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At Gator Trax Boats, we are dedicated to buildingĀ  quality custom aluminum boats and other products that will stand up to the rigors and abuse that sportsmen will subject them to. At no time will we sacrifice quality of workmanship for any reason. You can count on us to give you performance, quality, and a fair price.

Experience the difference in a true shallow water duck boat and a bass boat painted camouflage!

Go to our website and check out our large inventory customized to fit your hunting and fishing needs!

3700 acres, 1100 acres flooded rice w/ pits, mix of CRP, woods, and farm land for trophy managed deer, sunflower fields for doves, flooded timber and cypress breaks with blinds, 4,000 sq ft camp with cable TV sleeps 35, kennels, lighted skinning rack, just added 400 acres in Adams county Mississippi for trophy bucks, rest of land is in Louisiana in Concordia and Tensas parish. WAY TOO MUCH TO LIST HERE!
25 members total, 30 plus duck blinds, 25 deer stands, hunt them all at Clayton Farms. See
Memberships are $3,000 per year guest passes $500ea limit 2. Act now, limited spaces left.
225-278-2628 cell

i read the article in the sportsman on the guys catching bass in the west pearl above lock 1. Now, I could care less about green carp but I would love to know if that pool holds sac-a-lait? If so, anyone having any luck? how did katrina treat that pool in respects to a kill?

Thanks in advance, just never fished it and looking for some good crappie fishing someplace different.

Anyone ever fish for sac-a-lait over by Irish Bayou? Particularly interested in if you have since Katrina and Gustav.
I know it used to hold some nice slabs but haven't been there in years and was just wondering if the storms killed most of the crappie like it did over here on the north shore.

Also, if you are catching them, are any of them over 6-8 inches long? Thats all we got over here, post katrina sac-a-lait!!


Just wanted to let some of you guys know that it came to my attention this club has changed some of its practices and has a pretty good guy running it with some new rules that seem to be right on.
I think Im gonna give it another shot next year. From all accounts the rules have been geared towards protecting the members from over crowding and protecting the birds from being over pressured.

Got a fresh coat of paint looks like to me. Looking forward to next season already.