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    We created Rack Addict Attractants over several years of research and field testing because we were tired of using so many products that just simply do not work. Rack Addict Attractants is made from all-natural oils, natural and artificial flavorings. One 16oz bottle treats up to 700lbs of feed. You can simply spray it on or mix it in your feed. We offer 5 flavors Acorn smash, persimmon blast, peanut butter smash, candy apple and candy corn. If you want to pull in deer from the surrounding areas and hold them on your property. Then give our product a try. Rack Addict Attractants is made in Louisiana for hunters, by hunters.

    Has anyone used jones taxidermist in bush, la, i have been waiting for TWO YEARS NOW and still do not have my turkey, i will never use them again

    anyone been crabing in lake poncatrain if so hows it has it been.

    thanksfor any info, shane

    to bad i did nt find him in time

    For sale 05 Honda 400 AT "ADULT OWNED" 600hrs, selling due to santa gave me a new one for xmas. $4,000

    the hunting is hard birds not answering to any calls, had to creep up on one gobbler about 300 yards, and got him 18lb 10" beard 1" spurs on saturday 3/29 then sunday am 3/30 blam another one walked wright down the pipeline straight to me,12lb 6" beard 3/4 spurs, talk about the wright place at the wright time. pictures to come

    just got him back last week

    what do ya'll think he will score?


    ok DUCKBLINDMAN i made shure i posted these pics in (region) deer hunting outside louisiana so it wont cause you any emotional distress lol

    Does any have or know any that has a ambusher/buck pro single pole stand.They doe not make them any more i have one the best stand i ever owned.I would like to buy another please let me know if any for sale