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Im looking to book a guided goose trip for a batchelor party, Im hoping someone can give a good recommendation or atleats who to stay away from. Looking to try and book around january mostly intrusted in dark geese canadas and specks, but a few extra snows would be nice. pit blind hunts are ok,but hoping to find a guide that does layout blind style in yo face hunting. Most people going are avid waterfowlers so a good guide is a must!

August 22, 2009 at 7:18pm

Dose anybody know if you can acess cataouatche from pier 90 or is the bayou full of lilies. I havn't been down there in a couple of weeks,whats the water looking like? Looking to make a trip friday trying to decide between cataouatche, bayou black or lake concordia any reports on any of those areas would be helpful!

June 03, 2009 at 4:19pm

Need help, Im trying to find a new place to hunt for the upcoming 09'10 season. Im looking for a lease,blind,duck club,spot in blind, deer club that has water and is willing to tolerate some duck hunting or crawfish ponds. Marsh,cypress brake,fields im open for all options. Preferably In point coupe,avoyelles or concordia parish's, but im open for anything in south or central Louisiana. Willing to help with what ever work needs to be done set blinds ect... I Know its a long shot but Id thought id try. Please let me know if anybody has any info.

May 21, 2009 at 3:23am

I found a few pics from this past season so I thought Id post them up. All said and done even with the low duck count numbers I can't say I had a bad season. Compared to seasons past the numbers might not have been there, but they had big ducks in good numbers all season more so than in the past couple of years. Over all my personal numbers were down from the last two years just breaking 100, but with graduating from college and starting a new job I didn't get to make the number of hunts I normaly make. All hunts were made on public land In central LA. Most feed back from other hunters had a pretty good season hunting in the same areas I did,good water from start to end and at times to much spreading out ducks made for a good season and with constant scouting to stay on birds some good shoots.

February 01, 2009 at 3:51pm

Just wondering how yall would rate the duck hunting at attakapas, and what kind of bag is normaly taken in that area.

August 13, 2008 at 3:13pm

This Is one part of two articles that I encourage any waterfowl hunter or sportsmen In general about whats happening to our neighbors to the north and could happen here if we as sportsmen dont keep a vidual eye on whats happening In Washington DC and on who we vote for because as these times get more uncertain some of these same groups that are allready established here In the US gain foothold and growing support and we as sportsmen are the minority in this as a hole and must stick together because united we have a voice in these issues and cannot be ignored, but yet we fight and squabble amongst ourselves they will find a chenk In our armor and try to bring us down. I encourage anybody to go to and read whats happing in Canada and keep it in the back of your mind that we can never let it get that point here In america. Here is just a peice of one of those articles.

Regular readers of this column are aware that the future of hunting faces numerous challenges in Canada, and it is foremost on the minds of Canadian waterfowlers. Most hunters are perilously unaware of how close they have come in recent times to losing their shotguns, or to having their hunting grounds declared off limits. Others have experienced the sad and angry flow of emotion when they no longer have access to places they have hunted all their lives. To never see another sunrise with gun in hand, or the flight at day- break on a familiar duck marsh, is the price of ignoring threats to the future of waterfowling. I’ve often said that US waterfowlers need to keep an eye on events in Canada, as the issues facing waterfowl hunters, and the manner in which various anti- hunting groups, governments and conservation groups react, and the politics of hunter- defense, is informative. In short, the battle for waterfowling in Canada is coming to the US, it is just a matter of time.

June 22, 2008 at 9:14pm

What days would yall say would be the best days to go on a big trout trip if you could only pick two from now till the end of the month.

May 08, 2008 at 6:00pm

Hunting season's almost over time to get out the rods and hit the water!

January 29, 2008 at 10:24pm

Well this season is in the books,a few up's and downs but not too bad it about died in jan though. But the the last week the ducks showed and gave me 3 good hunts to put a good end to the season, the widgens were pretty thick the last weekend. Great hunt sat couldn't get anybody to make a hunt with me that morning in the rain so me and the only one who's allways there aka kujo my lab headed out to a timber hole Ive been hunting the past few hunts. I allways found a bunch of feathers there and shot a few but never hit it just right,well saturday I hit it just right had some other people hunting on a lake about 200 yards away to keep the ducks from rafting up. Right after shoting hours started and I could just see I heard wings allover widgens just started pouring in just cupped dropping out of the clouds. That morning of all the mornings I didn't even bring a hole box of shells,by 7 I had allmost shot umm all. I saved about 4 and stoped shooting next thing I know I hear the sound I know oh so well eep ep eep I looked up hear comes a big flock of greys right when the first one was about to touch down I rared up and droped the last to ducks to make a limit 3 widgens 3 greys. Since it was the last hunt id be makeing I just sat there for about an hour and watched ducks hit the water and work made me wish I still had another week knowing its gonna be a hole year before I got to see that agen. Well hope everbody had an awsome season september will be hear before we know it agen!

January 27, 2008 at 8:59pm

Just wanted to see how everybody did after this front that passed, The weather channel had snow all over up north. So far Im at zero this split after two hunts. Sunday we saw alot of ducks all big groups of mallards and greys we didn't see a flock with less than ten. But no matter what they wouldn't come close to tree line where we were set up, A few time's we had big groups working At one point we had a group of about 30 mallards working good they made about 8 or so passes on the decoys. They would lockup and right before they got into good decoy range they would go off to the side and not get to close to the tree's. we could have shot on one or two of the passes but I don't like passing shots I like umm feet down about to hit the deeks. Just seeing those big groups cupped working made the trip worth it even though we busted. At the end of the hunt they had about 500 ducks rafted in the middle of the pond, and were flying good till allmost 12. The next day I took off work because we saw so many ducks in that hole to go back and smoke umm. got there about 4 set out 200 or so deeks right were the ducks were rafted, we figured that we had to little decoys for the number of birds rafted the day before so we brought everything we had. brushed the blind about as good as we could, and then nuthing we saw two woodie's THATS IT I would have never beleaved that we would see nuthing after the number of birds we saw the day before. Thats how its been this hole year in the area we have been hunting in central LA one day a limit the next nuthing, Talk about cause High blood pressure. Guess Im gonna hafta keep driving 3 hours to SW LA to actually kill. hope everybody has had a better opener than me good hunting. Gonna give south farm a try in the morning might have better luck.

December 19, 2007 at 7:26pm

Had a Prett good opener in the sabine marsh. Saturday morning was our worst morning with the fog and about 3 groups of people around us. It was pretty slow at first but after everybody left we started to kill a few around 10 or so we ended up with 2 greys and 6 teal. Sunday was alot better good overcast skys and a good wind blowing, right at shooting hours the ducks started pooring in and we pretty much had the area just to us. We ended up taking our 2 man limit by 8:30 or so and to top off our good morning we saw a group of about 3 specks out over the marsh, I hit umm up with the speck call and they turned and locked up about 150yds out coming right at us. We let umm get about 10yds right over our heads were we could allmost count the spots on there bellys then we took 2 out of the 3 and then a blue goose came over and we took him also to end our weekend. Now im just waiting for the east zone opener to try and get some green heads.

November 12, 2007 at 2:47pm

BISMARCK, N.D. August 27, 2007 - News in the Dakotas is mixed for waterfowl hunters. Late-summer habitat conditions look good in many breeding areas in the Dakotas. The bad news is many areas face imminent destruction. Ducks Unlimited is asking duck hunters across the country for help.

“We’ve seen good brood numbers throughout the Missouri Coteau in North Dakota, but we also see native grasslands converted to cropland. This is bad news for future duck production.” said Dr. Scott Stephens, director of conservation planning for Ducks Unlimited’s Great Plains Office.

Increased crop prices driven by demand for corn for ethanol production put even greater pressure on native grasslands. These grasslands produce 70 percent of the continent’s ducks.

“We have a chance to protect these native grasslands through the farm bill,” said Scott McLeod, DU’s farm bill lead for the Great Plains Regional Office. “The Senate will draft its version of the farm bill in September.

McLeod says DU and many other conservation groups want a strong Sodsaver provision in the farm bill to prevent further loss of native grasslands.

Sodsaver would eliminate all federal payments for crops planted on land with no previous cropping history. Landowners could still farm native grasslands, but at their own risk with no federal assistance.

Sodsaver would also level the economic playing field between ranchers and crop producers, and provide substantial savings to U.S. taxpayers by reducing subsidy and disaster payments.

“Given the strong waterfowling tradition in the South, it’s important that all southern duck hunters understand what’s at stake with Sodsaver. Now is the time to be heard loud and clear,” McLeod said.

During August, senators are back in their home states, giving constituents a great opportunity to voice their support for Sodsaver.

The Prairie Pothole Region annually produces nearly three out of every four ducks harvested in the South. If Sodsaver is not included in the 2007 farm bill, it could have dire effects on the continent’s duck populations and hunting in the South.

“We are very concerned that without a Sodsaver provision, 30-day seasons may become the norm and closed seasons a real possibility over the next decade. None of us wants to see that,” Stephens said.

August 27, 2007 at 3:23pm

Going down to grand isle to do a little fishing this weekend, planing to fish the beaches. Anybody have any reports on how the fishing has been this week from down that way?

May 02, 2007 at 11:02pm

I finally got to go out and catch a few fish after looking at the river and wishing I was fishing all week on my way to work. Got kinda a late start at about 7:30 after fishing for a few hours I finaly got on some fish at about 10am or so got some good bite's fishing along some rocks in about 3 or so feet of water or where ever I could find a trash pile from sombodys yard. stoped fishing about 12:30 ended up catching 10 most were about 13 or so inches a few were keepers. all were caught fliping watermellon red brush hogs. sorry I dont have a pic but all were full up with eggs and were released.should be getting pretty good In the next couple of weeks as the fish move shallow try to find the natural bank and in the canals should be the hot spots in the next couple weeks if the warm weather holds out.

February 23, 2007 at 3:13pm

Here's a few pics from this season I would have had more to post if my dog didn't get my dig cam all wet. Have had an ok season Im probly over 100 ducks this season hunting on public land,mostly trash ducks and teal though. And my new pup has allmost that many retreaves under his belt he had a good first season. Got 3 hunts left to bad the season is allmost over well hope everybody had a good season.

January 25, 2007 at 3:37pm

Anybody make any goose hunts for the east zone opener this past weekend. Was thinking about going make a hunt in the morning and was wondering if anybodys seeing any specks.

November 06, 2006 at 2:41pm

Im going do some scouting/ Fishing in the morning at salvador in the morning, And need some info. Where is the best place to lanch for that area, what areas should I steer clear of. not looking for anybodys hony hole just a point in the right direction.

August 15, 2006 at 4:40pm

Anybody been fishing in the galliano or golden meadow area latly. Im probly making a trip down in the morning to there or the grand isle area just trying to get an idea on where there biting.

May 17, 2006 at 3:40pm

Anybody ever hunt turkeys at three Rivers or the A.C.E property at old river locks. Im trying to scout some new place's for turkey season just wondering if they have a few or how croweded it would be. any help would be welcome.

March 07, 2006 at 11:44pm

Here are some ducks killed last week near morganza LA , should have had the two man limit but had two criples get away. 4 woodies 4 greys 1 spoonbill and 1 mallard

January 25, 2006 at 12:50pm
A comment titled: Spillway in response to a report titled: Spillway Bass Limits

Thats fine go there Im done with the hole thing. Because what ever they are going to do is what it is. Now you can have all the fried bass, grilled bass, bass tacos, grilled bass with etouffee, fired bass with etouffee over rice, bass couvillion, bass poboy, bass almandine , bass with dill sauce and crawfish tails, bass sushi, bass with crawfish cream sauce. Heck if you love that fishy aroma so much you can even use them as body wash there your fish.
I find it funny som many people come to defend the LWLF and biologist that they have cursed all this time for keeping the MLL. The same group that sprays grass and destroys fisheries in places that need it. Then turns around and doesn't do anything about places that could use it. Refuses to stand up to political pressure on water quality issues on lake that desperately need something done. They are for the most part content with mismanagement of a state that had a potential for great fisheries ,but rather them be gar holes. With maybe a few exceptions in north Louisiana that have other governing bodies to manage them.

February 13, 2013 at 1:57pm
A comment titled: basin in response to a report titled: Spillway Bass Limits

I just read the survey over agin for the twentieth time. I still see no place where anybody said dropping the minimum will produce bigger fish. I did see however the same thing I saw before that stated
indicated that LMB in the Atchafalaya Basin reached 14 inches total length (TL) in
an average of 3.4 years. Results of the age analysis indicated LMB in the
Atchafalaya Basin were relatively short-lived, seldom reaching five years of age.'

Which means the fish are slow growing and because of natural factors like diet most will die before the grow to any significant size. Also and I quote

'' MLL’s can increase
angler expectation of improved catch rates. ''

This Is what I have been saying all a long. So yes when there are far less bass to be caught you might catch a fish or two more over the old MLL. Because there overall population has dropped and you will doing the same amount of fishing you would have before the MLL,but with lower catch rates so It will appear higher. I would also like to point out the If you read to the end of the study most of the books used to back up there data were published before 1990. I would imagine things have changed significantly in the the past 23 years. I would bet the anger pressure now verses when these were published has tripled not to mention more affective modern angling techies .

February 13, 2013 at 1:13pm
A comment titled: Oops my bad in response to a report titled: Spillway Bass Limits

Maybe it's just my, but I don't understand. How can a place that you can go and regularly catch 40-100 bass a day be a lame fishery.

February 10, 2013 at 7:20am
A comment titled: boaters in response to a report titled: Entertainment

Thats exactly why I check the paper to see where they put so I know where not to go! I know its some pretty entertaining stuff though watching all the people launch, you know the ones that only go once or twice a year when they read it in the advocate. I know one time this year I was waiting to launch and one guy cranked up his motor while waiting. The next thing you know they had almost the whole line of people cranking and revving up there motors on land like a chain reaction. Thats all my buddy and I could do was shake our heads in disbelief.

June 29, 2012 at 9:45pm
A comment titled: hunting in response to a report titled: We're doing it to ourselves!

I have to say I agree with what your saying, but those ag fields aren't cheep to flood. Even if it was yours it would still cost a butt load just to put water on it. I have seen though the cost and availability of places to hunt has gone through the roof or even if you wanna pay its still hard to find one. I know for a fact this is the reason my dad and just about everybody except me in my family quit hunting. I do most of my hunting on public land now,but thats getting worse and worse every year. I have seen the number of people on wma's tipple at least as far as duck hunting is concerned in the past couple years. I know last year was seamed like there was a person behind every tree or 20 yards and I hunt during the week as well id hate to see the weekends. I do know that on some of the costal wma's where you have a little more water to spread out its not as bad, but on places like sherburne last year I was having to get there at 4am just to have a spot to shoot a few wood ducks. I know this is the reason I am gonna go like you said make a few out of state hunts this year the hunting is just so much better and there are place ive been in the Dakota's and canada where you might not see a person all week now thats what I call the real sportsmen's paradise !

June 21, 2012 at 11:33am
A comment titled: Rev limit in response to a report titled: rev limit alarm help(115 Suzuki)

I may be wrong , but I have to disagree with the other comments about the rev limit alarm. I have a Suzuki 25 fourstroke and in my owners manual it said that when it hits the rev limit red light comes on and it pretty much cuts power to the moter. You have to let completely off gas for a few seconds before it will reset. My moter has done this ever since the day it came ou the crate . I changed my prop and it helped somewhat , but I'd like to know what they tell you at the dealership . I have read online about this happening to a few people.

March 27, 2012 at 9:38am
A comment titled: duck gun in response to a report titled: Best shotgun for duck hunting?

I agree with vineytree I love my franchi. Its is not as smooth as a benelli SB2, but its made by benelli and basically uses the same inertia system. If your not looking to spend over a thousand I would recommend it.

February 28, 2012 at 6:21pm
A comment titled: Dirons in response to a report titled: LA sportsmans bass tournament

I am no expert , but if I had to guess 13-14 pluse and around 18 or so per day to win. That's considering good weather.

February 27, 2012 at 4:28pm
A comment titled: Outboards in response to a report titled: Outboard Motors vs Geaux Devils/Pro-Drives

I think it all comes down to where you hunt and what your personal needs are. What's good for one area may not be so good for another . Personally for hunting areas like Venice, wax or the main delta area I'd rather have a aluminum center consold with like a 90 and a yack. I have been using a aluminum boat with a 25 for years and with a push pole and my yack I have never not been able to go anyplace I want.The catch is it just takes a little more time an work , you just have to know where your limitations and adapt around that. The main reason I got a outboard over a mud moter is I used it more for fishing and made a lot of longer runs. I was advised by a friend who works in the marsh every day with them that its miserable on anything over a 45 min boat ride. Now I don't use it to fish anymore and just use my aluminum boat for hunting and wish I had one mostly because Im lazier now, but that's a different story. You just hafta consider your personal situation on how and where you will be using your boat and figure out what's best for you. If you realy want a outboard don't let everybody scare you how do you think people got around the marsh before they ever came out with a surface drive.

February 18, 2012 at 8:52am
A comment titled: power pole in response to a report titled: powerpole

I dont have one,but there are a lot of times that i wish I did. I have fished with people that have them on there boats and there were a life saver especially fishing this time of a year. I would get a lot more use out of a power pole than a HDS10,but I believe even that has its time and place. I bet if your fishing deep structure all day long it would be a lot more comfortable staring at a 10in screen than a 4in screen though. I dont think any product will make you a better fisherman but it might make your day fishing a little easier.

February 13, 2012 at 9:49am
A comment titled: blinds in response to a report titled: Wax ducks

Ok fishinbud my take on your question is its not the same thing the question was taken out of context to support the blind argument by reversing the argument the other way. Lets say you get to your blind at 430 you entered the wma at legal time got to your blind first thats totally fine I think nobody would argue that. Blind or not you got there first same as if a guy with a boat blind and brush sets up in a spot first that is the same thing you are both occupying that area for the remainder of the time you are there. Now the difference is when lets say you were running late and didnt get to your blind till 600 ,but somebody's already been there since 5 you pull up in a polite way or not ask them to leave because this is a blind you built. Now at that point in time you are indeed reserving a spot on public land and is illegal that is where the difference is for the most part nobody is gonna just ride up on a guy sitting in a bush and say hey thats my bush even though you go here first. I have built blinds for years I dont anymore the reason most people do it is to indeed reserve that location for them self and deter other hunters it gives you a since of entitlement to that spot thats the reason I did it im not even gonna sit hear and lye about that part that is the only reason to build one.

January 01, 2012 at 11:42am
A comment titled: Blinds in response to a report titled: Wax ducks

I'm probely gonna get some heat for saying this , but here it goes. The way everybody makes it sound like If you don't build a blind or hunt buy a blind they built your a lazy sob, but who's to say I haven't been hunting that spot for years and never built a blind and now I'm not supposed to hunt it because somebody put a pile of sticks there! What you are pretty much doing is reserving a spot on public land which is totally wrong in it self and if you read the rule book is illegal. I wish all wma's would go the rout of the nwr's and just say no blinds what so ever and just make it a level playing field for everybody you bring your trash in your should hafta take it out with you.

January 01, 2012 at 5:10am
A comment titled: southfarm in response to a report titled: Sherburne

I also hunted there this morning disappointing just about sums it all up.

December 15, 2011 at 5:18pm
A comment titled: nive video in response to a report titled: Teal season video

Nice video got me pumped for in the morning!

December 12, 2011 at 5:21pm
A comment titled: South farm in response to a report titled: Southfarms

The guy that said hope for a good front is spot on. This has been one of the dryest years I can remember and there is all ready very little habitat in the area maybe a couple other crawfish ponds and some bottoms that's about it. All of my best hunts have been when we get some good flight birds pushed into the area other than that it's hit or miss. I allways wondered how some of the private propertys down the road do I saw a blind a few years back going for 10k that's a lot for the area I think , guess you pay for a easy hunt and convenience. Who knows could be down right awesome.

December 05, 2011 at 2:59pm
A comment titled: Ducks in response to a report titled: Sherburne Duck Hunt

Not sure I'd use the word open to describe anyplace in shurburne . If u really want to hunt out of a boat blind you might be better off going to indian bayou the area you can hunt out of a boat off sec 120 isn't very big for the amount of people that go there.

December 05, 2011 at 5:22am
A comment titled: decoys in response to a report titled: Toledo Bend

ITs hard to say with out knowing the layout of the location, but I guess what I would do would be to try and set up with a crossing wind if possible . I would put the decoys in a J shape with the bottom hook on the J In the slightly shallower water closer to the island and the tail going out slightly deeper water. I normally make up the shape of the J with smaller groups making up the tale and one big group representing rafting or feeding ducks as the hook part. If you are using mojos depending on how many your put out on my spread i normally put 2 or 3 close to the water in the middle of the big group. I use ripple or shaker decoys along with some feeders where i want the birds to land along where the tail meets the hook. It wouldn't hurt to add some random decoys pairs around the island real shallow or sleepers on the bank to act as confidence decoy looking like resting of feeding birds. I would also recommend using some coots or divers mixed in as well as they are normally present on big water I rely heavy on coots most lakes I hunt. Sorry about rambling on im defiantly on the over kill side when it comes to setting up always match your spread to where you hunt big or small.

December 01, 2011 at 4:38pm
A comment titled: Ducks in response to a report titled: Toledo Bend

If your hunting on big water put out as many decoys as you can possible get your hands on. I'm talking like 100+ if possible and multiple motion decoys to make it come alive I know it's a lot of Picken up , but can be well worth it. The odds are though if they have no interest what so ever you just are not hunting where they want to be. Duck hunting is like real estate it's all about location , location, location doesn't matter what u do If you are not where they wanna be.

November 30, 2011 at 10:01pm
A comment titled: Sleep in response to a report titled: No Sleep

Duck plucker I feel your pain I'm in the same boat feels like monday morning will never get here !

November 11, 2011 at 11:55pm
A comment titled: duck sighting in response to a report titled: Duck sightings

Had a friend that works in the area told me that the water is low and the salinity is very high in the marsh has not been seeing as many ducks as they normally do. A little rain would do the area some good !!

October 27, 2011 at 8:28pm
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