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Wondering is anyone knows how far out blue water is right now from Fourchon. And yes, I know it moves a bunch daily. My crew had a great last day of fed snapper season and now we are wanting to find some mahi.

June 23, 2016 at 9:53am

Found stand on hwy 15 near richard k yancey WMA. If you lost one you can email me at and describe your stand and we can find a way to get it back to you.

January 08, 2014 at 7:18am

Well all this water helped me a bit wendsday morning. Finally caught a break and got the big one. Even though everything was flooded I opted to hunt the edge of what should have be the regular swamp. At 6:55am I had this 10pt chase a doe past me. I shot and he just dissapeared beneath the water. Easiest drag I ever had with a 182lb deer. Now I have to wait for the season to open up again due to the high water. I can only imagian the # of deer that were slaughtered by outlaws on the banks of those canals. While hunting I heard 15 shot from before daybreak all the way until I was out the woods for 9:00. Just horrible.

December 18, 2009 at 9:20pm

Well for this coming Wed-Sun make sure you have a gallon of repelant and your Thermacell, your gonna need it! I found a good bit of acorn and bitter pecans where-ever I scouted south end all the way to the very north end of the place.

For the weekend squirrel opener I advise to all the squirrel hunter that if it doesn't rain there between now an sat don't go, But I'm sure ya'll will, it's fun no matter the cercumstances. I say don't go because it's not wet, crispy & crunchy would be the way to discribe RR WMA. In the low spots the ground is damp but the leaves are hard. SO have fun stalking those tree rats.

TO THE PERSON WITH THE GAME CAMERA AND !!!RICE BRAND!!! in front of it on the very north end of the WMA, I tried getting your camera to take a picture of me making a bad gesture toward the rice brand, because you can't bait, I also advise setting it up on a trail and a much thicker area. Someone might decide they can put it in a better location for themself. I Did not take it but I'm sure some Ahole out there would. I had one stolen two years ago. O and your rice brand is a large pile of mold! and your batteries are dead.

September 28, 2009 at 11:05am

To the few duck hunters that hunt Joyce WMA. I'm not pointing fingers at everyone that hunts there just a few. Sat. morning opening day of teal season three groups of hunters were shooting anything, and I mean anything that flew by, Teal, woodducks, Ibis didn't seem to matter. My question is why? There were a few teal in there, not many but enough to hunt so why would you shoot at whatever flew By? All your doing is scaring everything out of that marsh. It pisses me OFF!. I personaly have the # to a gamewarden that will come if I call, I tried the hot line Sunday to no aveil when some two different groups in the same area from Sat were shooting yet again at everything. I personly watched 8 woodducks drop out of the sky. On my way out I ran into a gamewarden and told him and he said he'll see what he could do. I hope he caught them witht the birds in possesion or saw them shooting them. I'm out there often and will call the GW everytime I see this stupid $#!* happen. Sorry just had to vent.

September 14, 2009 at 11:18am

I've got a question for someone who can answer it. How do you keep you boots from dry-roting. I got a pair of lacrose hipboots that gave out on me last year due to dry-rot, and they were only 2 years old. I had a pair that lasted 7 years. But I want to make sure my new pair last so any know how on this situation would be appreiciated.

September 08, 2009 at 11:05am

I just got a 10ft trawl and I am wondering what size boards to use for it? Should I just use the boards for a regular 16ft trawl? I'm sure that it would work I'm just trying to figure out what is the recomended size for a small trawl.

June 09, 2009 at 2:49pm

This morning was an almost perfect turkey hunt, and as of right now my most memoriable. I wake up late, 6am, I was originaly planning on hunting sandy hollow wma, but with waking up late I decided to go hit the Tangipahoa (school board) wma rigt close to the house. I'm walking in down the trail and I think I hear a gobble, then I think I hear it again. I stop do a few clucks with my call, and sure enough there is a bird willing to talk to me, the first time this season. I basically run to within 80yds of where he is rousted at. I call he talks, I call, he talks, I call, he talks. This goes on for about 15min. Then he flies down directly away from me into a cut over. I get up to try and cut him off, and fall straight on my face. My foot is completly numb. So I hobble to cut him off. I get 10yds to the edge of the cut over settle in and give a few clucks. He gobbles and runs straight for me. I only have 1 hole to shoot through and he stops to the left of it. We play a talking game for a hour straight. This was the most gobbles I have ever heard in my life, I'm talking a solid 100-120 talks back to me. O let me remention ON PUBLIC LAND. Anyway a hen walks up, he shuts up for good. But the hen saves the day, she brings him right passed the hole I have to shoot. AT 15yds. I pull the trigger he drops, I run to get him, he gets up and flies away, while I'm shooting at him, a total heart break:(

April 03, 2009 at 5:25pm

Yesterday (wendsday) my girlfriend and I went try some of my spots in the spillway only 4 fish. 1 sac-a-lait and 3 bass. The sacalait was on blue&white tube and the bass were on red shad lizzard. All caught within the last 15 minutes of daylight were a cut was draining the swamp.

February 26, 2009 at 12:39pm

I went fish the tangipahoa river today and caught for the first time ever some sort of pike, I did a little research and I think it is a chain pickerel, but not sure. But it was neat. As soon as I landed him he cut the string, they have some serious teeth. He went only 14in.

I ended up catching 4 bass all about a pound give or take a few ounces, on white spinnerbait and char. pumpkinseed lizzard. All bites were in 4 ft. of water and very aggressive. Surprised me for a blue bird post-cold front day.

February 22, 2009 at 7:56pm

Well as of right now my season is at 53 hunts and seen 53 deer while in stand. 9 of those were bucks. 24 of these deer were seen on public land.

Red River WMA had 17 hunts and seen 23 deer. I seen 3 different bucks, 2 4pts and an 8pt, and the rest does or unidentified. I had shots at 17 of the 23 and passed on all but 2 of those deer a doe and an 8pt.

1 deer seen on Joyce WMA and I had 3 hunts on it. The deer was a doe and I passed on it at 20 yds.

1 hunt on the Tangipahoa School board prop. WMA in Lorager. No deer seen on that hunt.

2 hunts on private land in Kentwood seen 4 does.

15 hunts on private land in Loranger. Seen 11 does.

15 hunts on my families land in St. Charles Parish and seen 14 deer. Killed 2 does and a freak of a 6pt.

I killed 5 deer this year, my personal best, 3 does and a 6 & 8pt. I still plan on making a few bow trips in area 6 hoping to just see a few more deer. I just love to hunt and be in the woods, deer or no deer. Good Luck to everyone for the little bit of a season we have left, and for the ones that are finished I hope ya'll enjoyed ya'lls season.

February 02, 2009 at 1:57pm

Went make a swamp-stalk on my family's land in St. Charles Parish. Had this freak walk out at 5yds. I'm gonna run out of tags at this rate.

December 06, 2008 at 9:03am

Showed up thursday evening at the north camp ground. Hot, very hot.
Had a 30min walk in the morning sweating like a race horse in the sahara desert. Got to the tree I planed to climb, climbed up with 30min til shooting time. 6:55am I had a doe and a 4pt walk out. I put the cross aires dead on the doe and pulled the triger. She ran off with a kick and a tail tucked in and fell just 40yds later. Just after I shot I heard a buddy of mine shoot.

40min later still in the stand I had this nice 8pt walk out on me at 60yds. Put the scope on him and squized the trigger. He ran off with a tail tucked in and a broken front shoulder. He ran out of sight so I climbed down right away and started tracking. I had a pass through dead center on his shoulder and he did not leave a blood trail and went almost 100yrds. I looked where I saw him run and just no blood. I walked to my buddy that shot to check on him and he pointed to my 8pt that died just 50yds from him. He said he was about to put another bullet in him and he just colasped. Then we had a long hot walk out and a great evening.

My buddy's doe went 135lbs
My doe 100lbs
My 8pt 165lbs

We had the first 3 deer checked into the north check station and in the two doe days about 200 people checked in and 16 deer were checked in at that check station.

December 01, 2008 at 9:37am

Had a great morning hunt this morning. At 7:30 I had a spike come out, I blow my grunt call at him he comes straight for me. I hear a snap behind me and I see a big six point. The spike and six point get into a little confrontation, the six point does a snort weez (first time I have ever heard that in person) then they start to rub heads.
When they quit playing around the six point comes within 10yds of my tree, I get a nice picture of him and a little video footage. If I would have been hunting with my bow or muzzel loader I would had let him have it but I already killed two deer this year and he wasn't big enough for me to take with the shotgun, since I have kille 60% of my bucks with it. Hopefully he will come back out when I'm in there with a primative weapon.
I ended up with another spike coming out at 8:20 and hung around for 30min. A great hunt in my books. The deer must feel pretty happy that I was generous today.

November 25, 2008 at 10:02pm

3rd duck hunting trip of the season, this time on Salvador WMA. Hunted til 12/closing time and between two of us we had 7 birds. I kept hoping some birds would start to filter back into the marsh but it never happened. We killed the woodducks and teal in the first 30min of our hunt, nothing else until a lone hen mallard at 8:30, a lone summer 9:05, and a pair of greys 11:00.

November 22, 2008 at 6:04pm

One of the few times a bad morning has turned out into a good one for me. I say a bad morning because my Go-Devil wouldn't start until 30 minutes into the day light hours of the morning.

But it turned out to be OK. I got my cousin set up who only gets to hunt once or twice every year and then go get set up myself by 7:30am. Normally the deer have been moving on my land around 8 so I wasn't to worried but I had it planned to be set up before daylight.

Well 8:00 came around and no deer but at 9:00 I saw a flicker of an ear and then I had three does coming right my way. I was upset that they didn't go towards my cousin but I figured I would show him what a deer looks like up close since I was hunting with my muzzel loader and have not killed one with it yet. When the bigger of the three steps into the opening at 10yds I let the hammer down and she runs straight into a plametto and crashes. The other two does are running circles around me trying to figure out what just happened and then run off towards my cousin.

Ten minutes later I hear a shot. I go check on him and sure enough he got a doe also. We high fived and congradulated each other.

The deer were 112lbs and 100lbs

November 22, 2008 at 5:57pm

Made a trip out satuday in Lake Pontchartrain right outside Manchac. Technicly I was huntinh the lake shore on manchac. Anyway Pops and I got 2 male pintail, 1 greenhead, 1 bluewing teal, 3 woodies, and 1 grey. I found these bird while fishing out there two days before the season.

November 17, 2008 at 9:44am

Saturday morning finally got my first chance to shoot a deer this year.
Hunts made 17, deer spoted on stand 14, 10 on WMA & 4 on private
Area: St. Charles Parish
Sex: doe 115lbs
meathod: Bow
The hunt: 7:05am had a young buck at 60yds walk by downwind to upwind, nothing else until a squirrel came in my tree at 9:00 then at 9:18 had 2 does and a yearling comeing towards me on the trail I walked in on. 9:20 let the arrow fly, 9:35 climbed down and check for arrow blood etc. and found a broken blood covered arrow right where she was standing, walked out and waited til 10:00 for the tracking, tracked blood for only 60yds and when I got to her the other doe and fawn were only 20yds from her.

By 12:00 I was done skinning and ready for another hunt.
pics. soon

October 27, 2008 at 12:53pm

Well, made my anual opening bow season hunt to the RED and all I have to say is it was the best weather anyone could have asked for in October. I saw 5 does, 1 hog, and all the squirrels you wanted.
If you did not have a thermacell or misquito spray you were in trouble.
Oct 2, 49 degrees, 5 minute walk, saw 1 hog and 2 does. Evening hunt warmer, misquitoes, only 3 racoons.
Oct 3, 50 degrees, 5 minute walk, 1 doe. Evening hunt same spot heard a deer grunt but never seen it.
Oct 4, 55 degrees, 5 minute walk, 2 deer and squirrel hunters everywhere. Evening squirrel hunt, killed 8 squirrels, 1 black, 1 grey, 6 reds.

I had a great weekend dispite the no killing of deer. I found the best deer sign I have seen in red river in 3 years and will be back for the next good cool spell they get.

October 06, 2008 at 12:46pm

Made a scouting trip out to Red River WMA and all I've got to say is bring 10 gallons of misquito repelant, 5 tubes of thermacell propane, 12 cards for it, and the best misquito suit you got. I have not personaly seen the bugs this bad in my 10 years of hunting this place. Hopefully they will thin out a little by this weekend, I doubt it.

Went to my normal hunting locations which all looked good, found one new area plenty of deer signs. I seen 3 does that didn't give a lick about me and had a bear growl at me, scared the living crapola out of me. I made a bunch of noise and she just walked off.

If the squirrel hunters are willing to put up with the misquitoes they all should limit out because I saw squirrels everywhere I went and the ground is a bit wet unlike past seasons so it will make for great stalking.

Good luck to all this weekend.
I'll be out there from wendsday-saturday.

September 29, 2008 at 12:21pm
A comment titled: Re: Beginner angler in response to a report titled: Beginner angler

Here's 4 simple ways to try fishing our coastal marshes (even from the bank). 1) *popping cork* cast it pop it let it sit 1-3 secs, repeat until its come back in. I vary the depth from 1-2.5 feet under cork. 2) cast it out and reel it slow back in. 3) cast it out and slowly real it back in with pauses and twitches, try different cadances. 4) if you see stuff chasing bait, reel fast with the rod tip up. With artificials 1 of these 4 ways can and will catch them if they're biting. You can always tip your bait with a piece of shrimp or cut mullet. Murkymuddy water use dark colors like black and chartreuse or purple and chartreuse, stained water white or chartreuse works well, clean-clear water opening night-clear with some flake. This is pretty much the basics, I'm sure some will do things a little differently, but if the fish are active these tips will work.

November 16, 2015 at 5:04pm
A comment titled: Sale in response to a report titled: Deal? or what it's worth?

Where is this sale at?


February 27, 2014 at 10:20am
A comment titled: Harassment in response to a report titled: Harassment of our waterfowl

I agree totally with the harassment you speak of. I witness it every year. The davis pond area of salvador is a perfect example. You can scout it the day before the opener, ducks everywhere. Be the first one in there hear all the ducks. Then the parade starts and you can hear all the ducks leave. PAC this happens as well. Witnessed it this year. PAC still had decent harvest for the opener but still you could hear all the ducks get up and leave when the motors start running. I personally hunt all marsh with my outboard, park it, and pirogue it to my ponds. Aircool motors has made duck hunting too easy and i believe it does hurt the duck hunters n the long run. The ducks themselves just keep searching til they find a safe haven.

November 11, 2013 at 12:41pm
A comment titled: Marsh subsidence in response to a report titled: Freshwater Diversion Discussion

I'm getting really tired of people blaming diversions for their marsh eroding. What people really don't realize is that certain areas of the state subside much much quicker than other areas. I know. I'm one of the scientist that measure this. The Delacroix marsh is one of these locations, along with cocodrie, the marsh north of Lake Boudreaux,all the marsh north of terrebonne bay to hwy 24. Guess what!!!! no freshwater diversions there, but you go a couple miles to the west were the Atchafalya river puts roughly the exact same amount of freshwater into saltwater marsh, as the delacroix area, it's healthy and growing.

All the articles people read and make decisions off of are generated to stir the pot and make arguments, people read the data one way when it can be read other ways. Yes, freshwater marsh can not handle saltwater intrusion. But when the soil elevation is sinking and has fallen below the elevation saltwater marsh grasses need to survive there's nothing that can be done except to put dirt back. So therefore we need dredging and mud flurries to fill back in the marsh or sediment diversion. We do need freshwater diversions because saltwater plants are healthier when they get an impulse of freshwater. Just not pure freshwater 100% of the time. The freshwater diversions are designed to keep the saltwater line a certain distance off into the marsh or coast. At a healthy level of ppt for the marsh plants. And just to let everyone know the common saltmarsh grasses found in our marsh can not handle pure seawater. That's where our problem started.

Honestly the problem is oil companies making all the canals back in the day and the levee made on the river. Case solved

April 18, 2013 at 4:31pm
A comment titled: Invasive. in response to a report titled: Invasive Apple Snails

That appears to be an apple snail. They are an invasive species and are starting to get all around S LA. Where did you find this one?

September 19, 2012 at 3:55pm
A comment titled: Keeping it clean in response to a report titled: Snapping Turtle Aquarium Help, where to find small catfish?

Crawfish. Get a half dozen crawfish, yes the turtle will eat them. But some bigger ones will survive for a while. It's what I have in my snappers tank. And my tank stays pretty clean. Just have to add crawfish from time to time.

September 19, 2012 at 2:12pm
A comment titled: Seriously in response to a report titled: Seriously?

Yup, seriously. I had not an encounter, but a watching of someone shooting well over their limits of ducks and also an osprey over the weekend. But where are the wardens??? I know that they were working somewhere but the people out there need a little scare in their heads to keep them from doing stupid things.

November 14, 2011 at 5:12pm
A comment titled: Score in response to a report titled: What's your guess???


September 23, 2011 at 11:12am
A comment titled: What a kick in response to a report titled: Rage 2 blade

I get such a kick out of people saying what works better and what doesn't. I know people who lost deer with muzzy's, with rage, with thunderheads, rocket heads, grim reapers and they all average out to the same. Deer are tough animals, things happen that we can't see on some shots that seem perfect and we lose them. They all work, you practice and put that arrow where it's suppose to be and the rest is luck.

May 10, 2011 at 10:28am
A comment titled: Asian carp in response to a report titled: Bonnet Carre spillway effects

Those carp were in the Bonnet carre spillway already, I've been having them jump in my boat and shooting them with the bow for 3 years now.

May 10, 2011 at 7:50am
A comment titled: Taxidermy. in response to a report titled: taxidermy prices

I wasn't trying to argue, I was just stating the facts. And I factor in the cost of tools, paint, etc also. And what do you ship? Like I said I was doing this part time and have no plans to go professional with it, I just like to do it.

March 13, 2011 at 3:09pm
A comment titled: taxidermy in response to a report titled: taxidermy prices

I do this as a part time job while I'm in school. Supply's only cost 50-60 bucks. And it only takes me 6-9 hours to get the deer all stiched up and drying. I'm not a proffessional, and don't ever plan to be. Whomever you get your taxidermy supply's from or told you how much it cost per deer is either lying or getting their stuff redicuously expensive. If I were to stop doing it, I wouldn't pay over $300 for a regular shoulder mount. Again this is just for a shoulder mounted deer, and taxidermy is not as complicated as people think it is.

March 11, 2011 at 12:55pm
A comment titled: Ditto in response to a report titled: 2lb 4oz Socalait

Same here man, I hope they're on like last week it was unbelievable out there!

June 08, 2010 at 10:16am
A comment titled: Nice in response to a report titled: 2lb 4oz Socalait

That's some nice fish there buddy!

June 07, 2010 at 12:36pm
A comment titled: wouldn't waste your time in response to a report titled: Crawfishing in Bonnet Carre Spillway

I wouldn't waste your time. I've hit every inch of the BC spillway and found very little crawfish. If you catch a quarter of a sac you did better than everyone else out there. The swamp was the best part of the spillway that I hit and let me tell you there has been 100's of people trying since feb and no one has caught much.

April 28, 2010 at 11:22am
A comment titled: Pointer in response to a report titled: Little advice needed

Try downsizing, also try giving it a more erradict retrieve.

April 19, 2010 at 2:53pm
A comment titled: Meathod in response to a report titled: Flounder? Gamefish? Gigging?

What does it matter the meathod of catch? You can spearfish most saltwater species, can gig flounder, spear catfish. So on, and so on. What does it matter the meathod of catching fish. If you are going to keep the fish then spearing them won't matter. There are number restriction on how many of certain species of fish a person can keep. As long as they do not go over that they are good. I can understand banning the spearing/shooting of fish that bed to spawn. But in order to get a limit of fish with a bow or spear is not as easy as people think. Catching them on rod in reel is much easier. Just think about it.

April 16, 2010 at 9:47am
A comment titled: Like Todd said. in response to a report titled: kicked out again need help, info

Just as Todd said this is the only state in the United States of America that tidal waters can be posted. What is wrong with this state, it's simple greed. Lets fix this!

April 13, 2010 at 5:24pm
A comment titled: GRASS in response to a report titled: Slot limit for Cataouatche bass?

The reason for spraying the grass, which is bad for the bass, is becasue the grass that is currently growing in Lake Cataouache is an invassive species (hydrilla). It out competes the other natural aquatic grass. This is why they spray it. Is it right that's up to ethics. Pros and cons.

Now I'm all for the grass it helps protect and spreads out the fisherman so it's all good. If people want to fish the lake in the summer when the grass matts up get some type of mud-boat. That simple.

O and I'm totaly for the slot limit and think it should be state wide. Then there would be no issue on where you launch at.

April 13, 2010 at 1:14pm
A comment titled: bigger fish in response to a report titled: WE WANT ATCHAFALAYA BASIN BACK

Why is what everyone is worried about keeping bigger fish??? I understand why some people are against slot limits it's because they want to win tournaments and a slot limit would hurt tournaments (?so what?). All I got to say is a slot limit has been proven to help a bass fishery period!

Yeah for the tounament folk you can catch fish inside the slot limit that would be bigger. But who cares?? (You can still catch bigger fish for your little tourney.)The point is to let that size not be kept! The way they can spawn.

With a slot limit you help everybody out. People who like to eat them can keep the smaller ones, tournament fishermen can keep the bigger ones. I'm sorry if you can't fish well enough to catch fish outside the slot...not my problem.

If you want a healthier spawn and bass population the smaller 10-15in must be kept. Reason they eat a lot!!! That is food the larger bass can eat. The 2-4lb fish need to be protected.

My point is we want a healthy fishery and for everyone to be happy the right spawning size and age fish must be released. I'm going to repeat this again, a slot limit has been proven to help a bass fishery, if you don't believe me do some research.

O and I'm for this to be state wide not just the Atchfalaya.

February 15, 2010 at 8:55pm
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