Just Ribbin Hillarious Footage Though.

We had a few more bunnies that made the film a total of five for the hunt and great for fryin in the Ole Cajun Fryer. A Blast of a Hunt and several Bunnies on Film. Billy Ray Fann gave us some great info along with Guy Ray and many of the other Volunteers up in that neck of the woods about What all Ducks Unlimited is doing in the State of Ms. and we learned a few weeks ago that Ducks Unlimited had donated 15 million to Save Americas Wetland for coastal Restoration and Lord knows we need this in South La. Rite Now!!

We were invited way back by Guy Ray to attend this event learn more about what All is goin on with Ducks Unlimited and Our Fine Sponsors the Ms. Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries. While we were at the DU Banquet in Leflore county which we were informed is the largest banquet many of our buds took part and witnessed Ms. Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries present a Check for 200,000 which 100,000 of that check comes from the Duck Stamp account and is going to Restoration efforts at the Malmaison WMA project in Leflore County.It is proposed to cost 750,000 and DU will provide an additional 1.4 million in matching funds to secure this NAWCA grant.

Our Hats off to Our fine Sponsors the Ms. Dept. of Wildlife and Parks and the gang and Hey Al Tuck U looked Guud Holdin on to that end of that big ole Check. Sounds Great that Dollars R going towards a public Ms. Wildlife Restoration Project up in Leflore County.

U know the neatest thing I learned about this is they R spending money on a Public State of Ms. WMA, the other part of the money if going to Canada for the areas that info from Duck Bands is the breeding and habitat areas that ducks start from that end up down in our neck of the woods!

We as Redneck Adventures try and learn what Orginazations are doing with funds for the future of our young hunters and bring it 2 U for Food 4 Thought!!!

Have a Redneck Day!!


p.s. Be Sure and Catch Redneck Adventures now on ABC 31 just after inside LSU Football on Sunday Nites at 11 pm and sunday mornings in the Alexandria Areas on UPN 31 Cable 7 at 10 am.

We R adding new times and places constantly tryin to git into your homes so U can C the Fun Stuff that Redneck Adventures is on the Road Doin.
U never Know what we will B doin Next so: Stay Tuned.

Have a Redneck Day!!!


November 23, 2005 at 12:20pm

Redneck Adventures Cowboys AN Injuns

U Remember Growin Up we all Played Cowboys An Injuns

Well Here is some Guuud Stuff that we did back several days ago!

Gary Morris Country Music Singer and Avid Hunter and Outdoorsman joined many of the Redneck Adventures Sponsors for a Good Ole Southern Quail Hunt back 2 Thursdays Ago.

We said hey lets add a little extra to this show as we always tend 2 Do 4 U the Audience so here goes.

The Gang met up over in Goss Ms. just outside Columbia Ms. at Saucier Quail farm for some Quail Huntn X citement.

The Group Consisted of Lakeside Fords William Pugh,and Randy Johnson,We had Jimmy and Larry of Universal Outdoors,The NAPA Boys Bubba and Joe and Mr. R&V Cajun Fryer Cooker himself Robert Myers and Mr. Homer Hewitt of Hewitts Archery Oh and lets not 4 git Jimbob and Stork and Hey Cheyenne the Wonder Dog. Well as the Gang all signed in to get ready for the Blessin Of the Hunt Day that took place over in conjunction with Saucier Quail Farm and Goss Baptist Church (GREAT RIBS and TATER SALAD) Thanx, As the Gang all signed in Gary Morris picked up the ole Six String and Gave a Fantastic Singin of the Song of the Year that he wrote and many others have recorded The Wind Beneath My Wings.

So On 2 Cowboys N Injuns Cauz Here is Where it Gits Guuuud.

Many of the Cowboys Had them Benelli's and Gary Morris with Long Bow and Homer Hewitt with Compound Bow.

Now Here is what U ain't gonna B-Leave, The First Quail of the Day came by the Skilled Archer Gary Morris with his Long Bow. Ya'll ain't gonna probably B-Leave this but hey we got it on film and its coming soon to the airwaves.

This Shook Dem Cowboys Up a Bit and I guess Skeered um a Bit Bout Shootn Dem Benelli's. Soon the Fear Went away and the Competetion continued Injuns 1 Coboys Nutin.

Many Flushes More with Arrows Flung the Cowboys started warmin up them Benelli's

By the end of the Day the Archers came close so many more times with 2 arrows flyn close with them Cowboys knockin down some fine Quails.

At the end of the day the Cowboys had knocked down many Quails, Food was served at Lunch Time for the Blessin of the Hunt over at the Goss Baptist Church and onto the Road we Headed with Gary Morris in the F150 Lakeside Ford Redneck Truck.

Lots of Quail Lots Of Fun and a Quail Shot with a Long Bow on Film by a Country Music Star priceless.

We Wisked Gary off to GlassCock Island for some Deer Huntn with the Long Bow and 2 hot hunts one that afternoon and the next morning had us seein some BlackBirds and a Few Fox Squirrels maybe next time Gary, The Great Host of LHC (Louisiana Healthcare Corp.) thier lodge and the food and fellowship was awesome.
Oh Stork Had Gary Strum on the Six String for this gang a fantastic song also.

Now something I want ya'll 2 know about Gary Morris has the Conservation Buck Challenge and Conservation Buck Society that is a great concept and fantastic Thing that All Hunters need to know about.

The Conservation Buck Challenge has different divisions and different weapons even a Photo Divisio so Jimbob can even be in the ole contest.
U C this is Ms. and Tn. states this huntn season Largest Buck with a Bow,Muzzle Loader,Rifle,Photo Division and a 16 and under Doe Division.

Now the Whole Background and idea that Gary is tryin to get into effect is 2 get our Kids and other Kids into the Outdoors Huntn and becoming aware of the Great Outdoors.

U C and Many may not know this 1 n 10 hunters being a license Holder is under the Age of 40. Whatz that tell ya America. Our Huntn Population as well as our Fishn Population of Young Uns is on the Decrease. Now I tell a lot of Rednecks and Coonies this and they say naw Jimbob. Hey this is the Cold Hard Truth Folks. So Hey When we as Redneck Adventures try and help promote CCA,Conservaton Bucks Challenge,Save Americas Wetland,NRA,Ducks Unlimited,NWA,and Gosh Knows there R many more and please 4 give me for leavin U off the list We R doing this to help bring awareness and folks from all walks of life and all backgrounds to find out more about the Great Outdoors.

If this Gives U a New Outlook on Take a KID HUNTN and FISHN U Know Y
Becauz All Organizations Ought 2 Have One Guuud Background Thought 2 the Whole Thing.

If We all Get Older and America gets Suburbanized Huntn and Fishn and Kids N the Outdoors Becomes Smaller and Smaller as a Segment of the Population.

I want to B Old and Grey (Already Grey) and be able to Look Off that Leeville Bridge and know my Grandson is fixin to take his ole Grand Dad Fishn for Specs in the Marsh Behind Grand Isle. Or I want to Sit up in an Ole Box Stand and Know that my Grand Son can Shoot Him a Big Ole Buck.

Things that make Ya Go Hmmmmmmm!

We As Redneck Adventures try to find the Good Side of All Groups and Inform America and Young Uns out there that there is more to life than the Street and Nintendo!

Ya'll Check out and U can find out more about his great challenge that is going on where U can win great prizes and be a part of this.

Have a Redneck Day


check out our site at and hey sign our guestbook and join the forum and feel free to post info about whats goin on in your neck of the woods!!!

November 20, 2005 at 12:42pm

The Rednecks Have been on the Road quite a bit lately,

Many of U had asked about the Quail Show we filmed at the Willows in Tunica Ms. a few weeks ago. Well she hit the airwaves and what a show, My son Justin got his first quail on this show with a 28 guage Benelli at 72 yards, yep many said no way but its on the TV for all to C. Also Mr. Melvin Tingle of Ms. Outdoors was with us on this outing and hey a flushed quail flew rite by the camera and from mid air this 71 year young man caught him from mid air. Without missin a beat he told the audience that he was raised up in Neshoba County Ms. where they were very poor they hunted Rabbits with Sticks and they just hand grabbed quail. He also told us he was a catcher many moons ago in High School.
Great Fun Show and the Hosts at the Grand in Tunica and at the Willows were great.
This episode is very special to me because my son had a 20 guage back a few years ago. He at age 6 was being pushed by me as a Dad outdoorsman to come on and enjoy it. Well the bottom line was this Folks out there and I will pass it on to U also. Justin at the Sporting Clays and Fun Shoot that was held that weekend in Tunica Ms. saw many grown men and our wives and daughters shootn flyn clays. We started on stand 10 of a 20 stand compete course. At stand 12 he decided it was time for him to shoot. With all the safety that was taught to him he proceeded. On stand 13 he hit 1 for 2 on stand 15 he hit 2 for 2 and all this with a 12 guage Benelli. We didn't tell him it was a 12 guage U C he was caught up in the fun N the great outdoors and the moment of huntn fun and things that can be done in the great outdoors.

I said all that to say this Dad's and Mom's when the time is right if you have your kids in the outdoors he or she will take it up in their own way. If U as a parent make it a game or fun something that maybe compares to Nintendo or Playstation they will jump on it and you will have like I now have a huntn buddy thats ready for the woods.
Ya'll know it wasn't hard back in the day for us Rednecks cauz all we had was Pong on a Black and White Sears TV that was snowy even playin Pong! lol

Git U'R Kids Take Um Fishn,Huntn or just enjoyn the great outdoors hey if it keeps um off the streets and learns um a little respect for the outdoors and things around them then good for U!!!

We R glad to let ya'll know that we will now be Airing all over Central La. on ABC 31 on Sunday Nites right after Inside LSU Football at 11 pm. Also for the Alexandria Area we will be airing on UPN Cable 7 on Sunday Mornings at 10 am.

Folks If U have a Product,Service or Offering we are working hard to bring Redneck Adventures to as many markets as possible and getting there slowly but surely. We also just added north Ms. on Systems around Oxford and all up in your neck of the woods. So Ms. and La. are covered pretty well and we are airing in 47 states now 4 times a week on The Sportsman Channel "All Hunting,All Fishing,All the Time"
If you R interested in finding out more about being on TV and spreading the word about your product on a Fun N the Great Outdoors TV show we would luv to talk with Ya!

Check out Redneck Adventures Web Site to see about 50 past episodes on the site, post info in the forum, and feel free to let us know whats going on in your neck of the woods.

Have a Redneck Day


November 03, 2005 at 10:28am

When did U'R son become a Man?

Mine did this past weekend!

Justin my favorite little now huntn buddy 9 years young up until this past friday didn't care for the kicking of guns and the noise they spit out!

This all changed somehow at the Willows Sporting Clays on the Grounds of the Grand Casino in Tunica Ms. U C the DU gang invited us back many moons ago before the big 2 nasty storms at their LA. DU State Convention to come join them for their 7th annual Fun Shoot at Tunica at the Willows Sporting Clays and Hunting Facility. I can't tell ya'll how fine this whole place is but let me set the scene.

About 300 top notch world class shooters descend on Tunica Ms. for a Fun Shoot Competetion. The powers that be Mr. Gary Burris GM and Big Wig with Grand Casino along with many of our Redneck Sponsors arrived this past Thursday and settled into our Veranda Guest Rooms at this fine place.

Friday my 9 year old along with many of our sponsors started shooting for fun on stand 10. Our Bud with Ms. Outdoors and MDWF Brad had camera and his 12 guage Benelli in toe.

Justin backed out while all the gang shot winchester shells at flyn sportin clays. About stand 13 my son finally said ok dad I'm ready. By himself he started him transformation. No in years past I have tried to push a bit (Dad's U know how far and how hard and how far to go and not go) as he didn't like the kick of his 20 gauge I bought him Xmas's ago I backed away.
He shot flyn quails not knowing I think that he was shootn a 12 guage Benelli all the while the Universal Outdoors gang, The Mut Truck Gang, and our Cajun Fryers Gang just rode along unloaded out of the Mut Trucks and shot guns.

At about stand 15 he hit 1 for 2 and on stand 18 he hit a double. Eyes lit up like a kids at X-Mas the High 5's flew. Now U can imagine by now this kid is ruint and I'm smilling from ear to ear.

Now to the Paul Harvey part cauz ya'll know I normally got 1:

Saturday morning Shannon the Guide at the Willows Huntn Facility said the Dogs and the Quails R Ready, about 7 am the Whole Gang met up, Off in the Mut Trucks we rode, We all jumped from the Mutts to a cold crisp morning out Quail Huntn with about 14 friends, family, sponsors, and Big Wigs from the CEO Mr. John Tomke President fo Ducks Unlimited to the Big Wigs with Grand Casino and Harrah's Entertainment, The Dogs started working great the first several shots missed as Quails flew safely into brush away from the gang.

Now here comes stuff U ain't gonna believe:

Mr. Melvin Tingle of Ms. Outdoors TV show blessed us also with his presence on this filmin.

Picture this: The 3 Big Dogs are waiting 4 a flush, The Quail flushes and fly's directly at the camera I get it on film and as it flies by my right shoulder I spin to catch it flyn into the gang behind the shooters. Mr. Melvin Tingle reaches out like a fantastic Redneck Shortstop and in mid air pulls this Quail into his right hand the camera zooms to him and the quail and not missing a beat he tells the television audience Ya Know I'z raised in Neshoba County we didn't have no money so we got our rabbits with sticks and hey mama said we ain't got no shells so we just hand grabbed Quails. Guuuud Stuffffff

Scene 2 a few Quails later and my buddy is up to bat. We been joking an ribbin the great shooters with X pensive Benelli and how they R missin not the gun!

With Shannon the Great Guide at the Willows my son Justin and a 28 guage Benelli eases up as the Bird Dogs get Birdy, The Flush happens the first shot is fired by my little buddy as the bird flies to his right and away a clean miss, as the quail flies safely off into the distance many are hollerin shoot shoot, he fires and immediatel and I ain't talkin about no flutter fly down away and land I'm talkn straight from the sky dead as a hammer this quail falls.

Now here is what U ain't gonna believe with a 28 guage Benelli Shannon makes the trek from where we all R standin, Since we R on the Grounds of a Try U Hand at Luck place I start asking for takers on distance. Mr. Melvin Tingle says rite off the bat gotta be 70 plus yards, others say 60 some say 80 and justin says awe about a hunderd!

Film Rollin as Shannon picks up the bird and walks back by Redneck Measure counting steps for yards 72 yards is the answer and My little Buddy on Film Became a Man to Grown Men Hi-Five'n Him and a congrats from the Main Man of DU and others askin him about it!

If U as a Dad have never experienced this or something like this with your son or daughter and oh by the way my Daughter and her Bud got Limo'ed from the Airport and shot great on Sunday can't forget about that it was special also.

All I can tell ya is this, Since I have gotten behind the camera and let me tell ya'll I don't brag about killing all them deer, ya'll that know me know that the last one I got with a gun is on my Wall and it came in Dec of 91.

Let me tell ya'll this getting moments on film that will last a lifetime with you,your family,your friends, that you can share over and over is like that Master Card Commercial


I would like to welcome back the RNR Guys,Thanks to all our sponsors and all the folks that have made the years of hard work and persistance about a dream coming true and goals to set and things to do coming true for one Redneck Southern Half Redneck Half Cooney that yeah has suffered thru the storms by losing Camps, and Have many of my family living up in Ms. now.

Folks I don't mean to rite ya'll books so many of the times but hey I don't want to leave out any of the Redneck Adventure.

This will absolutely be one of my most cherished Redneck Adventures TV show that I have ever been a part of!

If I can tell Ya'll one thing Dad's,Mom's,Grand Pa's,Purple Headed Ma Maws, take a kid Fishn or Huntn and spend some time like our Grand Pa's and Grand Ma's did way back when and hey maybe it can make the sun come out a bit brighter in these tryin times for you.

It is my hope and prayer that all the fine fisherperson,and hunterfolks, that have suffered about these storms and the things that have been said about Bad Waters and this and that, That if Redneck Adventures can shed some good lite and make this whole deal become something like a scene from Field of Dreams: U know what I mean, If we Rebuild it they will come!

Have a Redneck Day!

I type this with a warm heart and pray that all can get back to normal and we all grow and prosper from this.


Oh last and not least if U ain't gettin Redneck Adventures at Yo House! Let U'R cable or Dish Provider No U Want Yo Redneck Adventures TV show!

We will Hook U Up!!

The Sportsman Channel is wanting to get into as many homes as possible and with your help on cable and dish maybe we can help all grow!

log on and let us know how you feel and let us know whats going on in your neck of the woods.

October 12, 2005 at 3:31pm
A comment titled: A family tradition in response to a report titled: My little Buddy Scores

U know that Hank Williams Family Tradition has a ton of truths for us. Many folks out there don't know the warmth and feeling it is like when I wuz a youngster and got my grand pa's sweet 16 shotgun. It was sweet but did it kick like a mule!! It's a shame that some folks around the world will never know a maybe southern tradition or good American Tradition of Hunting of passing down of our Guns and Heritage.

Have a Redneck New Year


December 28, 2007 at 5:53pm
A comment titled: Off and On with the weather in response to a report titled: The Fish R Bite'n

Warm one day cold the next my paw n law has found the fish bite'n better on those warm days for the Bluegills. These fish R some of the biggest I have caught in years.


December 28, 2007 at 1:37pm
A comment titled: What a Brute Sir!!! in response to a report titled: New State Record Warsaw Grouper - 359.1 pounds

What an awesome fish congratz!!! Looks like it would have been a great Redneck Adventure for TV. Maybe we can git 2 gether for film'n the next Big Brute U catch. Oh and we can wear them blindfolds if needed. If U get a chance post the pic over at our site and give us a short story at

Congratz again and Have a Redneck Day

JimBob Redneck Adventures TV show

November 15, 2007 at 11:06am
A comment titled: Guud Stuff Sir in response to a report titled: My best

Great Bird and I N'Joyed the Read of U'R Report.
I know me and my little Bud Had some Smart Toms put the ole slip on my 11 year old up Ten A C way at the St. Judes Huntn 4 a Cure.

Keep um Comin and hey if U want to add some more to the mix holler at me about U film'n them Toms.

Have a Redneck Day

Jimbob Redneck Adventures TV show

March 27, 2007 at 9:44am
A comment titled: Great Place and a Bit Different!! in response to a report titled: Captain Dude!!! California Fishing Report!!!

Capt. Dude, Looks like ya'll were aboard the Dana Pride. We filmed a show there last summer thinkin I would have about 20 marines and my son n law a then just got out Marine on the boat. The Croaker sacks hanging around that anchovie tank with all having numbers is about a Redneck Ordeal!! We were like you had about 70 or so folks from all over fishn and catchin Sand Bass and Cudas and a mix of others for a different kinda fishn adventure.

Enjoyed the Report brought back good memories with my son son n law and a great summer outing with our TV show in the Cal A For Nia area!

C Ya Hope to fish with ya and film 1 day!!


June 06, 2006 at 11:05am
A comment titled: I R Jim Bob in response to a report titled: Lies will be knee-deep

Todd, It wuz great meet'n U and Mr. Gordon Hutchinson at the La. Sportsman Show the other weekend at the Lamar Dixon Expo What a Great Show!!!

Wish'n Redneck Adventures could be at that Fish Tellin Contest supportin the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation cauz we got a few stories 2 tell!!!

Since we can't be thar I thought I would give ya'll a good un that happened back a few fishn seasons ago.

Lets just say N the Boat wuz Ole Stork and Jimbob lets set the stage we weren't real familiar with Lake Ponch O Train as we'll call ur. But ole Stork and Jimbob figured if we kept them landin planes at our backs we couldn't git lost.

Well Stork wuz throw'n a Dead Lee Dudley and a top dog our very own Cheyenne who jumps out the boat often on TV, All of a Sudd'n The Water Erupted with a huge splash. Stork went to fight'n Cheyenne Jumped out the A lum A Num Boat and the Chase wuz on the Monstor pulled our Leakin Alum A Num towards the Bank, Up on the Bank this thing Run I had the Ole Camera Re Cord'n for As Seen On Redneck Adventures TV show and up on the bank they all headed. Cheyenne Bark'n Stork Holler'n and the line a Break'n.
Film Rollin Out the Boat they all went. I got it all on film Cheyenne, Stork and this monstor headed down the bank of Lake Ponch O Train, Member this wuz years ago and the Ferris Wheel wuz N the Background and all of New Orleans in the Background look'n on in AWE!! Down the bank they all ran this thing with a LSU colored Dead Lee Dudley N its mouth with Stork and Cheyenne in chase. To the base of the tree they got and the fight wuz on again. They tussled around on the ground and when all the smoke clear'd up the tree they all went, As they reached the top and I got it in good Focus that Thang Flew Off and we Ain't never Seen It Again.

U know Rednecks Always Talk about that Thang that got Away!!

Good Luck on the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation Git 2 Gether wish we could B there!!

We will be filmn soon in Lake Ponchartrain with Dudley hopefully, we bin tryin to git our schedules 2 gether 4 years but this is the one! Hopefully N a few weeks.

If Redneck Adventures Can Help any in this Fantastic Cause Don't Hesitate to give me a Holler!!!

Have a Redneck Day!!!


March 23, 2006 at 4:24pm
A comment titled: Honda Rancher 350 4x4 in response to a report titled: 4 Wheeler


I also hunt where 2 wheel drive would probably be the ticket but just this weekend with a good down pour at our place here in Natchez which has good roads throughout. Well Mother Nature sometimes dumps on you. Several Hills that Rancher did the 4x4 ticket. 90% of the time 2 wheel drive will do ya but hey let me tell you from experience the 4x4 will save you a walk out one day and if its cold wet nasty and a few miles to the camp for help well 4x4 is the ticket.

Great River Honda in Natchez is one of our sponsors for our TV show and I've had um all. The Rancher 350 4x4 is the ticket. You will save good money and you will be happy with the service that Buster and his gang give you after the sale.

Tell Um Redneck Adventures TV show sent ya!!


JB please feel free to post info at and let us know what you think!!

February 19, 2006 at 9:50pm
A comment titled: Our Thoughts and Prayers R with U Sir! in response to a report titled: Loss of a great fishing partner....

Capt. Chris I know your Pain Sir losing my mother many moons ago, Although I didn't know her it sounds as though ya'll had many great fishin trips together and she was a wonderful angler and mother.

As we spoke today about fishin I must apologize for not knowing. If there is any thing that we can do to ease your suffering please don't hesitate to call me.

Our Deepest Thoughts and Prayers Sir


January 11, 2006 at 7:11pm
A comment titled: Rednecks Have Had a Blast with Capt. John L. and RippinLip along in response to a report titled: PLEASURE TRIP

We as a TV show have filmed many shows with Capt. John L. Taylor, he has been a gracious host and also a fine Chef I mite add to our gang. I have learned much knowledge from Capt. John, Rippin Lip, Marsh Masters, Marsh Rat, Capt. Danny Duet, Capt. Scott Ledger, and many others. I have heard Capt. Shane Mayfield speak and he sounds like a great guide and great person and I look 4 ward to filmn and fishn with him but have not yet had the pleasure of fishn and filmn with him. We have talked several times but I guess our calendars haven't lined up yet.
It is our hope that all the fine Capts. get thru these times of All that has happened and come out smellin like a rose and may their boats be filled,their bookings be filled, and their clients get the just wanted the fishn or fun they R lookin 4.

It is our goal to hopefully help bring folks from all over and all walks of life to enjoy the smiles that I have seen on Kids faces like the ones I have seen on a first time Kentucky Boy fishn with Capt. John L. reelin in his first Big Ole Redfish.

To all the fine capts. and all the folks out there happy fishin!

Have a Redneck Day!!


November 09, 2005 at 2:20pm
A comment titled: Check Out Van's Deer Processing in response to a report titled: New Topic Deer sausage

Van's Deer Processing in the Jackson Ms. area is fantastic, Van started out in the Back of the family store where U can still get a fine steak cut to order.

He started processing deer way back there in about 1985 or so and he does a great job on everything from summer sausage to smoked to U name it its done there and fantasticly!

They are great to work witha and have great prices U can give um a holler at 601 825 9087 tell um Redneck Adventures sent ya!

Oh Mr. Pete makes some fine stuff 2 yeah!

Check out many of the other fine Huntn Deals Van's Has also in his fine store up in the Brandon Ms. area around Jackson He has everything from a shootn Range to tune your Bow to one of the finest gun collections I have ever seen!

Git U'R Huntn and Fishn Stuff at Van's!

Have a Redneck Day!!

Jimbob check us out at

please feel free to join our forum and post your huntn,fishn,or other related stories about the great outdoors!

P.S. If U ain't getting the Redneck Adventures TV show on your TV set well then contact your cable or dish provider and do a little fussin!

U want the Sportsman Channel cauz its All Huntn,All Fishn,All the Time

Guuuuuddddddd Stufffff Rittteeee Tharrrrrrr Sirrr!!!

October 17, 2005 at 12:23pm
A comment titled: We R Here to Help in response to a report titled: To All Charter Captains

Redneck Adventures hopefully can lend a hand to all Charter Captains that are out there and also help spread the word about fishing the Great Waters of La. and Ms.

With all the negative things that are coming out of this tragedy We hope we can help give some positive and help any and all that are affected in the Fishn and Huntn industry that we try and spread the word about here in these great areas of La. and Ms.

Our Goal is 2 let people know what they can do in La. Ms. and the surronding areas affordably.

2 All Feel Free to use our site to help spread the word about your offerings and what is going on in your guide,lodging, or outfitting business. Our site welcomes U to join our forum post information at any time and hey if folks come to Fish with Ya and help U get back to business as usual in your new location or in the location you R in now hey we R here to help!

Check out and use it to hopefully help your situation in anyway possible.


September 21, 2005 at 9:39pm
A comment titled: How Bout a Guided Hunt All Year long with all the Extras in response to a report titled: Guided deer hunt


We Have a Few Openings in our Club in Adams County Ms. We R and have been on a big buck management program for many years. U can get a full tour from our gang of the areas that R hot for Bow Huntn, U can take U'R pick from many Box Stands over Plots, or Nice Double Lean Ups on the property.

We have large Oaks and some great funtastic times at this camp. Due to Katrina a few of our members are not able to enjoy this club this year. Our prayers R with them and they are focused on other things at this time.

We have a camp ground with all hookups for camping and a shed for cookin, grillin, and hangin out after the hunt on the weekends R during the week.

Hey Spend 1500.00 for the year and get the whole package. Any of our gang will be happy to get you aquainted with the Club and the Great Bunch we have!

Give me a Holler on the cell 2 find out more.

601 597 6658


September 21, 2005 at 9:19pm
A comment titled: Weird Lookin Damage in response to a report titled: leeville

Made the Trek down Hwy 1 from Baton Rouge last Friday to check on my camp at Watts Trailer Park! Second on the folks working down that way! These power, EPA, Entergy, and that whole group gets a definite thumbs up! Camps got some damage down Leeville way and Watts Trailer Park got mixed damage. My Camp got a new sunroof/moonroof depending on Sun Up or Sun Down!

Many Areas hit pretty hard, Checked on Uncle Bobby and the Gang with Marsh Masters Guide Service they have been down there since just after the storm operating on generators and getting the areas ready to get back to normal!

Hey He even said that Capt. Darel and Capt. Dan after they had been doing some rescue and recovery over in New Orleans was just about to get back to Bow Fishn now!

The Work that is going on down that way is amazing and Hey Thumbs up to all those that R workin around the clock to get that area back up and goin these folks R everywhere workin long days and nites!

U know as people have said, The damage may be minor on one camp and the one next to it be demolished and the one next to that that is up in the air not a broken window or a thing out of place!

I just hope for all of our sakes we don't see one like this again for quite some time!

She dealt us a blow but hey Hopefully we can all rebound stronger,better, and all can come out of this tragedy
somehow better than before.

Feel Free to post reports or give any needed information over at our site

Have a Redneck Day!


September 14, 2005 at 3:27pm
A comment titled: Redneck Adventures Hopefully Can Lend a Hand in response to a report titled: TO ALL Sportsman !!!!

A Word to all Capts.,Outfitters,Lodges,Marinas,and any other Outdoor Biz out there:

Our Goal as Redneck Adventures is to try and show folks what can be done affordably in their own Backyards of La. and Ms. We Know that many of the Guides and Biznesses that we film with have been hit on the chin pretty tuff!

If our website can help folks find out information about your services or offerings or if your guide service is relocating and now offering services from a different location please use as an avenue to help spread the word!

The Rumors that have been flying around about Grand Isle and Water Quality of the Ocean Around these areas R just that Rumors.

Again, please feel free to use our forum to post reports and info. because maybe somewhere from our show airing nationwide on the Sportsman Channel 5 times a week folks from different parts of the country might just find you and hey if they give you a ring and put a jingle in your pocket in these tryin times well hey maybe our motto for both ends of the spectrum will hold True!

Redneck Adventures We'll Hook U Up!!!!

Those interested in Lodging Around Leeville please shoot me an email!

I have seen Leeville and that area with my own eyes and hey it ain't pretty but let me tell ya! Thumbs up to Energy and all of these type workers and all that R Helpin out with this Situation.

As I Drove Back up the Interstate from Boutte towards Baton Rouge last Friday all the Power Trucks, Personel, and others South Bound Gave a New Meaning to me that Help is On the Way!

Guys U R Rite all the positive we can give the guides and all other displaced biz and their folks rite now is a good thing!!!

U know with all the finger pointn, we R gonna do some good finger pointn letting folks from all over the globe know that Fishn and Huntn (some of our Ms. Huntn Folks have been knocked for a loop) in the Ms. areas and our brothers from neighboring states of La. and Ala. have a Rich Wealth of offerings of Outdoor Activities to offer!

Maybe a Little Duck Tape and some Guuuud Positive Reinforcement can help those in need!

Have a Redneck Day!


Our thoughts and prayers R with ya'll!!!

September 14, 2005 at 11:41am
A comment titled: Sounds Like a Redneck Adventure in response to a report titled: METRO BOATING CENTER--the good guys

Capt. John L,

Sounds a Bit like U may have had a little Redneck Adventure there without Stork and Jimbob. Naw U said U were able to idle back in. If Stork and me would've been in the boat ya'll would've had to chunk me out to Swim Ya'll back in Cause when we busted the ole skeg and bent the prop well Our Rabbits Foot would've had the Redneck Adventure like this.

Run Over Sunken Boat, Knock Hole in that Beauty of a Triton, Knock Skeg, Prop and anything that would even stir water up on the bottom of the motor. The impact would've automatically probably thrown me out in the water which is where I would need to be cause the impact would've also knocked that fine trollin motor off! Dippin Water Out By Stork cauz U know electronics and bilge pump would've also been shot.

Well I guess a Redneck Could've Swam U back in!! lol

Sounds like them some great guys over at Metro Boating Center!!

I normally say Have a Redneck Day But it sounds like U


Glad 2 Hear U Back in Biz So Fast and will B Ridin Around Dry in that Fine Triton a Fishn!

That Kinda Service and Support from folks like Metro Boating may warrant sending some Rednecks to see um!

August 11, 2005 at 9:41pm
A comment titled: Redneck Adventures TV Show Mite Can Help!! in response to a report titled: Too Many hogs

May Have a Group or 2 that we have filmed TV shows with Catchin and Relocating Hogs where there is a troubled area!

Many of our Redneck Buddies have relocation areas in La. and mite can help U out!

Feel Free to give me a Holler on the Cell Phone and lets talk!

Jimbob Redneck Adventures TV show

601 597 6658

June 14, 2005 at 5:24pm
A comment titled: Levi U R the Man!!! in response to a report titled: levi update

Jimbob had the pleasure of witnessing and filming Levi shoot some perfect skeet shooting a few weekends ago!!

Let me tell ya'll something. This young man shot better than any person I have witnessed before!

As the cameras rolled Levi shot 18 skeets in a row. Many of those orange clays weren't just touched a bit. This young Marksman shot that gun and blasted those guys into bits or orange flyin debris!!!

After 18 shots Levi took a break to rest his shoulder and went over to the area to show off his shootn skills at the Bow Shootn area. He can shoot lites out! He was hitting baloons left and right and many of the adults standing around said lets make it a challenge to Levi. Hey buddy shoot the Racoon on the Right Ear! Well he is awesome!!

After a short break from the shotgun Levi came back to shoot what we would call a perfect marksman of 20 out of 20!!

You may think U can shoot a gun or Bow but let me tell ya'll this young Man Levi has a gift with his skills!!

Congrats Young Man and our prayers R with U!!!

I had no idea several weeks ago about the prayers being asked for by Levi's Dad that I would get to witness your skills in person Levi!!

U R the man! Special Thanks goes out to Mr. John Enquist for having this fishing day galore and giving me the opportunity to come in contact with folks like Levi!!

Buddy, Stork and Jimbob will be praying 4 Your Counts to Be up so You can have a Day of Eating your Veggies and Fruits!!

Please Mr. Stan Thomas if U will please feel free to post info on our site and keep us posted at

Again keep us posted!!!

Have a Redneck Day!!!


May 17, 2005 at 2:40pm
A comment titled: Honda 4 Wheeler is the Way! in response to a report titled: ATV SELECTION

Sir Let me tell U what. Redneck Adventures Rides Honda 4 wheelers on the show. Stork and Jimbob have had um all. As a kid E ons a go I had the Honda 90 3 wheelers. Just got the deal of the day from Great River Honda, Buster in Natchez Ms. has got the best deal going on Honda 4 Wheeler. U will find that Honda Rancher is a constant 4 wheel drive awesome unit. Buster has a Deal going on for April that beats um all. A honda Rancher 350 for 3995.00. U owe it to yourself to give um a holler. U will find that in 4 wheelers by Honda R awesome. Don't get me wrong U can get a great deal on Yamahas at House Of Cycles in Natchez Ms. also. If U R lookin 4 a 4 wheeler price features,crankin, performance the Honda and Buster is the way to go in Natchez Ms. We use the Mule 610 new by Kawasaki is the deal on moving up from 4 wheeler to Mule.

Git U R selve down to Natchez Ms. for U R deals these guys r awesome as sponsors for our TV show and we have had um all! Now again we have all types of 4 wheelers on our show but Honda has our 4 wheelers and Kawasaki has our Mules.

Check Out and our sponsors and I invite you to shop prices anywhere. Hey and If U R lookin 4 some more deals on Huntn Fishn and Outdoor Products We can Hook U up! As a matter of Fact I'm sittin in Mexico fresh from catchin 63 Bass this afternoon and over 50 this morning and well over a Hundred yesterday. This is Lago Vista Lodge in Mexico. Check um out at and they will hook u up. On the TV show this afternoon we caught an 8 lber, 2 6lbers, a few 4 and some of the other group one of the gang caught an 11.5 yesterday. U want to catch some bass it is awefull cheap for an all inclusive Bass outing.

Oh well Mexico is great and Honda is the 4 Wheeler and Kawasaki makes the Mule!!!

check out and we will hook u up!!!

Have a Redneck Day!!!!

April 21, 2005 at 9:30pm
A comment titled: What N the Bucket? in response to a report titled: FISHIN

Ya'll ain't got Dyno Mite N that Bucket Or R a secret!!

Just Posted my Book about our Trip over to Northfork Huntn Lodge.

We caught some beasts that we call um What cha Ma callits. Can't wait to show um to ya Capt. John L. These things hit them special Bass Baits that our Buddy gave us down at the Bungle. Don't know if they R some Pre Historic Fish R what?

Jimbob Redneck Adventures.

April 15, 2005 at 1:18pm
A comment titled: Tips 4 U! in response to a report titled: grand isle first time

We R Redneck Adventures TV show. If U R lookin 4 some great offshore Action my Good Bud Capt. Darel with Reel Screamers Guide Service is Great! The Midnight Lump is Hot and I have talked on and off with him back and forth but have been busy with huntn and outdoor shows. He is very Knowledgeable and Great out on the Water.

If U will be down there for a week U owe it to U R selve to Bow Fish at night. The folks at Marsh Masters which will be only a few short miles back up the road from Grand Isle just before U cross the bridge in Leeville headin south has the hook Up! Even If U have never bow hunted let me tell ya what! Bow Fishn at night on a airboat in the marsh is better than well almost everything!! U will X perience the Marsh at night and boy does it lite up. Redfish swimmin in shallow ponds all around and U with a bow in U'R hand. It will take U many shots to get U'R limit but hey that is half the fun! Reds,Black Drums,SheepHead and Monstor Alligator Gar. It don't git no better than this. U need to give Marsh Masters Capt. Darel a call and tell um Redneck Adventures sent Ya! His Cell is 985-637-7392. Tell him U comin in outta the snow and U want a Redneck Deal! I promise U it will be a nite to remember!!!

Just some ideas 4 U while U R down in Gods Country!!

Please feel Free to log onto our site and sign our guestbook and go into the forum. We appreciate all reports and info in the chat room/forum. Tell us what is goin on in your neck of the woods!!

U can view bow fishn also on our site at by clickin on TV shows and we have about 30 past episodes on streamin video! Watch it and see what its all about!!

Hope this helps!!

Have a Redneck Day!!


March 01, 2005 at 9:13am
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