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Recently I have not been able to navigate this website because some video ads on the right side of my screen have been freezing the screen. It has to be the video ad because it continues to play but I cannot scroll. I tried to refresh the screen, which allows me to scroll until the ad loads, then it freezes the screen. Is anyone else having this problem?

January 19, 2016 at 9:50pm

Another pic of the problem bear. Hang'Em High! The leg came out as you can see then it pulled the lid open and dug in.

September 06, 2011 at 11:35pm

Picture Perfect Black Bear outside of New Iberia

September 06, 2011 at 11:11pm

No problem there Lsucamo. I meant no offense to anyone with my comments as I do not expect anyone to know such information. Glow plugs are the diesel equivalent to spark plugs. Generally cheap and easy to change. No spark, just heat. I praise anyone who studies hard, gets a good job, and contributes like everyone should. The people that really bother me are those who want to do nothing but collect on all the money I give Uncle Sam. As far as I am concerned, if its your hard earned money you can do as you please, unless your married ha ha ha ha. 'To each his own' fellas. Too many things to worry about that directly impact me to be bothered by some purported stereotype.

P.S. I do get the feeling that someone pissed off the OP on a job site or like one poster said he just got a new boss.

March 29, 2016 at 11:41am
A comment titled: Spark Plugs in response to a report titled: REQUIREMENTS TO CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT DEGREE

I think lsucamo just proved Ricky Pon's point. With the exception of the gas powered 3/4 or 1 ton pickup, which is almost always not the case with the subject stereotype, said trucks have glow plugs. As a motor/gearhead this amuses me very much. Although I do not mean to bash or blame anyone for not knowing the inner workings of cars or trucks, I am amused by the lack of basic knowledge of the steel chariot we spend so much time in. Funny post overall, even though I do not agree necessarily with the suggested stereotyping.

Oh crap someone just said diesels have injectors not spark plugs. Wow was Ricky Pon ever right.

March 29, 2016 at 10:03am
A comment titled: Re: Feral Hogs and Night Hunting in response to a report titled: Feral Hogs and Night Hunting

You weren't that far off. Feral can also describe an animal that was domesticated but escaped into the wild or something to that effect.

I sent my local reps. an e-mail that included a link to this forum. I will probably get some canned responses of 'Thanks for your concern, we will look into it.'

March 03, 2015 at 1:06pm
A comment titled: Feral = Wild in response to a report titled: Feral Hogs and Night Hunting

Hmmm Breambusta no offense, but you are most definitely wrong, all due respect. No such thing... but they apparently have laws regarding 'Feral Hogs'? Feral is defined as a 'wild' animal that descended from a domesticated animal. So yes we do have laws regarding 'wild' hogs. I just found it funny that in the 'Outlaw Quadruped' context hogs were lumped in with armadillos and coyotes, but not the list in the last statute I cited. Does that make sense?

I posted the related statutes and code articles mostly to provide information that most of us are not completely sure about or don't know at all. I know you can hunt hogs on private property year round, but you certainly cannot do such at night. 'Holders of a valid Louisiana hunting license may take coyotes, feral hogs where legal, and armadillos year round during legal daylight shooting hours.' Straight from LDWF. Known this since it was enacted years ago. You can ONLY do so at night from March 1rst through the last day of August. From September through February you cannot hunt at night for hogs, at least until Duckaholic sways LDWF to allow us ha ha ha.

What we were really discussing was why there are more restrictions on the taking of hogs in Louisiana. For example, Texas pretty much doesn't care how or when you kill them, just as long as you do your part. Now I know Texas has more hogs and more problems related to the huge population of them, but wouldn't we want to be more proactive and keep them in serious check before we get to the point of no return?

Bayouwild, you could easily go to the meetings, however, at least for revised statutes, only the legislature can enact and amend them, so why not hound those people we pay so much just in case they weren't that busy ha ha ha.

March 03, 2015 at 10:54am
A comment titled: One more... in response to a report titled: Feral Hogs and Night Hunting

As of now feral hogs are not included in the following statute, but most definitely should be. So farmers CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS to have it amended. Feral hogs are treated the same in almost every other respect, why not under this statute.

La. R.S. 56:116.1 does allow farmers to take raccoon and opossums .22 caliber rimfire rifle when the animals are found destroying crops of corn, sweet potatoes, watermelons, pecans, and other crops, with no bag limit any time of the year. (not at night since it is not specified).

Squirrels found destroying crops of pecans may be taken year-round by permit, which shall be valid thirty days from date of issuance. (once again not at night and only with .410ga-12ga).

Notwithstanding the provisions of this Subsection to the contrary, any opossums, raccoons, nutria, otters, muskrat, mink, or beaver that are found destroying crawfish in a private pond primarily used for the purpose of commercially cultivating crawfish or destroying the structure of such pond may be taken as provided by law by the crawfish farmer or landowner with either a rimfire rifle no larger than a .22 caliber or a shotgun no larger than a 12-gauge using nontoxic shot no larger than BB-sized from a boat or vehicle with no bag limit any time of the year during daytime or nighttime hours.

Why aren't hogs included in this I do not know. They definitely have the potential to cause more damage than a raccoon or opossum, right? I suppose logic and reason went on a smoke break when they were writing all this new 'outlaw quadruped' law. I think it was simply glossed over by the almighty rule makers. I am sure if farmers and landowners hounded the legislators, they would add feral hogs to the list above without much fight at all. Sorry I kinda hijacked the thread a little and bombarded you all, but I think all this is very good information to know and share. All of the cited laws are up to date. Happy Hunting!

February 27, 2015 at 11:24am
A comment titled: More in response to a report titled: Feral Hogs and Night Hunting

You know maybe sitting in the deer stand at night would help the nocturnal nature of those elusive bucks. Good Point. Here is more law. This also applies to landowners or those with permission of a landowner. Apparently for hogs you simply need a basic hunting license and you could 'trap' one today!

La. Admin Code. tit. 76, pt. V, § 130
§ 130. Feral Hog Trapping

A. Feral hogs may be trapped in cage or corral traps year-round by holders of a valid basic hunting license. Feral hogs may captured by use of snares year-round by holders of a valid trapping license.

B. Cage or corral traps must have an opening in the top of the trap that is no smaller than 22 inches x 22 inches or 25 inches in diameter. (for bears to escape)

February 27, 2015 at 10:41am
A comment titled: I agree. Here are the promised laws in response to a report titled: Feral Hogs and Night Hunting

I am still waiting for my GW to call me back, he worked last night so I imagine he is sleeping right now. This code article does not address feral hogs but is nonetheless informative of what a landowner can do without a license.

La. Admin Code. tit. 76, pt. V, § 125
§ 125. Control of Nuisance Wild Quadrupeds

A. This rule applies only to the control of the wild quadrupeds listed below and only when they are conclusively proven to be creating a nuisance or causing damage to property. The burden of establishing that the animal in question is causing the property damage shall rest with the property owner.

B. The following wild quadrupeds may be taken year-round without permit by the property owner or his designee, with written landowner permission, but only by trapping or shooting during legal daylight hours:
1. coyote;
2. armadillo;
3. nutria;
4. beaver;
5. skunks; and
6. opossums.

C. Squirrels, rabbits, foxes, bobcats, mink, otter, muskrat, raccoons and any of the other species listed above may be trapped alive and relocated to suitable habitat without permit provided the following conditions are met.
1. Written permission is obtained from the property owner where the animals are to be released and such written permission is carried in possession while transport and release activities are taking place.
2. Animals are treated in a responsible and humane manner and released within 12 hours of capture.

D. Traps shall be set in such a manner that provides the trapped animal protection from harassment from dogs and other animals and direct sun exposure.
E. Nuisance animals listed above may be so controlled by the property owner or his designee with written landowner permission, to prevent further damage.

F. Property owners must comply with all additional local laws and/or municipal ordinances governing the shooting or trapping of wildlife or discharge of firearms.

G. No animal taken under this provision or parts thereof shall be sold. A valid trapping license is required to sell or pelt nuisance furbearers during the open trapping season.

H. No species taken under the provisions of this rule shall be kept in possession for a period of time exceeding 12 hours.

I. This Rule has no application to any species of bird as birds are the subject of other state and federal laws, rules and regulations.

J. Game animals, other than squirrels and rabbits, may only be taken by hunting during the open season under the conditions set forth under Title 56 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes and the rules and regulations of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

K. A permit may be issued to landowners or their designees to take white-tailed deer during the closed season when deer are causing substantial damage to commercial agricultural crops or orchards. Crops or orchards of less than 5 acres will not be considered for permits unless alternative exclusionary methods, including electric fencing, have been attempted and proven unsuccessful. Loss of 25 percent or more of the expected production or value of a crop must be documented by a Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry crop specialist or Louisiana State University Cooperative Extension Service agent. Emergency deer removal permits may be issued by Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Wildlife Division with approval by the Deer Program Manager and Enforcement Division. Landowners or their designees may take only the number of deer recommended by a Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologist and specified on the permit. Only antlerless or unbranched antlered deer are legal for removal. All deer taken under this permit must be tagged in a manner specified on the permit before being moved from the site of the kill. Deer may only be taken during daylight hours and all deer meat will be salvaged and donated to a recipient or charitable organization approved by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Biological samples may be requested by Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologists for research and health monitoring purposes.

More to come

February 27, 2015 at 10:12am
A comment titled: Re: Feral Hogs and Night Hunting in response to a report titled: Feral Hogs and Night Hunting

I tend to agree with the OP. However, not being able to take hogs at night from September through February does help me combat my ever constant outlaw problems. I know if someone is spotlighting in my area during those months, they are definitely doing something illegal. In fact, I caught a neighbor doing just that on the last day of deer season.

Allowing the taking of hogs by any means year round would surely help to maybe keep them in check. To be honest, I kill more during September through February than during the rest of the year, most being in October and November when the farmers generally cut the cane in my area. I do catch some slipping during the other months too, but not as many. I honestly do not do much hunting etc. during the late spring and summer months because... way to hot and I hunt in swampy land so... MOSQUITOES X10!!

I do believe it could be possible to open up the gates during the currently closed months on private land, provided that the hunters follow the rules of notifying the local law enforcement or something to that effect. Hell, I would bring the GW with me and he could bring his AR with him to help. My only concern on a hunting property is how such activity would affect the deer. I imagine a lot of riding, walking, and sitting in stands at night during deer season would have an adverse affect. On the other hand, for a farm that is not an issue. Don't take this to the bank just yet, but farmers might be able to shoot hogs when they please anyway as a nuisance animal, like coyote's attacking livestock, etc. I don't even know why farmers would have to have a hunting license to do such as it is not technically hunting and more like protecting his livelihood. Like I said though, you might want to call your local Wildlife and Fisheries Office before you try that on hogs! Don't bash me just yet, I have a good friend who is a GW, I'll ask him and get back to y'all.

February 27, 2015 at 12:28am
A comment titled: Re: Basin bow kill 10 point in response to a report titled: Basin bow kill 10 point/ Mount photos

Yep. Not sure if you knew this is Jon J. Eagle eye has been calling me about his jeep and told me about the buck yesterday. I shoot a trophy ridge single pin that has treated me well just been looking at ways to trim some fat off the monster for those long walks.

January 26, 2015 at 5:32pm
A comment titled: Re: Basin bow kill 10 point in response to a report titled: Basin bow kill 10 point/ Mount photos

Nice buck Shane. Eagle eye sent me the pics yesterday. What kind of sight you have on that Creed?

January 26, 2015 at 4:28pm
A comment titled: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in response to a report titled: Buck of a Lifetime

That is a bruiser! One hell of a buck. Your must be in God's good graces because I don't think bad people get opportunities like that. You must have had some serious 'karma credit' built up. I'm pretty sure I would have made scent lok ruining puddin upon seeing that walking near me. Way to go!

December 09, 2014 at 9:53am
A comment titled: Looks like a good trip to me in response to a report titled: Public Land Hunting

Appears like y'all had a good trip. Got to love public land hunting. Glad to see you are back in action after that hog goring incident last year. Keep on keepin on

December 09, 2014 at 9:47am
A comment titled: Swamper7 got it! in response to a report titled: Fish ID

And the winner is Swamper7. That is unquestionably a Moonfish. Caught some on a trip some years back and had a biologist friend id them for me. Motorboat I wouldn't use those pictures you posted as good references for identifying strange fish. My niece can draw better than that ha ha. Check out the lateral line similarity, shape similarity, and the fins, but using a different picture than that posted by motorboat for that is not a good drawing at all. Even though a fish may be a juvenile, its fins and body are still the same shape etc as an adult only they are in proportion to their body size for most all fish. I am sure I will receive some scathing messages from motorboat now about how he thinks I am wrong.

June 17, 2014 at 10:08am
A comment titled: Consider this in response to a report titled: Bad blood brewing between cajuns and locals near tensas refuge

We always hear about the bad news and not so much of the good news, so it seems easy to understand how you only hear of the bad Cajun hunters and understandingly assume that all are bad, but rarely hear about the good guys. I once asked a great teacher of mine a question during a test and within my question I said '...assuming that...', and she quickly replied 'You can assume what you want, I'll just give you an F!' Moral of the story, assumptions are not that reliable otherwise you wouldn't be assuming but merely stating fact.

And y'all quit giving the state new licensing ideas ha hahahahahahahahaha

February 07, 2014 at 2:43pm
A comment titled: Oh yea in response to a report titled: Bad blood brewing between cajuns and locals near tensas refuge

I'm definitely not taking up for outlaws or anyone without common hunting courtesy. I have no patience for those types.

February 07, 2014 at 2:23pm
A comment titled: Back at ya in response to a report titled: Bad blood brewing between cajuns and locals near tensas refuge

I'm just curious but where is the 'Cajun Mason Dixon' line? ha ha. Those type of people of which you complain of exist everywhere. Here is one for you.

On our private family property we have been having trouble with a well to do guy from outside of 'Cajun Country' i.e. northern Louisiana, who is related to a neighbor and repeatedly trespasses and kills game. The guy owns a helicopter and plane so he routinely checks the place out before he goes hunting. We have caught him multiple times and he has been cited for it by local authorities. Worse, he religiously goes by the code 'if it flies it dies and if it is brown it is down.' (don't get me wrong I hunt for meat and at times go by this philosophy if in need) He is currently being investigated for his latest excursions through our property and another's to hunt ducks. You would think such a wealthy guy could afford to get his own land to hunt as he pleases. I could talk about him and his family for days about the problems we have had with them, but all that is unnecessary to prove my simple point. These people are everywhere so I would be careful to single out a entire group for the few bad apples otherwise 'the South will rise again' ha ha ha I'm sorry I could not help myself people please do not get offended by any of this.

Sure wish the Admiral was doing well so he could weigh in on this most interesting topic.

P.S. Just curious, did your friend who was hunting the other guys property with permission ever bring the conduct of the 'Cajuns' to the landowner's attention?

February 07, 2014 at 2:18pm
A comment titled: I like it! in response to a report titled: Hog number 3 is down

Amen! I'm sure MorrisvsWild will get back in the ring and I sure hope all is well for him. I too am an avid hog hunter. Not only do I enjoy hunting them with every weapon I have short of a spear, the meat is sooooo gooood. I am with you R.A. stalking is by far the most exciting especially for the adrenaline junkie in me. I have been able to get mere feet from them at times where I was able to make easy pistol shots. Considering that, the goring story is like a dose of reality to remind me that I could get hurt. But in the end I sure it would take a hell of a lot to scare people like the LASPTSMN members from hunting.

Thanks R.A. always enjoy your posts and articles. I'm adding a pic from one of my favorite hog hunts. Went before work one morning. Walking up to a feeder I saw a group coming out of the swamp and coming towards me down the levee. I quickly crouched down in the tall grass less than 10yds from the feeder (I was next to the game camera). I waited and they came directly to the corn, so I picked out the big sow and made one of my 'I don't like to track hogs in flooded timber' shots through the neck into the boiler room. She went less than 20yds and fell stone dead. Then came the interesting part. By myself, have to be at work in less than an hour, and have to get a 125lb hog into the bed of my not so low truck, unassisted. Lets just say that ratchet straps have other uses such as a mini comealong ha ha. I somehow made it to work on time.

February 05, 2014 at 9:09pm
A comment titled: I think we could talk about this for eons! in response to a report titled: Ballistic or Partition?

I see how many of you have some frustrations with ballistic tip type bullets, however, I tend to agree for the most part with BigJim MorrisvsWild and Rocker. I have shot 180gr Nosler Accubonds out of a hand-loaded mildly hot .300WBY Mag (not .300Win)for quite some time. I have had excellent results from bull elk to whitetail, even 25 pound pigs at less than 50yds. When you are choosing your bullet think about the usual distances you shoot and how you want the bullet to perform. I find most people don't really take the time to consider what type of bullets (or guns for that matter) they should buy so I commend the OP. All sorts of factors come into play. My advice is find a knowledgeable shooter/hunter who knows some ballistics and pick his brain. Also, at the end of the day your gun might not even shoot the ammo you selected that great as there could be significant accuracy differences. My .270 Win has shot all sorts of ammo both high grade and low, and guess what... it loves cheap old Remmy 130gr Corelockt. Just don't knock it before you try it and I would definitely recommend using a bonded bullet if you choose a polymer tipped bullet.

At the end of the day I firmly believe shot placement is the deciding factor on the distance an animal can travel after being hit no matter the bullet type or caliber. Never saw an animal shot decently in the heart or lungs go very far irrespective of the bullet type. As long as the animal cannot go far good blood is not really a huge problem. Everyone has their own opinion that is just mine so I hope no one lashes out.

December 05, 2013 at 2:55pm
A comment titled: 2 cents in response to a report titled: Harassment of our waterfowl

I have been duck hunting since I was 8yrs old. Back then where we hunted, adjacent to Wax Lake, we had to use Air Boats most all of the time. Remember before any surface drives the way people accessed the 'unaccessable' was by air boat (among other more difficult means). I'm pretty sure they are exponentially louder than any surface drive available today short of backwoods Joe's crazy homebrew project with a small or big block for a motor with large straight exhaust (still really not louder than the an air boat). In those days we were spoiled with limits a lot. A bad hunt was half the limit, which is really not bad at all. There are so many factors that go into duck activity I'm sure a loud boat is not a substantial factor. I would point more towards hunting pressure, which in any type of hunting causes noticeable changes rather quickly. Happy Hunting to all!!!! I cannot start for a couple of weeks (East Zone)!!!!!!!

November 12, 2013 at 2:04pm
A comment titled: I know how you feel in response to a report titled: 9 GUNS STOLLEN!

A LEO once gave me this website that Pawn shops use. Basically you use your guns serial numbers to determine if the gun has made it to a Pawn Shop or something like that. I never found my guns on it but they were most likely not pawned.

The website is

Good Luck!

Oh yea if you do find one of your guns on that site just forward the information to the LEO on your case.

November 06, 2013 at 1:46pm
Boutte, LA

Up for sale is a 1991 Evinrude 30hp for $1250. I will accept offers just understand that I have put a good bit of money into this motor so that it would be trouble free for me and my kids. It has 25 hp badges on it because the previous owner ran it in restricted waters. I have spent over $700 in parts getting this motor purring like a kitten along with some upgrades. I upgraded it to electric start with battery charging capability, while maintaining the pull start for emergencies. It has an aluminum and stainless propellers. The only thing wrong with it is the flaky paint on the mid and lower sections. Otherwise it is a great engine ready for duty. I had the water pump changed, lower unit oil changed, spark plugs, power pack, charge coil, rebuilt carb, and new throttle grip with idle adjustment. I had it compression tested as well which it passed with flying colors. I had to remove my number because of scammers so just email me through LASportsman

September 15 at 8:49am