Coastal Marine Sales

 3300 25th AV Gulfport, MS 39501

Hours of Operation

M-F 9 to 5
Sat 9 to 1
Sunday by apt only

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About Us

At Coastal Marine Sales we hope we can help you find the boat of your dreams.  If we don't have it in iventory, then please allow us to find it for you.  All you have to do is tell us what your looking for and we will go to work for you today.

Need a guide to take 3 fishing on friday the 20th ,if any are avl please reply

Even as I write this article I am putting my computer at risk for visiting this website. I remember this website got hacked a while ago back in 2013 or so, ever since then it's been something about the advertisements here or maybe some other underlying hole in the website's code. Over 200 malicious cookies instantly install to your computer as soon as it loads this website and you dont even have to click anything; it doesn't ask you first, it doesn't give you an option, this is inevitably a malicious website. I hate to call it that because the business I work with has represented this website for years and have efficiently utilized the usefulness of the classifieds section for some time now. We love using this website and would hate to see ourselves not using it but when our security is at risk and you run a business doing what we do then you start to put security first. We have been discussing this with our partners and what we think our course of action should be. We will start looking for alternatives to posting our ads in Louisiana in a place where avid sportsman likely such as yourself can view them. This isn't easy to talk about for us and we would much love to have a discussion about this topic with the community of people who use this website regularly as well as the technical department who runs this website. We are not trying to be threatening or rude to the people who work for Louisiana Sportsman all that we ask for is the awareness of the people who visit this website, most of them blind to the fact they are installing malware to their computer by doing so, as well as the administrators who operate this site and kindly ask that they make a course of action to solve this security issue.