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We depart the Spots & Dots dock at safe light.
Trips last 6 to 8 hours.
Custom trips are available.

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About Us

Angling Adventures of Louisiana provides a fun, safe fishing adventure for young and young at heart. Our water front Lake House sleeps 10 anglers with all the comforts of home. The SPOTS & DOTS LAKE HOUSE is located near Lake Pontchartrain and the world famous Biloxi Marsh. Lake Pontchartrain has produced several of Louisiana’s top 10 Speckled Trout. The Biloxi Marsh is well known for abundant Redfish. Many tournament winning Redfish have come from the Biloxi Marsh, with anglers traveling over 100 miles by water to fish this productive area. I supply all fishing needs. You only need to bring your lunch, drinks, appropriate clothing & fishing license to have a great time.

The Spots & Dots Lake House has all you need. Queen, full & twin beds, kitchen, two full baths, washer & dryer, Sat TV, outdoor grill – everything you need to have a great time. Great for corporate team building or just a family get-a-way.

Several boats and experienced captains to handle your group. Call or email to book your ANGLING ADVENTURE!!!  Please click the “Contact Us “ tab to contact Capt. Mike today.


Neil Thames & his fishing friend David made the short drive in from Laurel MS. We discussed the fishing and decided to fish the lake for Speckled Trout. We made the 10 minute run from my dock and after a little coaching David caught a good Speck. Then Neil caught one. The action was steady catching Specks and 2 Flounder for about 2 hours then it slacked off. We fished another 2 hours and only put one more Speck in the box. We moved to the Rigolets and the water was dirty. We did catch one REDFISH. Neil and David did a great job on those Lake Pontchartrain Specks.

Location = Bridges
Wind = calm then 5 to 10 E
Water = clear, 67 to 69 deg
Fish = 18 Speckled Trout 14' to 22', 2 Flounder at 2lbs,
Bait = all caught on plastics bounced off the bottom, Avacado & Blue moon

The action will only get better, call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985.781.7811 TOLL FREE 877.4.AAofLA THE ADVENTURE IS CATCHING!!!! Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo (GIWM) Check out my site


Dick Hannon & Bob Whyte come in every year to fish REDFISH with me. This time they saw the Speckled Trout Neil & Dave caught on Tuesday and wanted to catch some. So Wednesday we fished the bridges in the lake. With some coaching it didn't take long for Bob & Dick to put fish in the box. Nice size Specks. They also caught a few nice Flounder.

With a good catch of Specks the day before we went into the LA Marsh to catch REDFISH. We fished the shallow ponds and lakes inside the marsh to catch REDFISH. We fished hard but came up 1 fish short of the limit. It was fun sight casting to REDFISH in skinny water. I always have a good time with Bob & Dick. They are both good fishermen!!!

Location = Lk Pont, La Marsh
Winds = 5 to 10 S Wed, calm Thur
Water = clear in lk Pont, Clear inside the marsh, 68 to 72 deg
Fish = Wed 38 Speckled Trout 15' to 23', 4 Flounder about 2.5 lbs each, Thur 1 short of the limit all 17' to 31', 3 Bull REDS.
Bait = plastics under the bridges, spoons & Spinners in the marsh.

It's always good to fish with Dick & Bob. I look forward to their return. Call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985.781.7811 TOLL FREE 877.4.AAofLA ON-SITE ACCOMMODATIONS & NO-FISH-NO-PAY-GUARANTEE!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo (GIWM) check the site at


Took advantage of the good weather this morning and fished with my neighbor Ron Harris, and his friend Ted. Ted called in with a bout of 'spotted fever'. We fished the bridges with plastics bounced off the bottom to put 17 nice Speckled Trout on ice. It's great to live on the water, we were back by 9:45.

Location = Lk Pont
Wind = calm then 5 to 10 SE
Water = fair, 69 deg
Fish = 17 Speckled Trout all 14' to 21'
Bait = Plastics on the bottom, avacado,Smoke, Keylime, I did catch one on a rattle trap.

A fun quick trip. As the water clears the fishing in the lake will get better. Call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985.781.7811 TOLL FREE 877.4.AAofLA ON-SITE OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS & NO-FISH-NO-PAY-GUARANTEE. Check the site for information and reports Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo (GIWM)


A few weeks ago Mike Z from Hattiesburg MS call to book a trip. He asked if I could find him a fishing partner. I told him 'No Problem' Marvin a local jumped at the chance. When I spoke to Mike before the trip he told me he had two more anglers. So we headed out from my dock with Mike, Marvin, Craig & Terry. First stop a 10 minute ride to the bridges in Lake Pontchartrain. It didn't take long, we lost 2 at the boat. I told the guys they are down their just keep at it. We made a few passes and put several nice Speckled Trout in the box. Marvin & Mike also caught Flounder. By mid morning the guys wanted some REDFISH. We made our way over to the Biloxi Marsh. We fished spinners near the grass and caught several. The wind picked up and made the fishing hard but these guys kept at it and we put a good box of fish together.

Location = Lk Pont & Biloxi Marsh
Wind = 5 to 10 early then 15+ SSE
Water = clear to fair 68 to 71 deg
Fish = 17 Speckled Trout 15' to 21', 7 REDFSIH 17' to 26', 3 Flounder 2 at 2lbs and Marvin's at 5.5 to 6 lbs.
Bait = soft plastics & spinner/jigs in Avacado, bluemoon, LSU & BLK/CHR

The guys all said it was a blast. No work, No phones, No problems, Just Fish & Fun. Call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985.781.7811 TOLL FREE 877.4.AAofLA SITE WWW.AAofLA.COM
FISH & FUN GUARANTEED Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo (GIWM)


Sunday Steve Stolz came in from Huntsvill, AL with is fishing partner Bob. They slep in the confort of the SPOTS & DOTS LODGE only steps away from the CAJUN LIMO.
Monday 5:30am we pulled away from my dock and headed out for another ANGLING ADVENTURE we tried to fish the bridges in the lake but the winds were strong and the water dirty. From there I ran through the Chef and down the ICW to Bayou Bienvenue area in search of clear water. We found some clear water on a flat and put several Specks on ice. We made a move to a bayou and put another speck on ice on the first cast. I though we found them but NOT. So back to some flats and that's where we caught many more but it was 3 to 1. Catch 3 keep 1. About 12:15 we moved to the ICW and caught 2 Flounder 1 keeper about 2lbs. The wind was calm so we decided to head for home, on the way I decided to try Lk Pontchartrain one more time. We began to troll and I caught a Speck within 10 minutes then another. I took some time and coached Steve & Bob on the technic and soft bite. They began to put nice specks in the box. It wasn't long before I heard my favorite saying 'GET THE NET'. We fished till 5:00pm a long day but we added another 30 Specks to the box.

Location = Bayou Bienvenue/Lk Pont
Winds = 15+ early NE then calm
Water = Clear in BB area/ stained in Lk Pont 67 to 70 deg
Fish = 43 Specks 12' to 22'. 3 Flounder 1 to 2 lbs
Bait = plastics under a cork & on bottom, avacado & bluemoon

Some days you have to be willing to put in the time and it didn't hurt that the wind laid down. We stuck with it and put a good box of fish together. Call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985-781-7811 TOLL FREE 877-4-AAofLA ON-SITE ACCOMMODATIONS & NO-FISH-NO-PAY-GUARANTEE!!!! Check out the site Thanks Capt. Mike GAllo (GIWM)


Marvin Borderlon wanted me to show him and his 2 friends Chad & Bruce a few spots and different ways of fishing. I met Marvin at Rigolets marina, hopped on his new boat and off we went. We drifted the bridge in Lake Pontchartrain about an hour. Marvin wanted to see several spots to fish. With dirty water in Rigolets & Lake Borgne we made our way down the ICW to Bayou Bienvenue area and looked at many spots and fished a few. These guys have known each other since high school and know how to have a great time on the water. We also caught a few fish, not many but quality fish. Back at the marina for 1pm.

Location = Lk Pont & Bayou Bienvenue area
Winds = 10 to 15 NNW
Water = clear at mid lake 68 to 70 deg
Fish = 6 Speckled Trout all 19' to 23' 3 Flounder at 1 to 2 lbs each
Bait = Plastics under a cork and bounced off the bottom.

John McClusty his boss & wife ( two different people )'Doc' & Paulette came in Friday to stay at the SPOTS & DOTS LODGE. John & 'Doc' fished with me last year. This year John brought his wife along for an ANGLING ADVENTURE. We fished the bridges in Lk Pontchartrain for a short time and caught a few Specks. We moved to the Biloxi Marsh area and fished for REDFISH. The action was slow with the water dirty. But we kept at it and caught several REDFISH. Doc had the hot rod early then John started to put a few in the boat. Paulette enjoyed the marsh, it was a great day to be on the water. John & I picked on each other all day. They are a fun bunch to fish with. John is ready to come back.

Location = Lk Pont & Biloxi Marsh
Winds = Calm then 8 to 12 SSE
Water = Clean in Lk Pont Dirty in Marsh
Fish = 9 Fat Specks all 14' to 19' & 11 REDFISH all 17' to 24'
BAit = Plastics bounced off the bottom for Specks, Add a spinner for REDFISH.

Joby Church came in for s short day on the water. We fished Lake Pontchartrain with plastics and had a great time. He caught on to the technic fast and caught supper and a supprise for Mothers day. (Stuffed Flounder)!!!!!!!!

Location = Lk Pontchartrain
Winds = calm then 5 to 10 East
Water = Clear, 68 to 69 deg
Fish = 10 Speckled Trout all 13' to 17' 3 Flounder
Bait = Plastics off the bottom

I enjoyed the trips and look forward to more good fishing. The action has slowed down in the lake, I look for it to get better in a few days. Call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985-781-7811 TOLL FREE 877-4-AAofLA 'THE ADVENTURE IS CATCHING' ON-SITE ACCOMMODATIONS& NO-FISH-NO-PAY-GUARANTEE- Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo (GIWM) check the site


Vickey Lube has fished with me a few years. This year she came along with 2 friends that palyed on the 'Perk' national championship basketball team a few years back. Sheila & Lynn. With a little coaching these ladies were catching Speckled Trout on plastics on the bottom. Sheila let everyone get a head start before she joined in. But when she netted a fish for her friends she'd yell out 'NOTHING BUT NET'!!!! These ladies had a great time. After a short stop at the marina we headed into the Biloxi Marsh to look for REDFISH. Their is still alot of dirty water. We did catch a few before coming in.

Location = Lk Pontchartrain & Biloxi Marsh
Winds = Calm
Water = clear in Lk Pont, Fair in Marsh 69 to 73 deg
Fish = 26 Speckled Trout 13' to 21' several over 2lbs, 3 REDFISH 17' to 24'
Bait = plastics on bottom for Specks, add a spinner for REDS.

'T' we missed you, Vickie say's you all will be back in the fall.
We all had a fun time fishing, the weather was good and so was the fishing!!! Call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985.781.7811 TOLL FREE 877.4.AAofLA ON-SITE ACCOMMODATIONS & NO-FISH-NO-PAY-GUARANTEE. Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo (GIWM)Check out the site for more reports


Bill Maxwell fished with me last year in Oct and had a big time. He is about to move to Dimondhead, MS for his retirement. He wanted to go back to Texas with some fish. We fished the lake the last 2 days. Bill caught on to the technique and had a blast with the nice trout in the lake. We caught a BRIDGE BUFFET, Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Black Drum. Several of the Redfish were 10+lbs. When you hook into one of these you think you have a record trout.

Location = Lk Pontchartrain bridges
Wind = calm (fog early)
Water = fair to clear, 73 to 77 deg
Fish = 50 Speckled trout 14' to 26', 7 Redfish 22' to 31', 4 Flounder 1.5 to 3lbs. 2 Blk Drum about 4 to 5lbs.
Bait = plastics bounced on the bottom

We finally have some good weather and the fishing is always fun. Call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985.781.7811 TOLL FREE 877.4.AAofLA ON-SITE ACCOMMODATIONS & NO-FISH-NO-PAY-GUARANTEE Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo (GIWM) Check out my site


The fishing is still good in the lake it's the catching that's getting harder.
FRIDAY: Gordon Crawford and crew fish with me. We started at the bridges and put a 5lb Flounder in the ice chest fast. Then we caught a 5lb Speck, I thought things were 'ON'. But it was tough going. Around 11 a rain storm ran us in for about 45 minutes. After it passed we went back out and the wind wouldn't lie. It made the fishing harder. We finished with 8 fat Specks & 4 Flounder. It was tough.

I had the pleasure to fish with Capt's Kenny Kreeger & Van Joffrion. We had a group of 9 anglers from all over the south. The conditions were great and we all put fish in the boat. Of course Capt Kenny out fished Van & I. BUT I will get him next time. And he know's it. Back at Tite's for 1pm with 50+ Speckled Trout and 6 to 8 Flounder. We all bounced plastics off the bottom for our fish. Several Specks close to 4lbs.

Skip St.Remain, His son, Nephew along with Danille came in for an ANGLING ADVENTURE. We headed for the lake. Arrived at our first spot, I explained the technique to them and we started fishing. First fish a solid 3lb Speckled Trout. 10 minutes later another 3lber. I then missed one at the boat (bigger). Another 45 minutes and 2 more 3+lber on ice. We finished that drift and moved to another bridge. Fished about 15 minutes without a hit. I was ready to move and wham, a good fish. Stayed another 15 minutes (nothing) then next bridge. We put 7 more Specks in the boat But the Sun, Beer and Bourbon St were taking it's toll. The gang called it quits just after noon. We finished with 12. Several over 3lbs.

Location = Lk Pont
Wind = calm except after noon on Fri
Water = clear & 74 to 77 deg
Fish = Friday 8 Specks, 4 Flounder. Sat: over 50 Specks & 6 to 8 Flounder. Sunday: 12 Specks
Bait = Plastics bounced off the bottom.

Here is a picture of the 5#er caught on Friday.

It was great fishing with all the good people and I look forward to their return. Call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985.781.7811 TOLL FREE 877.4.AAofLA ON-SITE ACCOMMODATIONS & NO-FISH-NO-PAY-GUARANTEE Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo (GIWM)


Richard Fitzpatrick made the short drive from MS. He brought his grandson Collin, and his son-in-law Elton. We fished the marsh with spinners and had a blast. Young collin (12) can handle a rodnreel and was fun to fish with. We all had a great time in the marsh. Richard is already looking forward to another trip.

Location = Biloxi Marsh
Wind = calm
Water = clear & 77 to 81 deg
Fish = Limited on REDFISH, all 17' to 25', 3 Blk Drum at 23', 2 Flounder about 1.5 to 2lbs, 2 Specks 13'.
Bait = Spinners & Spoons

Ed Lundin of Lundin Roofing in BR came in to catch REDFISH in the marsh. I told him that the bite was better in the evening on Wednesday. We could fish Lake Pontchartrain early then head to the marsh. His fishing friends Bob & Lionel were ready for an ANGLING ADVENTURE. We left my dock early, headed over to the bridges and started to fish. The fishing was slow we caught a few and missed a few. We decided to head over to the Biloxi Marsh and find some REDFISH. On Ed's second cast in the marsh a REDFISH hit his line and the fight was on. But things slowed down from their. I made a move to change our luck and Lionel put a nice 24' REDFISH on ice after a good fight. He then put another in on the next cast. It would be hit and miss for a while. We made another move and Bob missed one right away. In this bayou we put about 6 more REDFISH in the box. Bob caught a Fat REDFISH and Ed said 'that's a good way to finish' But Bob wanted to make one more cast well Bob put another REDFISH in the box. They were ready to go, so we headed back in 3 Redfish short of our limit.

Location = Biloxi Marsh
Wind = calm early then 10 to 15 ESE
Water = fair to clear 77 to 82 deg
Fish = 12 nice Redfish 17' to 25', 4 Speckled Trout 14' to 23', 2 Flounder about 1.5lbs each.
Bait = plastics for Specks & Flounder, live cocahoe's for REDFISH.

I slipped out early this morning and caught a good mess for a fish fry. Plastics bounced off the bottom. I caught 8 Specks between 2 and 4 pounds. Call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985.781.7811 TOLL FREE 877.4.AAofLA ON-SITE ACCOMMODATIONS AND NO-FISH-NO-PAY-GUARANTEE!!!! Check out the site Thanks Capt. Mike GAllo (GIWM)