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Capt. Marty has been fishing Since he was 5 years old, 21 years specifically out of Dularge. He is a die hard fisherman and loves to share his passion with other people.

Absolute Fishing Charters is committed to providing affordable, fun fishing trips into the coastal marshes and the Gulf of Mexico leaving out of Dularge, Louisiana. It is Capt. Marty's goal to make each trip as memorable and enjoyable as possible and all trips are tailored to your request.

Come experience what the Louisiana Gulf Coast has to offer while spending a incredible day fishing with Capt. Marty. Thanks.

Has anyone else hunting in Washington parish having any luck? Seeing many bucks? I've yet to see any horns this year. Plenty of does around. One member on my lease shot a 8pt and another shot and missed a 4pt, no one else has seen a buck. I heard from a couple other people that the deer have not gone into full rut yet???? Any comments would be helpful.....thanks.

What can I say...first day on the water after working 8 days and what a slam!!! A blast was had by all. 75 nice specks and 10 whities!!!

Joel, Terry, and I were greeted with zero winds and slick calm glass seas. I have never in my eighteen years fishing Dularge seen the display of bait fish that I did last night. As far as you could see, it looked as if rain was hitting the water. There must have been hundreds of millions of minnows in the water, and the trout were just busting them up everywhere. What a show it was!!

This also was the first time I have never caught a single fish on the old faithful CHUB. All fish were caught on avacodo sparkle beetles and Deadly Dudlees. With the exception of a few caught on top water baits and white sparkle beetles.

It sure is awesome to actually watch the trout come right up and take the bait, the water was nice and clean and you can literally watch the trout swimming around.

The trout are definately on fire. I made a solo trip today, (nice and peaceful). First fish hit the deck at 6:50, I got into 2-3 good schools of fish early and thought I was going to have my limit at 8:00.... Wrong, they shut off. I did a little scouting in Sister lake to find dirty water, so I headed North to check out a new location and found the trout hungry, and finished off the limit. Caught some very nice quality trout also today.

Early morning trout all caught on tandem rigged LSU chubs. Before noon trout all caught on chartreuse sparkle beetle under a cork in the middle of a bayou with moving water.

Catch of the day 25 specks, 2 whities, 1 drum, 2 15in rat reds(thown back).

I also had one red bump my LSU chub then turn, and one swim all the way to the boat and turn .

Had the pleasure of meeting Mountain Du and Lt in person today, they also caught their limit. I will let MD tell yall about his "BIG JOHNSON" experience yesterday .

I'm shooting a 50 caliber CVA Optima muzzleloader. 245gr powerbelt hollow pt bullets, with 100gr triple 7 pellets. I cannot get this gun to shoot a group to save my live. Does anyone else shoot this rifle and if so what (bullets, powder)do you use to get the best results.

Thanks is advance!

I'm back at the house now, so here are a few pics from some recent trips this summer I thought you guys might enjoy. Comment all you want, I just hope you can keep it clean. Enough of the negative stuff here.

More pics. You can catch nice trout in Dularge. All of these pictures are from different days.

A few more and I'm finished. Have a great day.

Love those trout

Just for you Bigtoad: eat your heart out!! How about you show us some of your pics and quick yacking.


Incredible fishing still holding strong down in Dularge. I had the pleasure to take a old family friend Mr James Jennings who now lives in Monroe and my neighbor Scott fishing yesterday. It was FISH ON as soon as we got to the platfom. Crystal clear water and plenty of fish. The trout averaged 16-20inchs with a few 13inch trout mixed in. We caught many 2-3 lb double hook ups. The 18-20 inch trout were holding in one area and they were a blast to catch. We actually left the 20in trout biting after we caught our limit. Scott wanted to see what the water felt like!!!!! He accidentally fell in (too many cockails!!) This has been one awesome summer of fishing. Good luck fishing everyone if you plan on adventuring out.

A few more pics from yesterday. Hey Bigtoad e-mail me and I might take you fishing.