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About Us

Louisiana Fishing Charters was founded by Captain Randall Shaw. Captain Randall grew up with a passion for inshore fishing. As a teenager he fished from the shorelines of Lake Pontchartrain and learned the annual habits of the redfish, speckled trout, and other inshore species that move in and out of the lake. As soon as he was old enough to drive he bought his first boat and began exploring the marshes of Delacroix, Hopedale, and other nutrient rich wetlands surround the New Orleans area.

As and adult, it wasn't long before Captain Randall left the hustle and bustle of the working world and set up shop full time operating fishing charters in Delacroix, LA. He chose Delacroix as the base of his operations for its seemingly endless areas to fish and its robust fish population. His main goal with LFC was to create the most professional and friendliest charter fishing business in the industry.

Throughout the years, Louisiana Fishing Charters has made professionalism a cornerstone of what we do. When a group of clients show up we want them to feel like they have known us for a long time- even if its the first day we meet. We will always greet you with a smile, a clean boat, and top quality equipment to fish with.

Our lodging is second to none in Southeast Louisiana and we will make sure your stay is not one to forget. Our close proximity to New Orleans can make for a fun day of fishing followed by a trip to one of the top culinary and cultural meccas in the world.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the fish, but as part of our commitment to providing a great experience, we track schools of fish annually as the move around the marshes of Delacroix. Our team works together to make sure all of our boats are in the position to catch fish. We study our weather and tide guides daily to ensure we understand fish patterns for that particular day. We make sure to stock our boats with the right lures and bait for the species we target. When it comes to putting our clients on fish, we promise our efforts will exceed your expectations.

We do have to brag on the quality of inshore fishing here in Southeast Louisiana. We believe this is the best inshore fishery in the entire United States. We hope that you will come join us here at Louisiana Fishing Charters and experience a fishing trip that you will never forget.

Today Louisiana Fishing Charter took out Tommy and his family from Metairie, LA. The trip started out slow in Oak River with no tide,then the tide started falling and we made one move to Point La Hache and it payed off. We fished bottom and under a cork with matrix shad. We finished with 100 trout, 3 reds, 4 black drum, and one
large catfish.
Louisiana Fishing Charter's crew has Tommy and his family headed back home in 20 minutes, fish cleaned and bagged.
Thanks guys!

We still have openings before the
holidays with great winter rates!

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Louisiana Fishing Charters took out George and his friend William yesterday aaround 10am. First went to Oak River and picked up a few nice ones fishing the drop offs with a little live shrimp and shrimp creole Matrix Shad on the bottom. When the bite slowed down we moved down the pencil canal to a good looking point and finished off are limit of trout and also caught 4 reds and one 42 lb drum. Great Afternoon.
To book your trip give us a call at 504-669-1263.
Check are website for great winter rate!

Louisiana Fishing Charters took out Emilo and his brother yesterday morning.We waited till about 8 am to leave the dock due to the freezing temps. Are first stop was the west side of Oak River.We caught a few speckes and moved up the canal fishing the small cuts, around 11am the wind died down and it warmed up just enough to get the bite going. We fished matrix shad under a cork about 18-24 inches.At about 2 pm the bite stoped and we headed back to the dock with 15 reds, 52 specks, and 6 bass. Great trip but a little chilly!

Give us a call to book your next trip. We have great winter rates on are website at www.la-charters.com or give us a call at 504-669-1263.

With the wind strong And rain in the forcast the captains decided to stay on the inside today. We pulled up at the first spot as the sun was starting its rise and they was a triple on before we could get the forth rod in the water. The action didn't stop intill the rain came later in the morning. We headed back to the dock with 35 reds. After the rain the afternoon group went out to a different area and ended up with there limit of 25 red. We also had a few different species. We couldn't have scripted it any better with the kids catching 80% of the fish. LFC still has captains available for the up coming 4th of July week
To book a trip call 504-669-1263 or email

Captain Randall of LFC took out the Clyburn group. The trout were on, started at the common spots in black bay with fishing the bottom and with corks and had are 75 trout in no time.Live shrimp were the ticket but also caught some on the vudo shrimp. This is the best I have seen Black Bay this year. Get your rods and reels ready for the weekend!
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2,3,and 4 angler trips available.

Capt. Randall with Louisiana Fishing Charter had his wife and her friends on a charter Sunday and it was tough for trout. Wind started strong and then got a break for about an hour. During that time was able to boat 20 nice 2-3 lb. trout on the bottom. Then it came to a quick end. Moved inside to catch some nice black drum and reds. Also captain Randall fished Saturday and had a few more trout but not a great day again. Have to take the good with the bad...
The weather looks to be improving to book a trip with one of are captain call
504-669-1263 or www.la-charters.com

Louisiana Fishing Charters went out Monday afternoon and had some tough wind and water conditions.(no customers) Started fishing on the edges of black bay on the inside and at are first spot we caught 36 trout but had to pick out the gaff tops. On are way in we caught 5 nice reds from 22-26 inches. All the trout were caught on sliding corks 8 ft. down with live shrimp. The reds were caught on vudu shrimp 3ft. under a bomber popping cork. We had some trips over the weekend that did great on reds and drum. Now its just a waiting game with this west wind...

To Book a trip call 504-669-1263

Louisiana Fishing Charters took out two army veterans s for a quick trip. What a honor too fish with these guys. We left the marina early headed to catch some trout. Got on a good bite but they were more interested in catching reds and drum or ultra light gear that they brought. It was interesting to watch as a 18 lb. drum was caught and a 3.5 ft. gar was also caught with 4 lb. test line. the reds/drum were caught on popping corks 3 ft. under and trout caught on a 4 ft. shelf that falls of to 14 ft. with Carolina rig. Looks like the trout are going to turn on strong this next 2 weeks, the reds are still thick in the marsh.To book a trip call 504-669-1263 or www.La-Charters.com
To book a trip call 504-669-1263 or www.la-charters.com

Louisiana had two captain go out the
morning to shot the new TV show 'Family
Time' starts on ABC in the fall. We also
had the durel family that went out to
show the kids the bayous of Louisiana.
They caught 30 Reds in 2 hours, nice
first fishing trip. All Reds were caught
on live shrimp and vudu shrimp under a
popping cork in the upper lakes of
Delacroix. Also please check out are NEW
website that went live last night. To
book a trip call 504-669-1263 or login on
at La-Charters.com

Louisiana fishing charters took out mike Henderson and his buddy's. As everyone knows from pervious post the weather was windy and little tide. We ran from delacroix to black bay and got to are first spot and started catching trout but a lot of throw back. We waited to see if the wind would lay down but it didn't, so we made one move and ended up with 49 trout. We could have finished are limit but due to the early throw backs we were low on bait. Mike and crew also caught 3 bull reds, 5 slot reds, 2 drum, and one snapper.
To book your trip call 504-669-1264 or logon at