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Still oil free down here in Hopedale. I had a friend go over 60 miles out yesterday to look for oil and they never found the first drop. No oil has entered Breton Sound, Black Bay or any of the inside waters. So far we are lucky and doing good. I am thinking it won’t be long until they let us fish again. The trout should be eatin up when we can finally get after them. They been having no pressure on the trout, no shrimpers to bust up the big schools of shrimp and no fishing pressure. I can not wait bacuase I bet the actions going to be sso awesome like how it was after Hurricane Katrina. Get on da books
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May 06, 2010 at 8:55am

My point of view,
The way I see whats unfolding in the Gulf with BP and the oil spill, I am glad BP is working so hard to save our marsh and coastline in the Gulfof Mexico. I have been seeing those big boats in the Gulf corralling and sucking up alot of oil in the gulf. Boat after boat and then all the burning of the oil out there, this is what I have seen with my own eyes. I hear BP even hired some locals to help with trying to keep the oil from damaging the marsh. I personally saw boom after boom getting down to Hopedale way ahead of any oil. The pictures I saw offshore for many days before the winds came up looked like alot of the oil out there was thin, not all of it but to my eyes it appeared that what BP was doing was definately helping. All I hear is people telling me how bad it is, well I am here to say so far so good. I see no oil in my town and it was all over the news that we would be covered 2 days ago. I am not at the oil rig site, I am not a certified oil spill clean up person, I am not an engineer so how can I say the clean up is not going well. Sure the oil is still flowing but thats a diffeent problem from the clean up. I personally do not believe BP wants to have to pay everyone on the entire Gulf Coast compensation for losing thier livelyhood and their work and there businesses. If the oil covers the coast from Lousiana to Florida so many people will have lost so much, not to exclude the environment here. I am talking about comercial fisherman, charter boat guides, resturants, marinas, hotels, condos convience stores, gas staions, sporting good stores, well u get the picture, the list goes on and on, so I personally believe BP is trying to do all that they can and then some. I do not believe they want to have to compansate all these people. Sure, we could get oil all over my town of Hopedale tommorrow or any day from this but so far so good. I know what I see going on here,and what I hear does not match up to what I see. Most of the people I hear complain about whats wrong, what needs to be done and what has not been done, they do not have any expereince in this field and they get everyone talking negative about whats happening. I will trust that the people with expereince in this are doing everything they can. I saw the same bird on TV at least 20 times, this is a BIG STORY for the news people. Yes this is a environmental nightmare and could destroy our marsh for many years, but today I am trying to remain positive and have faith. This is just my humble opinion.

May 03, 2010 at 6:13am

Louisiana Fishing Expeditions
The action can still get no better than it has been lately down here. Friday and Saturday I had Gary, Mike, Lamar and William on the boat for some redfish action. Friday was very windy but we got lucky and found a cove out of the wind and put over 20 redfish in the boat along with some blacks and sheepsheads. We sat in our first spot and never left as the action was consistant all day. Saturday was even better, the wind and seas were calm and it has been a long time since I saw that. I took them a little further out and got on a real fast bite as they loaded the boat with slot reds, slot blacks and sheepshead again. For the second stop we hit one on my favorite reefs and it was on for the bulls as soon as we arrrived as they caught 11 bull reds and some huge blacks. They had a blast catching these reds and blacks using my light tackel spinning gear with 12 lb test. The fish here were huge with the reds weighing up to 30 pounds and one of the blacks was about 60 pouns(the biggest I ever had on my boat). I took them to one more reef way inside in shallow water where they picked up some nice slot blacks and Lamar caught another 32 inch bull there. It was 3 stop shopping Saturday catching fish at all 3 stops and returned back to the dock early. This four were was really good fisherman that fish all the time back home in Florida, Lamarand William was on my boat last week for 3 charters and brought their Dad, ( Gary) back this week. They said they have never seen red fish action sa good as we have it here. This foursome left Hopedale with big smiles, plenty of filets and lots of pictures. Sorry about no pictures as I left my camera by the boat but I will put them up soon. Its almost time to start catching trout, I have just not tried yet as I have not seen or heard of many great catches.
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April 18, 2010 at 5:58am

Lamar, William, Kate and Darrin were treated to 3 excellent days of catching fish. Redfish, blacks and sheepshead filled all the coolers everyday on the boat. They caught limts of slots and bulls in the boat using dead shrimp fishing the bottom. Twelve pound test on the spinning rods was all they used while landing some reds and blacks in the 40 class. It was pretty much non stop fish catching action for them on all 3 days. I always enjoy thier company on the boat and at the lodge. They barbequed steaks the first night and grill some redfish on thier second night. William had so much fun he paid me for 2 more charters next week to take his 70yr old dad out and his friend. The trout bite is getting closer and should be kicking in real soon, but in the meantiime the redfish action doesn't get any better.
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April 11, 2010 at 7:55pm

My clients sent me this pic they took with thier camera. This is Mark, Robin, Andy and Gordons fun redfish trip
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March 21, 2010 at 8:51am

Fish gone wild again in the marsh today again just like the spring breakers. The redfish ate up today as everyone caught their limit and released so many redfish that it actually got to repitishious. Mr. Billy, little Billy and Red came down from Franklinton, La to bring home some marsh fish meat. Well they brought home meat alright, flounders, redfish, black drum, sheepshead and whitings. The big fish box was packed to the top and could not hold another fish. Drags were screaming all day, muscles were cramping, smiles were abundant and the fish catching party lasted till they just quit, or should I say cried uncle. The fishing is super awesome right now all except the trout. I just have not spent anytime chasing trout as I know its the April moon when that really kicks in. Sorry I have no pics from the last few days as I forgot my camera at my moms but my clients might send me some soon and I will post them. Call now to get in on my spring special I am running right now.
Capt. Ben 985-630-2066
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come on down for a true fish catchinf expereince using light tackel
Today we had a redfish get landed on the boat today on 6 pounds test and he weighed about 25 pounds
Lets have some fun

March 19, 2010 at 5:41pm

Louisiana Fishing Expeditions
Well the redfish sure knew it was spring break time of the year today as the redfish went wild today. I had repeat customers Mark, Robin, Andy and their exchange student from Germany Gordon on the boat today. We left the dock around 9 this AM and we anchored one time. It was fish on the whole time we stayed in this one spot. Redfish after resfish kept coming in the boat along with some black drum and sheephead. The craziest thing was the amount of redfish, it was 3 hook ups most of the whole time we where their. Talk about a happy family that had a fun day on the water. The weather was beautiul, and their company is always a pleasure to be around. The one thing about catching so many fish so fast it sure wears me out, constantly netting fish, taking the fish off thier line and rebaiting thier hooks. I used the new marsh master quarter ounce jig heads today tipped with a piece of shrimp to put the fish in the boat. I was impressed, very strong and sharp hooks, I am sold on them and thats the first time I tried those hooks. Now back to the fishing, these four brought folding chairs in my boat and at times they all had to take breaks from fighting so many fish saying thier arms were just wore out. That sure is a great feeling for a charter boat captain to see his clients having so much fun, heck I get so excited for them just getting me excited wears me out some, lol. I am back on the water tommrorow but I still have plenty open days on the books. The time is now for great fsih action so give me a call
Capt. Ben 985-630-2066
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March 18, 2010 at 5:00pm

Louisiana Fishing Expeditions
With the weather being so nice I decided to take David, Bobby, Jason and Tina to do a little bull red riding using light tackel. They kept the smaller ones to eat along with releasing a few others. It was truely a great day to be back on the water especially with a bunch of locals that knew our best plan of action for the day was redfish. Everyone in the boat had their turn at fighting and landing some brutes. Throw in a few blacks, a nice flounder and you have awesome catch of fish.
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March 04, 2010 at 10:29am

Louisiana Fishing Expedtions
It was time to get on the water after being land bound for so long. Tina and I took the boat out to run it a bit and a bit was all it was. The boat ran good and so were the fish. We both wanted a couple of fresh fish for dinner so I try a reef thats reel close to the lodge. With the warmer temps today the fish were hungry. I could not even get a cast in as evertime Tina casted she was immediately hook up with a black drum. All I did was net her fish, take them off and rebait her hook, by the time I wiped my hands off she was hollaring for the net again. Tina caught out 10 slot blacks along with another 10 we released. With more than enough for dinner it was back to the lodge for some fish cleaning and a fresh fish dinner. If u are an outdoors man I should not have to tell you how good that fish right out of the water is, it was sooooooooooooo good. Well folks, now that its starting to get a little warmer after our cold winter our fish are ready to start eating again. This global warming I been hearing about is a strange thing becasue this was a heck of a cold winter, it even snowed down here and to top it off our Saints won the super bowl. I even heard something about swine flew this year, is that like pigs March is around the corner, let’s go hook up with some fish.
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February 17, 2010 at 8:28pm

Today was my first day on a charter in awhile and it was a good day one the water. Jack, Alvin,Cal and their business parter David from Chicago came down to Hopedale tbis morning even though I told them that noone has been catching due to the cold water from all the extreme cold days we had. Well I did a little souting yesterday and found out where I was not going to fish. That paid off as I took them to an area I never tried yesterday and hit pay dirt putting over 40 reds in the boat and keeping 18 slot reds and blacks. Dead shrimp under a float over a reef that has been good to me many times in past did the trick. We caught about 20, then moved on to try other places and came back to the first place where we caught the fish, low and behold there was more fish there again. After catching another 10 or so I went looking for another good spot, well we never found another fish again so it was back to our first stop again. This time it took a few minutes to get them going and it was slow so I started chumming handfuls of shrimp in the water, let me tell you, the big girls moved in then and some pretty fish started coming in the boat. They caught fish until we had to go and they only had to gobecause David had to catch a plane back home. These guys did a good job of playing the reds on the light tackle I provided them. We got lucky on the rain also as it never rained on us and I got a call saying it was raing on the north shore all morning. It sure felt good getting back on the water.
The water tempature should be warming back up a little and with that the fish should be eating up again. Be safe as the wintertime requires being a little more careful on the water.
Capt Ben 985-630-2066
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January 20, 2010 at 7:35pm

Good day on the water today with Brian and his 2 sons Brise and Jess, ages 9 and 5 respectivly. The wind was blowing pretty good out of the north today and was cold so I went to a deadend bayou with high banks that I new would be out of the wind and be comfortable for the boys to fish in. Well it turned out to be a good call as it was pleasant fishing there and the best part, the redfish were there. Five year old Jess landed the first four reds and he was all smiles, ear to ear. It was not long before Brise had his turn of wrestling a redfish to the boat. It was a very enjoyable day on the water watching these 2 boys catching redfish. Dead shrimp under a float casted at a deadend did the trick today for catching.
capt Ben 985-630-2066
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December 29, 2009 at 4:54pm

A little rain never slowed down the fish bite today in Hopedale. Chuck, Lee, Barbara and Kim came drove in yesterday from Houston to catch some redfish and trout. With a light rain this morning the trout and redfish ate up as they put 87 in the box to take home. These 4 Houstonins was not gonna let a little rain ruin thier fun as they cut up all morning while reeling in them fish. Live minnows on under a float and on the bottom got the fish to bite. It really makes my work easy when I have 4 good fisher people on the boat. Fishing is great now, call 985-630-2066 to book your next trip.
capt ben 985-630-2066
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November 21, 2009 at 8:46pm

Louisiana Fishing Expeditions
Three great days of fish catching with one slow day thrown in. Yesterday the Levi brothers came back down with their sons and put a hurtin on some fish. We fished redfish most of the day and caught a couple of nice keepers with over 40 undersize. I don’t know where all the small ones come from but it says we gona have a good crop coming soon. At the end of their day we stumbeled on a school of trout that was absolutly tearing up anything that hit the water. It only took them about an hour to put 100 trout in the boat. The day before I took Jay and his friends out for some bull reds as that is their thing, the bigger the better. Well I found my way to a bull red reef I hadn’t gone to in years and found out the bulls have not left this place. They hooked some monsters all morning long with 2 of them going over 40 pounds. They ended their day with a box full of slot reds, blacks, trout and a few sheepshead and all the memories and video of big bull red action. The day before that Peak brought his family memebers, brother in laws and father for an Hopedale expedtions but this day turn out slow as the wind was blowing upwards of 40mph at times. It was very windy and I just could not get on a good school, they ended their day with 17 nice trout and reds. The weatherman called for plenty of rain each day but we never got wet and each party had a fun day on the water. All in all a great few days with some truley nice clients.
Capt. Ben 985-630-2066
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October 13, 2009 at 6:07pm

As good as it gets

October 06, 2009 at 10:33am

Hopedale is as good as fishing can get right now, October is definately Rocktober month as the fish are all but jumping in the boat. Saturday and Sunday I had Donnie, John, George and Morgan on board for some redfishing action. Sunday it was on the the first place we stopped at. Casting on to a shallow water reef in about a foot of water these four men had all the action they could handel. We could watch the big reds crash thier bait and strip some line all morning. They wanted some bull reds and they caught 7 bulls in that shallow water with the biggest one being 35 inches. They caught thier limit and I moved the boat about 200 yards in a pond where I saw a slick and they casted hybrid minnow(soft Plastic lures) into the slick and it was on with the trout action. It was none stop action as they caught trout as fast as they could cast. They put 87 trout in the boat their. With a box full of fish we headed in early to get the fish and boat cleaned up before the Saints Game. All week long my charters have been about the same, plenty of fish in the shallows and on most days short boat runs. Novemeber is a great month too, come on down and lets fish before the winter really sets in. I would like to thank everyone for a wonderful week on the water with all of ya’ll.
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October 06, 2009 at 10:28am

The girls earnned a break.

September 21, 2009 at 10:31am

Redfishing is totally awesome right now. Yesterday Bambi and Bubbles, two of Pent Houses prettyest ladies from France came down for some line stripping action. Well they got stripped alright, right down to the bottom of there spools. Jay, a regular client of mine brought them and everyone had a great time filling the box up with trout, redfish and one big flounder. Bambi hooked one big bull that she fought for over 30 mintues until he got wrapped around a crab trap and popped the line. These 2 girls caught on quick and they could cast and fight fish as good as most. The morning started off great putting big reds in the boat catching them in some real skinny water. After that we made a couple of moves and we got on a good trout bite. The fish are moving inside now and the weather is pleasant to be in. October is one of our best months down here to fish. There is fun for all.
Capt, Ben 095-630-2066
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September 21, 2009 at 10:19am

Louisiana Fishing and Expedditions
Billy, Fonzie and Least had a ball catching these reds yesterday in our marsh They said where they r from they can only catch one where they live. These guys were really enjoyable to have on the boat for 2 days and have staying at the lodge. They have been coming down for years and said they can't wait to get back down.
capt ben 985-630-2066
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fall fishing is awesome book now

August 30, 2009 at 10:55am

Louisinan Fishing
The Bollinger family all took a day off to enjoy each others company, and they sure had fun toghter. This was one heck of a fishing family as everyone caught thier share and had a great time doin it, thanks gang
capt ben 985-630-2066
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August 19, 2009 at 12:58pm

Louisiana Fishing Expeditions
Oaklahouma boys Goerge, Monty, Chris and Nemi came down for 2 days of trout fishing. There first day the weather was nice all day so we bounced around the sound catching some nice trout in the sound. They had 71 fat trout the first day, catching the big sows on live croakers. George and Monty were like old Pros since they fished with me before and it was not long before Chris and Nemi was hollaring, " get the net". The second day was a different story, as we headed out there there was storms all over and I waited for one to pass and slipped out behind it. We bounced 3 reefs real quick and found a school of hungy male trout willing to take anything that hit the water. None of them had ever seen action that fast before. I had them thowing deadly dudley blue moons and hybrids and Monty was using his banjo minnow with great success. Those male trout hit thier lure hard as they casted and retrieved them at a moderate pace which made for a quick haul of thier 100 trout in a little over an hour, good thing cause we ran back in which was about an hour run and just got back before the sky fell on us and the lightning bolts started, boy did we get lucky. I woukd like to thank George as he has been coming down to stay at the Pelican Roost and fish me for 9 yrs and is always a pleasure to have down here, he always brings some good friends with him also to have a good time, thanks guys.
Capt Ben 985-630-2066
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August 17, 2009 at 5:42am
A comment titled: Simply amazing in response to a report titled: bp claims???

Roughly about 200 days into the oil spill disaster and my lodge has not been rented one day by anyone working the spill. I am one of only maybe 7 true lodges in Hopedale and Shell Beach. I have had my business liscense down there for about 10 years. Simply amazing how on this one road island thats maybe 12 miles long and thousands of workers needing a place to stay I remain vacant. I just had a big contractor come by and saw my place on the day everything was shut down cause of TD5, after looking at my place and then going to see all the other places for rent he came back to my place and said it was the nicest place he saw down here and could not believe I was not rented. He was so excited he immediately wanted to sign a 30 day lease as he did. Now that everything is opened up at headquaters down here he had someone call me to say he wants out of the lease, he has not called me yet though. My price was $150 a night for 3 people, that included washer and dryer, big screen tv and cable tv. It has 8 beds and again, I only was charging a total of $150 a night, that is less than what I charge fisherman for the whole place. The lady that runs the lodge booking for contractors down there told me in the past I am not rented because my dishwasher has a sign that says broken and because I keep one room locked with cleaning supplies and my personal items. I am not sure what I am suppose to do, I have never been around big business, am I suppose to offer her a kick back or something, is that how contracts work??? Her reasons do not hold water to me as I know many people personally that she rented thier houses for them with big contracts and not one of them has a dishwasher. How can they pass up someone that does this for a living? I am baffeled, all I want to know is why I am not rented. I might not have been rented for everyday of the spill by fisherman this summer but I would have been rented my usualy days. Since I have a business liscense and a seperate lodge liscense I would think that I was in the right business for thid accidental oil spill. If BP wanted to help out the locals whose business was afected I would think they would rent from someone who had this as thier business before the oil spill. I did not have a lawyer to sue BP so this really baffels me even more.

August 22, 2010 at 9:38am
A comment titled: Good deal in response to a report titled: Bigfoot Stories

If I rermeber right, thats Duan Swashback, its been awhile since he started coming back out from so deep in that swamp. Glad to see him still looking good after all these years. Thanks

August 22, 2010 at 9:03am
A comment titled: I can help ya in response to a report titled: What to Plant

I have some friends with awesome hog dogs. Its alot of fun catchung them alive, let me know if u want to catchem up

August 10, 2010 at 10:23pm
A comment titled: wtg Allen in response to a report titled: Capt. Al Walker

Thanks for all u do Allen, u r so right on and Capt JLT is so right on too, I feel the same way. I am not good with words but thats ecatley how I feel JLT

July 21, 2010 at 1:49pm
A comment titled: take a pic in response to a report titled: Fish can't be contaminated, according to LDWF's top biologist

try this, take a pic of floating tar balls. You will not see the oil or oil sheen with ur eye but the camera picks it up. Is fish contaminated, I am not sure. My boat has a white ring around it 4 inches wide, the yellow cmae off and the yellow you cannot wash off with a serious hull cleaner but what ever is in the water ate through it. Catch and release is fun but I will not say the fish are good to eat if I truley do not know. It saddens me to see people promoting something they really know nothing about. The fish swimm in this as I see them, the fish breath through thier gills, so just on my common sense says they can live amonts this stuff. Kinda like a human smoking a ciggeerttee, the human looks normalk for many years but there is a warning on the ciggerette package saying they casue cancer. Just a though of how I think about the subject. I believe BP is doing thier best is the clean up efforts and I appauld them for this part of this

July 08, 2010 at 3:26am
A comment titled: >))))))*> in response to a report titled: Connecting the Dots


July 01, 2010 at 8:44am
A comment titled: I saw this weeks ago in response to a report titled: De'javue all over again!

Its amazing, since 1979 nothing new has been invented to stop an oil leak on the ocean floor. To beleive or not believe. To stop the leak or not stop the leak. Is it possible that nothing new to stop an oil leak in over 30 years??

June 24, 2010 at 4:48pm
A comment titled: I wonder too in response to a report titled: Something To Wonder About

I wonder how an area is closed one day for fishing and open the next day, are fish contaminated one day and not the next???? I wonder why rod and reel fishing is closed to an area but osyter fishing remained open, things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

June 24, 2010 at 4:33pm
A comment titled: New Test in response to a report titled: Galliano, PAC, some Cocdrie waters reopen

Last night on TV they showed the world how NOAA,( I beleive that was the group), they are testing for contamiantes. They hired sniffers, professional peolple hired to sniff the seafood to tell if its contaminated. Technology is a wonderful thing. I did read the scientic results though that someone put up here and felt good about that but to see sniffers getting hired to tell if the seafood is good was hard for me to swallow.
many thanks to all who are helping to kep the oil out of our wetlands. Lets all kick this oils butt the best we can.

June 18, 2010 at 6:12am
A comment titled: OCK, thanks in response to a report titled: All of Breton Sound, most of Chandeleur Sound now open for fishing

Thanks for posting that OCK, I have been asking alot of people for a water quality test and you are the first one to give us thats data. That does make me feel much better to have read that and I am sure many others will be happy to see that.

June 16, 2010 at 3:12pm

When I inquired about why certain areas were closed and others were opened I was told about samples they were taking. I asked where could I see a copy of thier test and I was told I could not. I personally believed to many peoples word on things regarding the spill so now of days I want to see the test results. I have even inquired to many posted on here that I would like to see where do you get your information from so we can verify that the water is good or bad and I get no response. I would rather not have to ask like this on a public forum but if people are gona post in formation that the water is good or bad I would think they can back what they are writing. As of today not one person on here or with the governement has been able to show me any water quality test for an area that is open or closed. With this being said I believe its great we write how good the fishing is but to say the water is not contaminated from dispersents or oil is misleading unless you can ease my mind and show everyone you are writng to where is the test that you base your post on. As I said before, I believe the water is most probably good and I truely hate to have to inquire like this but if people are gonna put post out there that said, NO CONTAMINATION it would be great to show us how you base these statments.

June 16, 2010 at 6:26am

This is fantastic news. Tell me Andy, what constitutes opening Breton but keeping some of Chandilier closed, is Chandilier contaminated. I am looking for to see the water quality test showing chandilier is contaminated and Breton Sound is not contaminated. Are these test that based this finding done on oil dispersments or just oil or both. This is a great day for Breton Sound fisherman to actually see the results that our waters are not contaminated. Thanks for finding htese results for us.

June 15, 2010 at 10:29pm
A comment titled: I figured as much in response to a report titled: Coodrie waters reopen tomorrow (June 12) morning

I wish someone would show me I do not know what I am talking about, I asked again, it was said that a certain captain had water quality test, after I responded I watched the thread dissapear. I figured as important as this test would be for so many fisherman, especially since there is an influx of people fishing the east side that that report would have been made public on here. Did I miss the report maybe, I could have so if I did please post it or email it to me. One thing for sure, please do not put test results on here that says taken somewhere near Lousiana becasue that was very sad to see someone put that on here. I am glad to see our governement is doing an excellent job in trying to confront this difficult situtation. Everything seems to be coming toghter as a unified team to fight this battle and becasue anyone chooses to participate in saving our wetlands does not mean they are looking for a hand out, I did take offense to that statement. Yes, sum are abusing the system and when that happens it saddens me but I was raised since a little kid on these waters and they brought me much joy. I hope and pray kids coming up today and enjoy what I did growing up.

June 14, 2010 at 3:26pm
A comment titled: oil, no oil , oil, no oil, in response to a report titled: Coodrie waters reopen tomorrow (June 12) morning

What the heck is all the talk about no oil on the east side and hand outs, lets get real, Where is the talk about the dispersents being spayed all over the east side. I also see talk on here about water quality test, where are they, please show me. Lets get freakin get real here, lets not blow smoke for our personal agenda, Is there disperent being sprayed over the east side?? is there a water quality test?? Does working for BP to actually help save the marsh conssitute a handout or is it doing something to save the marsh? I know some quides collecting BP checks and still guiding in my area. The dispersense says do not inhale, happy breathing. When I check my motives I am all good and other peoples motives are theres but I must ask myslef when they come on here are they telling there real motives. I hope and pray all is well with our fisheries and I know one thing for sure, I do not know whats wrong with the fish. If u have studies to show us all is good please post them, that would be great, maybe I missed the post. Thanks

June 14, 2010 at 3:31am
A comment titled: ty in response to a report titled: CCA calls for fish hatchery and artificial reefs to counter oil spill effects

thanks for clearing this up for all of us, it made me curious

June 10, 2010 at 7:39pm

Deleterious effects of corexit 9527 on fertilization and development

References and further reading may be available for this article. To view references and further reading you must purchase this article.

Sunniva Lönninga and Berndt E. Hagström*, a

aInstitute of Biology and Geology University of Tromsö, N-9001, Tromsö, Norway

Available online 7 April 2003.

The effect of the water soluble oil dispersant Corexit 9527 was tested on larvae from several species of sea urchins and marine fishes. Severe effects in fertilization and development were registered often resulting in pathological larvae and rapid cytolysis. The combination of Corexit 9527 with oil was found to be even more dangerous to the embryo than Corexit or oil alone.

June 10, 2010 at 7:08pm

One of my concerns is that everything I read about the chemical being used to fight the oil spill makes fish sterile. So what the oil does is one thing but how does the waters recover from sterile fish? What is the right thing to do right now is unclear to many. I know I do not know the answer. I want to believe everybody is trying to do whats best. This seems like its the old case of dam if you do and dam if you don't.

June 10, 2010 at 6:35pm
A comment titled: switzersfab in response to a report titled: No contamination, so why can't we fish?

I did not say it ruined my seals in my lower unit. My mechanic said he will keep an eye out to see if this happens more frequently in his shop. A couple of other guys had thier seals go out, maybe just a coincedence. I am not complaining, I just stated facts in case this becomes a trend, you do not know me so when you comment like this you should stick to the facts. It is comments like yours that starts rumors and gossip. If you ever read my comments they are based on facts, not made up stories like you just stated. Theigh wildlife and fisheries called me tonight to get thier weekly report from me, I asked them if they had a water quality report that test for disspersments and he said no. His opinion was that the water was good, he said they take alot of water samples but they do not test for the dispersments. It sounds like many different organiztions are testing more, thats great and i hope the water is fine. I would rahter err on the side of caution that to ignor the fact that dispersments are being used.

June 08, 2010 at 9:07pm
A comment titled: Tony Chachere's ingredients in response to a report titled: No contamination, so why can't we fish?

Tony's ingrediaents.. Salt, red pepper, and other spices, garlic, silicon dioxide(to prevent caking). The analogy about listing ingredients is a misleading statement. Tony's does list their ingediaents. BP pulled the web site down that listed whats in the dispersent. Again, its banned in their country, if you so believe them then pour yourslef a big glass of it, drink it and video yourslef and put it on youtube for us all to see. Maybe it makes your hair grow faster, makes you feel younger, makes wrinkels go away and it just might put viagra out of business. What do u believe??? Since they did have a web site up that listed the ingrediants at one time what makes them want to pull the web site down NOW, kinda makes me wonder. The web site says it has been taken down. Now the reasoning that someone would steal the patent is absurb, why would someone want a patent on a product that is banned? The more I think about this the more scared it makes me and I was not scared until this post got me looking into the water wuality more, again, the water might be good and I hope it is.

June 08, 2010 at 1:32pm
A comment titled: no water quality report yet??? in response to a report titled: No contamination, so why can't we fish?

Now I am getting worried, all this time has passed since we asked the question, Where is the water quality report? I had a phone call from someone who read this post and they interpeted this post as saying the water is not contaminated, if this is the intent of the post please show the people who are reading this where is this information. I do hope the water is good.

June 08, 2010 at 1:16pm
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