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Welcome to Millertime Fishing Charters where Capt. Travis Miller aims for customer satisfaction. He is a true working man that enjoys spending time on the water putting his customers on fish. Capt. Travis focuses his attention on speckled trout and redfish year around. He has been seen on TV with Castin Cajun and in multiple articles in Louisiana Sportsman and His favorite thing to hear at the end of a fishing trip is "that was the best trip I have ever had"! If you want to catch fish and enjoy a joking atmosphere while doing it give Capt. Travis Miller a call.

There is nothing like fishing on a weekday. A quick report from the teacher turned summer fisherman. Since I teach I usually have to fish on the weekends except for the summer. This limits me from fishing as much as I would like but I went out yesterday and saw plenty of shrimping boats but very few regular fishermen. I made the long run to the coast to find a limit of specks. All caught tightlined on LSU chubs. Quick bite early morning, then shut down for a good hour and a half, then back on. The size of the fish were amazing. 4 that went about 3 lbs. and plenty of 1.5 to 2 pounders. I have been fortunate to limit out the last 3 trips. Gotta love Louisiana!!!

Made a trip with a buddy to Dularge yesterday. We found the small specks right off the bat and it took us a little while to find the size, but we did. Put 50 in the boat. All caught tight lining LSU Chubs. Great day but hot as hell out there early on without a breeze.

Finally got out to do a little fishing and actually found a few. Caught about 20 trout, a hand full of flounders, and 2 green trout. The trout were solid in size but the flounders were short. Good trip, not great but with the cold front coming through you just never know. The specks were caught in 10 to 12 foot of water with a slow, worm like presentation.

Took a solo trip to Dularge today and the weather man got it wrong. After seeing the wind report, I thought gnats would be a problem. No gnats today, just 15 mph winds and muddy water. The area really needs a few days without wind to get back on track. Finished with 18 trout (10 throw backs) and 1 flounder. All were caught in 2-3 foot water, tight lined with an LSU Chub.

Went out today not knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. Found 40 fish, 37 specks, a sheepshead, a gaftop, and a croaker. The only problem I found was the pecker trout. Only had 23 specks hit the ice. Still a fun day and it was nice to see the wind die down "a little"! Used 3 different baits, the LSU chub, tsunami swim bait, and a glow DOA under a cork (this caught the most keepers). Looking forward to hitting it again later in the week. A lot of boats out there, how did everyone else do???

I played hooky and made a solo trip. Fishing on the weekdays is great. Only a few boats out there. I ended up catching 42 specks with 22 of them making the ice chest. Fished birds, reefs, and points with glow/chart chubs. I did catch a few on a DOA. Had a great day and thanks Capt. Marty for the tip at the dock.

My buddy Brandon and I hit the DU this morning and found our limit. Most of the fish were solid but the action wasn't what I would call "HOT". Had times to where we had two coming in at a time but never hit the mother load. Finished our limit by 10:30. All the fish were caught on tandem rigs fishing with the glow/chart bayou chubs.

2nd day of fishing in a row and how the captains do it I don't know. Woke up sore from bouncing around yesterday but I sucked it up and as always, if you're catching fish all the pain just goes away. Took the father-in-law out today and had a blast watching him struggle bouncing the trout into the boat. The first stop, put 16 on ice and the old man probably lost another 8 at the boat. I'm not a big fan of nets unless the fish is good size or if is a tough day and every fish counts. We would have stayed at the first stop but a bone head boat (Key West) with 3 guys came flying in with the big motor and shut it off right when they got to me then kept going until one of the guys got his trolling motor out. He was so close I could have spit on him. Would have liked to but just not worth the frustration (I had to laugh at the ignorance). Needless to say, bite shut down, we left along with 2 other boats.Finished the day off with our limit. All fish were caught on tandem rigs with glow/chart and lsu chubs. Going to skip the weekend crowd and hit again next week although the weekday crowd is growing. Does anyone work anymore or is everyone retired????

Took a solo trip this morning and felt like a rock star at my first spot. Hooked about 20 specks in the first 45 to an hour with only 11 specs and 1 white trout making the box. I decided to go in search of bigger trout and found out that I might have been a one hit wonder. Put 8 in the box over the next 2 hours and caught another 10 or so pecker trout. Then the money stop, of course all I needed was 6 to finish off my limit. Caught the six in a blink of an eye. Had to leave them biting, but I gave my spot to a couple of guys in a boat named "Bar Hopper". If you guys read this, let me know how you finished up in that spot. Saw pretty much everyone around me fishing the live stuff with limited success. I caught 25 specks and one nice white trout all on tandem rigs, hooking up multiple doubles. Plastics of choice was glow/chart chub in the very early morning and LSU chub in the late morning. I'll be back at it tomorrow.

Took another solo trip but I had a buddy and his wife follow me out in his boat. Seemed like it was the day in which everyone seemed to know what they were doing, from the launch to on the water, everyone was courteous and even helpful. There were more boats out today than yesterday but the fish didn't mind. First stop I caught 12 specks in just over an hour. Probably could have stayed and finished it out but I like catching fish two at a time every cast so I made a move and what do you know, shrimp flying everywhere, caught fish every cast and some doubles until 25 hit the box. I saw Captain Marty out there smoking them 2 at time as we both finished up around 8:45. I chose to stay out for about an hour because my buddy hadn't reached his limit yet. All fish were caught on plastics. The plastic of choice was "old faithful"(not LSU) glow with chartruese tail on a tandem rig.