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Primarily launching out of Cocodrie from March through September - spawning season for speckled trout – PFC fishes the bays, outer bays, lakes, near coastal islands as well as the many oil/gas platforms that are the perfect habitat for hungry speckled trout during these months. PFC charters booked from October through February launch out of Bayou Dularge, a little farther North where the trout move to the inside fresher waters from October through February.Charters launching out of Cocodrie will fish beautiful inland islands such as Last Island, Island Denieres, Timbilier Island, East Timbilier Island just to name a few. Charters launching out of Bayou Dularge fish inland areas that include Sister Lake, Lake Merchant, Grand Pass, Lost Lake and Lake Decade. These areas are filled with reefs that ensure the best of speckled trout fishing as well as the bustling deepwater areas in Grand Pass where bull reds and monster black drums are plentiful. Areas out of Bayou Dularge hold plenty of trout and reds at the same time, so you never know what’s going to be on the end of your line! No matter what time of year you plan your charter, we target species that make for an exciting experience including speckled trout, red drum, black drum, sheepshead, flounder, shark and bull reds.

Both Cocodrie and Bayou Dularge are approximately an hour Southwest of New Orleans. PFC can offer overnight lodging through one of our local partners, a full-service marina, and access to nearby restaurants.

PFC caters to all skill levels families and kids under 12 fish free (must be accompanied by a parent).

Saturday 5/12/18 I fished with Greg, Mike and Sam. We stayed inside to target reds. We fished mostly points and banks catching a few at each spot finishing the day with 15 reds and 2 drum. All reds were caught on Vudu Shrimp under a cork. Thank you Captain Marty Lacoste for setting up the trip! Book your next trip to get in on some of this great fishing. Captain Casey (985) 714-3987

Fished out of Dularge today with Marc and Tom Villien along with their sons James and Jacques. Went after reds today slowly picking away at them managing 13 reds, 2 sheepshead 2 drum and 1 Flounder. All fish caught on vudu shrimp under a cork. Thank you Captain Marty LaCoste for setting up the trip. Book your next trip and come have some fun.
Captain Casey (985) 714-3987
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Thursday 5/17/18, I Went out of Port Fourchon Marina this morning not having huge expectations because of 15-20mph winds. Hit Devils Bay heading west and made a quick U-turn when I was greeted with chocolate rough water. Headed back south to find shelter from the winds and clean water behind the island. First stop zero, second stop nice red, and third stop found specks on every cast two at a time coming over the side. Finished off our 2 man limit and took it to the house for noon. Book your trips and come catch some fish.
Captain Casey (985) 714-3987
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Good friend Michael Philip Meche and his buddy Roger fished with me out of Cocodrie Sunday 5/27/18. We headed south to Timb Island looking for trout. First stop at a wellhead procuced a big red, couple specks along with some small white trout. Left and found birds diving on shrimp along beach on gulf side so no brainer there. Put 45 nice trout on ice and headed back in at 10:30am fully satisfied! Live shrimp Carolina rigged got it done. Call or book online and come sling some trout in the box! Captain Casey (985) 714-3987
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Friday and Saturday I fished the Houma Oilmans Rodeo with the Sparrows Group. Had Derek and Joey onboard with me Friday. We landed a couple of bull reds and big drums to start off at some platforms then found the trout holding on a wellhead. It was nonstop action for these guys. After boxing 23 nice trout we ran out of live bait and decided to call it a day at 10:30am leaving a good trout bite behind. Saturday Chad joined our group and we struggled to find a consistent trout bite in the high winds. Boxed another 23 trout and headed back to the dock. These guys were a blast to fish with. Big thanks to Capt Marty LaCoste for setting it all up. Call (985) 714-3987 to book your trip. #PugliasSportingGoods #Jusgrabitglove #powerpole #EgretBaits

Fished out of Fourchon Saturday with these three young men and their grandfather. It was a awesome calm day to be out on the water with this crew. They caught almost every species that we target on a daily basis. Spanish Mackeral, Trout, drum, redfish, sheepshead and shark. We couldn’t get the trout in the boat fast enough because of the sharks. Watching The sharks tear up the trout was a cool sight to see for this crew. Action packed day! Captain Casey (985) 714-3987 to book your next trip.
Thank you Captain Lance Walker with Fish Commander Charters for setting it up. #Jusgrabitglove #PugliasSportingGoods #Egretbaits #Powerpole

Friday I fished with Davian Bayham and his 11 yr old son Hayden out of Dularge. First stop produced 16 specks and a couple handfuls of white trout. We went on the search for some action finding nothing at second stop. Decided to go after some reds schooling up at nearby platforms. Right when we pulled up 5 Cobia swim next to the boat. Water clarity was unbelievable seeing fish swimming everywhere. Hooking up to two reds at a time and Hayden reeling in huge black drum made for a pretty Awesome day! Pompano, Mackerel, trout, drum and reds made for a nice mixed box. Big thanks to Capt Marty LaCoste with Absolute Fishing Charters for setting it up. Capt Casey (985) 714-3987 Book your trip Come catch some fish!
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Sunday I helped out Capt Loyd Landry with his crew out of DU(Dularge). In some of the worst conditions possible, high winds dirty water) we made it happen for this Oklahoma crew. They limited out on reds and caught/released a few more for good measure. Dularge redfishing at its finest! They were a pleasure to fish with. Vudu shrimp under a cork was the ticket. Thanks Capt Loyd for setting it up. Book your trip and come have some fun! Captain Casey (985) 714-3987
#Powerpole #PugliasSportinggoods #Egretbaits #Jusgrabitglove

I was down in Fourchon this weekend during the 2018 Tarpon Rodeo. This crew from Dallas caught plenty of trout the first day and big hamma trout the second day. We used a variety of baits, Live shrimp, minnows and croakers Carolina rigged as well as tandem rigged Matrix shad had em coming over the side. Thank you for the business! It was a great weekend and I met plenty of nice people along the way. Thanks Capt Lance with Fish Commander Guide Service for setting up the trip. All you gotta do is call Capt Casey @ (985) 714-3987 to get yours! #PrecisionFishingChartersLLC #PugliasSportingGoods #Powerpole #Egretbaits #Jusgrabitglove

If you are wanting to get on the speckled trout or redfish then give me a call Capt Casey Lombard (985) 714-3987 for more info. We have been getting respectable boxes of trout when the weather cooperates and easy limits of redfish out of Cocodrie and Dularge. You can book instantly on our website Or You can follow us on Facebook
*Kids 12 and under fish for free(one parent must be present for each kid).