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Founded in South Louisiana, we create our lures founded on the sole principle of putting MORE fish in YOUR boat. Whether you are a 'Good Ol Time' fisherman or a serious tournament angler, let us help you catch em! We currently offer a selection on our website at You can also find our baits at Railside Feed and Supply in Broussard, LA as well as Big Bend Tackle located on Toledo Bend Lake. So next time you are on the water, go out and, CATCH EM ON A CAJUN!

We went out this weekend and caught some great sacalait on the Cajun Lures Slim Jimmy! This lure has incredible action to entice a bite from finicky fish! They were really chewing on it this weekend. Our biggest was a 1.94lb slab. To find and checkout information about this bait go to

Lately we have been catching nice sacalait in 15-20ft of water on brush piles that we have created. Brush piles are a great way to catch big reservoir sacalait. We typically rig the Cajun Lures Slim Jimmy on a 1/32oz jig head with a 1/16oz crimp weight about 6-8 inches above the jig. We fish vertically over the brush piles while sometimes have to work the bait very subtle to get the bites.

Here is a video of some Toledo Bend Sacalait fishing with Cajun Lures. Cajun Lures is a newly opened lure company based out of Kaplan, LA. So visit to support a local company and order your baits today!

Looking to catch some big bass? We have got the right bait for you! A great way to catch bass when the water heats up is to punch and flip matted vegetation. A great lure for this technique is our PooDoo Craw. You can rig this lure, with a heavy punch weight, punch skirt, light weight, or jig trailer. Lately we have been punching heavy hydrilla beds with the craw on Toledo Bend lake having great results. We target 10-15ft of water with healthy grass. Watermelon Rouge, Gumbo, and Junebug produce great results for us. Check out to get yours today!

The best way to rig the Slim Jimmy for catching big bream and sacalait is on a 1/32oz or 1/16oz jig head. This rig gives the Slim Jimmy its most action. Typically we rig on a jig head with a crimp weight 6-8 inches above our jig for the lure to get down in the brush pile quicker. This also adds a little different action to the bait. Go to or visit Railside in Broussard, LA to get yours today!

Everyone come check us out at booth # 311 at the Louisiana Outdoor Expo at the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA. We will have all our lures for sale. We will also be with Camp Dog Cajun Seasoning, so come by and see what we are all about! We will be discussing our lures and showing everyone how to fish with them and share fishing stories! Hope to see you there!

One of our customers catching a boat load with the Slim Jimmy out of Miami Corp. Located south of Kaplan. Our customer fished the lure with a 1/32oz jig head with a floating cork 2ft above the jig head. Fishing shallow areas. He used our Salt N Pepper color to load the boat. As you can see it worked out well. If you want to catch fish like this, visit and order today!

With the cooler weather, it seems like the fish are beginning their fall patterns. We saw a lot of shad moving around in the mornings and late evenings. With bass schooling up to feed on the balls of shad. Some fish are still deep while others are moving up shallow. Big Worms and Crankbaits are producing fish in the mornings and evenings. Soon we will be able to get bites on shad-type lures. Here is a catch from this Saturday evening at sunset. Enjoy!

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The weather is beginning to cool off and the water temperature is dropping. This signals the shad to start moving around. This is a great period on Toledo Bend to fish for sacalait (crappie). Fishing brush tops in the 15-25ft range water depth are key. The sacalait are filling up on shad, minnows, and small fry. We throw the Slim Jimmy in Salt N Pepper color this time of year because of the shad/minnow resemblance. The fish are not as big as the spring time but you can still catch a good number of them. Fish the Slim Jimmy on a 1/32oz or 1/16oz jig head for best results. Hold your rod and let the tail 'dance.' Just make sure you have enough room in your ice chest!

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We recently made a trip to the Atchafalaya Basin to do some bass fishing with our lures. We had great success. We caught and set hook on many fish. While most weren't the size we wanted, the catches were still plentiful. Our bites came on the PooDoo Craw in Junebug Red and Black n Bleu color. We punched lily mats using 1oz and 1 1/4oz tungsten weights with 3/0 heavy duty flipping hooks. We also caught fish on the Baton in Junebug color, wacky rigged and Texas rigged. The water was stained and weather was cool.

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A report from one of our customers:

'My son and I went fish in Grevenberg yesterday and everyone was struggling to catch Sacalait. Well that is everyone except for us. With your baits we were working down those Sacalait in there and some slabs too. We went through a whole pack of the Red Ice Slim Jimmys that goes to show you how many fish we caught. We ended the day with 86 Sacalait. We have a new favorite bait and it's called the Slim Jimmy. Cajun lures are my bait of choice. Thanks for making a quality product for the die hard Sacalait fisherman'

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